The Old Lady in the shoe has got nothing on me!

Trust me.. I mean it.

I mother six our house sanity is optional.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

This and That and that and this....

And welcome to antoher rousing edition of "This and that" brought to you by the happy folks at ok its just me. Just plain Tricia. Sighs. I tried.. . ok. So anyways..

This--I went to the Zoo today, with 40 preschoolers. Wow. The kids were all really pretty good. well except that I had two little boys who watched two blonde teenagers about 15 or 16 walk by and said "hubba hubba" oh great. Fun stuff. really. I also had to chase a little boy (who looks suspciously like my husband) and threaten to put him in one of the empty cages IF he didnot carry his tail back over to me. yep I said it.. and I meant it too.

That--Emily is currently running away from her brother AJ who is armed with a diaper wipe in his hand to wipe into the M&Ms the little whipper snapper got into. Emily is giggling and AJ is being left in the dust like she runs track. It really is kind of amusing. Guess he will be careful to NOT leave his M&M's down again huh?

This--Did I mention Stephanie has prom next week.. She has her dress.. but needs shoes, accessories, and hair and make up done.. dying.. who me? never.

That--I came up with a different meal for tonight... its not like "WOW THATS AMAZING!" instead more of a "WOOHOOO!!" something different. we are having meatball subs, chips, and for dessert banana pudding. yum-0

This--tomorrow is friday. WOOHOO!! I can't wait. Sad that we work so hard to get to the end of the week just to get to Friday huh? Sad but true.

I hope everyone is having a good day!!! Keep smiling.. it makes people wonder what you are up to.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why me Wednesday?

Today, I come to you a writer of a why me Wednesday blog, now it is not that I have so much to complain about, I really don't. But today is Wednesday and I do have some stuff to post.. so here it goes.....

My 17 year old beautiful daughter has SAT's on Saturday and prom next week.. Why me??

On my steering wheel today, I found a gray hair. Ok seriously... I told them to go away in August when I saw one.. who said it could come back? why me?

I finally came up with a different dinner idea.. and 1/2 the kids won't eat it.. why me? (I am still making it they can have waffles, pancakes or french toast (Frozen kind). why me?

I am still being kept up coughing at night.. stupid cough.. why me?

the stupid Mets are still stinking this year... why can't I find a team that doesn't let me down.. why me?

I need a vacation.. even a day away. .something before I go postal.. why me?

Julianne and Chuck got sent home last night.. ok. thats not really a why me more of a WHY?? they didnt deserve to go home.. stupid DWTS!!!

Why is it when you have money coming in, the whole wide world seems to find bills that you didnt even know you had, that have to be paid? why me?
And sadly I think that does it.. I have nothing to write about.. .why me? ok. seriously.. my mind is empty. I feel as if there is nothing there lately.. I am not sure if I have springitis or what but i need some inspiration.. so someone inspire me ok? please? :o)~ and thank you!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What to blog about....

Again I come to you, as someone with nothing to say. How is that possible? I have six children, the youngest is this cutie pie who has started to really let her personality shine in the past few weeks. She now tells you "EAT" when shes hungry, and tells you "yes or no" if she wants something, informs you that you are "Bad" when she gets in trouble and is just genuinely the sweetest baby girl ever. (biased? who me?) I just can't seem to find anything to blog about lately. I am so tired and so worn out from being sick, its hard to come up with anything to say. sad huh?

I will say this, while I am in a blog rut, my facebook addiction is still ridiculiously strong. I can spend hours on facebook hurling food at people (super food fight), getting drunk (the happy hour game I have been given so many drinks my status is "how are you even alive?"), throwing Sheep at me (its not baaaaaad really), and who knows what else. I just enjoy it. I have been reconnecting with old friends in ways that MySpace did not make possible or nearly as fun. So if you are on facebook add me! is my email addy for that. :o)~

I have come to realize that even in the end of April it is possible to declare "not this year" about your baseball team... the Mets tried but.. alas it is not meant to be. (this is subject to change if they land up fixing their pitching, outfield oh and batting) Chuck's team is starting off pretty strong, which has him pretty happy. I guess we will see how long this lasts and who is where come September. (probably both of us rooting on our football teams lol)

I am also in a dinner rut.. I feel like its the same 10 meals all the time.. anyone feel as if they want to suggest something new? I am as always open to suggestions and my family is forever grateful. :o)~

Isn't it funny when I say I have nothing to talk about, I land up talking so much? crazy. So I will end this with we are delighted to announce that McKMama and Stellan are back home in the thawing tundra. This is such wonderful news and answers many many many prayers. On that note, I also ask that you keep a good friend of mine in your prayers, she just went through her last IVF and it did not go as planned. My thoughts and prayers are with you friend.

