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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Is anyone still here?

It has been an awful long time since I blogged, over the past few months tons has happened. So let's review from my last post in July:


We let freedom ring, Chuck served his AT for the Navy and than he got a job with the Federal Govt. After years and yesrs of contractor work he is now a federal employee. Relief? yes a bit. Much time was spent at the pool and we played in the sun and fun of Norfolk VA. I started a bow business (we will get to that at the bottom I promise)


Stephanie graduated from high school! She turned 19 and we all began to move about getting ready for this school year. Around this time we got a phone call from the people who held our rent with option... sighs. The woman we dealt with basically gave us an ultimatum we were unable to make happen. It is a long story and one that bothers me daily.


The search is on for new digs, Chucks job is going wonderfully he graduates with his Assocites ALL the kids go back to school. Danny is a junior, AJ is a sophmore, Mary is in 6th grade and David is in first. Emily and Stephanie are home with me during the day one too young and one needing a break after the trying time she dealt with. The scale and I had a meeting of the minds and I declared diet 2010 to be a success. I wore my first size 20 jeans in almost as many years! Awesome.


Halloween and fall in full swing. We start to get things going we think we find the perfct house but arent sure. We keep it in the back of our minds and try to figure out if we want to make things work on the old house. Ah yes until we find out the roof needs to be replaced for 10,000, the plumbing needs $5000 in work ah yes it is time to move. I work more and more craft shows and I have a ball. :o)


we move to a five bedroom 2 bathroom house, we celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. There are certain benefits to this house (the extra bathroom and bedroom) but also disadvantages I miss my big kitchen :o( We Christmas shopped I got tickets to go see Garth Brooks in Nashville in December because Chuck rocks


The house is decorated, the holiday season approaches and nervously I wonder what 2011 holds. I have lost 151 lbs this past year. I am under 200 pounds for the first time since I was in high school. Thats almost 21 years! WOW!!

Now onto my business, if you are on Facebook, look up Em & m bows. Tell me you found me via my blog!! We have such fun and I really am enjoying it. :o)!/pages/Em-M-Bows/136283169739108