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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sometimes you feel like a nut...

Sometimes you don't. Nope, I have no idea why that is the title of this blog. I can come up with something witty.. and say "well I have been in the mood for macademia nut cookies" and its true but.. the truth is. I had nothing else to put there, and well that worked. Ok so basically, its a title to give me something to blog about.

I have been in a blog rut. What? a rut? You can talk to walls! yes, thats true, and after 5 minutes chances are I probably know that walls life story but the truth of it is, I am tired. and I started thinking "nobody is probably reading, I am not witty like some bloggers. I am not dramatic like some others. I am not pretty like others.. so who's reading it?"

Then I realized the other day, does it matter? I know Chuck reads it (hi Chuck) because the other night in the car he says "you have not blogged in forever!" Then there are others (hi Nikia, hi Louise, hi Tutu, hi Cystal.. if I missed you I am sorry) The thing is, when a rut hits you just decide that you need to step away until you miss someting. And I realized this week, (hang on for epiphany music) I missed it (Did you hear it??) . I missed having a place to vent, a place to brag. A place to just write.

So I am not gonna promise every day, because I am not sure I can do that but how about we promise to check in more often and definitely more frequently then every 18 days. Ok?

Can we be friends again blog world? what do you say? I am sorry I neglected you, I'll make it up. I promise!

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