More tomorrow, its Why me Wednesday after all. but one last picture for those of you not on Facebook.. Chuck took this of Emily with his cell phone and its just the best picture.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Me Monday

This blog carnival was created by MckmamaYou can head over to her blog an find out what she and everybody els has not been doing this week. ***McKmama is still in Boston with the handsome Stellan who is hoepfully on the mend quick so she can get back home to PC and the MSC****

I did not once again neglect my blog because I have been sick with bronchitis, I am sorry.. I will try and do better.

I did not also neglect to wish my dear friend Crystal a Happy birthday yesterday. so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Crystal!!!

I certainly did not spend all day at the beach yesterday and soak up those wonderful sun rays.

I absolutly did not fight off a bout of depression this week, that even though I know it has no reason to be here, crepy up on me all of a sudden

I did not giggle over the joy of a little girl in a sunhat. A sunhat that I tied on her after Daddy tried (unsuccessfully) for 10 minutes to get the same hat on.

I did not fight with my husband entirely too many times this week, partly because I just didn't feel well and partly because I am just blah.

I did not just witness my sweet 15 month old GOOSE our dog who looked at her with shock..

I certainly did not lose all my pictures and vidoes from this past week becuase I had not taken the time to back them up on my jump drive.. and I had to restore the laptop :o(

I did not get angry partly with myself but also because I felt like the only one who was upset about it..

I did not stress out over somethings that were beyond my control because thats just the way I am...

and finally....

I am not currently ignoring a house that needs some work because I am so tired and still feel so crappy its just taking all my energy to stay up with Emily today.. sighs.
so what did you do or not do this week, go ahead and share its cheap therapy :o)~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Points to ponder....

I know this is why me wednesday, but there are very few things I need to why me about today. (I know I am shocked too. .normally I can find anything to complain about..ok wait I have a few so mini Why me wednesday at the end ok? There now we both feel better. ok you didn't care.. but seriously.. ea i know I am going on and on and on.)

Point to ponder 1: There is a mother in New York who THREW her fighting 10 and 12 year old daughters OUT of the car... for fighting and drove off leaving to them to fend for themselves to get home. The 12 year old made it home, the mother then called the police to report the 10 year old missing to find out well she was already at the police department and had told them what happened.. D'oh. Are you serious? I have threatened to do it. Heck I have pulled the car over and said "GET OUT" in that scarey exorcist my mom is going to start throwing up green pea soup any second way, but I have never ever thrown my kids out of the car. What made this story better for me was to find out the MOTHER works in a law office. DO What?? ::: Mouth on the floor::: Wow.. Just wow.

Point to ponder 2: How come the weather can be in the 80s then the 70s back to the 80s and then all the way down to the 60s? Do we all then wonder "why am I sick in the spring?" well gee I wonder. ::::said as she coughs herself silly:::::

Point to ponder 3: Does anyone else ever wonder what Paula Abdul is on when she is judging on idol.. not that i don't think sometimes she is right.. but wow. she is just so um.. wow....

Point to ponder 4: Sports athletes make millions and millions of dollars for each year they play, it is unspeakable how much money they make to kick, throw or hit something but yet one wrong move and they get hurt, they then go on "injured reserve" where they sit home and collect money. Yet some of these same people then turn around (and forgive me but I am not sure what the name of the guy who was on ESPN was.. it was 3 AM and I was loopy as I was turning off the TV) but this man on TV is going on about how people get too much help from the government, and there are people receiving disability who do not deserve it. This hit a chord with me. Many athletes get paid yearly for salaries they did not "earn" because they were sitting at home nursing an injury. What is the difference and how is that fair?

Points to ponder 5: How is it that I can find nothing to talk about for weeks but today I can write a really long blog. Hmm I don't know either but let's go ahead and do my mini Why me Wednesday. . a Blog within a blog if you will.

I am still sick.. I am not sure what it is but now I think I pulled something in my stomach.. why me?

My stupid 20 year reunion is $110 a person.. which I think is mental. and while i want to go I can not justify spending $220 for a night of fun.. why me?

My stupid baseball team spent millions of dollars revamping their team. ..yet they suck. .why me?

I need a vacation. .. bad.. really bad. a break away before I lose my mind.. why me?

My house is in shambles because I feel like butt and nobody else feels like doing anything.. why me?

My husband is moody.. he was doing great for a few weeks but now it seems more often then not he is angry about something and nobody has a clue why or what is wrong... nobody being me. Why me?

and finally.... My 15 month old has a mullet.. sighs.. she needs her first hair cut.. sighs. ok thats not really a why me.. its more a poor Emily.. with her mullet lol Or as Lisa put it on facebook "business in the front.. party in the back"

but cute all the same :o)~

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thoughts and things..

This and that.. thoughts and things.. hmmm. what can I say... I am alot of things lately.. original is not one of them.. sighs. Ok. Where do I start..

First of all, Major prayers to Mckmama, Stellan and the rest of the McKfamily.. yes, I know I don't know them personally but I feel as if I do as I have prayed for that little boy DAILY, and for his whole family. They are in Boston and he had heart surgery today, last I saw he was recovering nicely and I am so relieved.

Secondly who ever started playing the game Chain reaction on Facebook needs to be shot.. I am now so addicted I spent most of my day which involved sitting on the couch with a very sweet redhead laying across me because she is so miserably sick .. (some horrible parent shared her cold.. ok thats me :o( I suck) So Emily has been THISCLOSE to me all day long.. we are talking on a scale of 1-10 breathing space was a negative 10. She would not let me even pee.. I finally got up when Stephanie got home at 2:30 I ran to pee... I mean RAN came back and she settled back in on me til I bribed her with animal crackers (oh sue me. it worked).

Thirdly...if I don't get a temporary break away from this house soon I am going to snap and it will be ugly... Its coming too.. my fuse is getting shorter every day.. soon it will be the same height as me.. its not gonna be pretty when it happens either sighs.

Fourth- the Mets suck.. yep I said it.. they blew a lead. stupid damn Mets.

Fifth-Is it sad that I am making things up to talk about so I don't go back to my crack and play Chain reaction again?? sighs... Its just said... but it is the MOST fun game EVER I promise and currently I have a higher score then Chuck.. ROCK on!!

ok..on that note.. I am gonna go check my bank account and go to bed.. I will write alot of somethings tomorrow (its Why me Wednesday). Have a lovely night

Monday, April 20, 2009

Not me Monday.

This blog carnival was created by MckmamaYou can head over to her blog an find out what she and everybody els has not been doing this week. ***please keep MckMama and her little boy Stellan in your prayers, he is still in the hospital and now awaiting surgery in Boston. we are praying for you McKmama, Prince Charming, Mckids, and Stellan!!!*****

This past week I did not sleep in every day til 10 AM because the kids were on spring break and I could

I certainly did not spend all day yesterday in my room in bed, only getting up to take a shower because I was sweaty from when my fever broke, no who would lay in bed all day?

I did not declare my everlasting love for another man other then my husband, and when I told my husband he did not reply back via text message "WHO?" in all caps obviously not happy.

I certainly would NEVER declare my love for another man, even if that other man is DJ Lance Rock who has saved me today by keeping Emily occupied while I died on the couch.

I did not just take 2 alleve to go with the 2 dayquill I took and wonder if/when they will kick in because my head is pounding.

I did not just take away my cell phone from Emily who was busily calling Mel fora third time today.. (yes the keys are locked..the girl has skills)

I did NOT thoroughly adore my dh who cooked both saturday and Sunday and let me sleep to try and get rid of whatever it is I have managed to get ....

I will not adore him again tonight when he cooks again.. hint hint

I am not counting down til 2 PM when teenagers get home to take their little sister and let me sleep.

and finally...

I did not just whine and complain my whole way through Not Me Monday because who would do that.....oh yea ME!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring has sprung....

Boy has it... my head feels like it is going to explode, my chest hurts and I am exhausted. Gotta love that spring version of the blech. right? The upside is it is in the 80s this week, and whats not to love about the 80s? So I decided today is a good day to update you guys on events in our house... why? well cause I can :o)~ so here we go:

We are mere weeks away from Stephanies prom and SAT's.. Exactly who gave that girl permission to grow up is beyond me, but I am holding firm she is not allowed to turn 18 in August. Nope. . not gonna happen. I will just hide the calendar.. that will make it not happen right? lie to me.. i am sick ok? Stepahnie just got her third tattoo which I am pretty sure either makes me a) one super cool mom or the worst mother in the world. one of the two or perhaps both. She has Goofy on her arm (not my favorite but her choice), she has a heart with a banner for Caleb, and she has a butterfly on her leg with six stars one for each sibling (she included Chucks son Shane). it really is pretty.

Danny... well Danny is so lost in video games sometimes I feel it is like using a death grip to pull him out... its not impossible but not very easy either, he is a dashingly handsome young man that if he would just shower more often (someone explain why boys are afraid of water.. please??) he would have girls knocking down his door.. he just got his first cell phone (a prepaid) and is doing good. .

AJ..well its spring.. AJ has baseballitis. he plays on a team (had practice at OMG in the morning today and got TWO hits.. great kid that he is!!) and he is an avid baseball fan. AJ is adored by Emily who some days does not want me..or Chuck but she will take a big old helping of AJ :o)~ AJ is a great kid who is growing into a fine young man..

Mary.. Someone took my sweet daughter and exchanged her for a demon in a pint sized body.. Mary is drama. And she is not just drama she is Drama Royalty.. Trust me. She screams 24/7 about any injustice she seems to think is happening.. trust me there are not that many.. TRUST me...

David.. is just thrilled to be back in school and I was told last week by my brother Mike that he has GREAT manners :o)~ go me. David went from not speaking to full out conversations. He is an amazing kid, and now that people have discovered that while he has his own way of doing things, he is just a regular kid who wants to be loved :o)~

Emily.. sighs.. she is 15 months old and has decided to become independent.. sighs. we have a spin around Zebra toy, she has left it alone pretty much today she got on it and spun and played and giggled. sighs. I wasn't ready for her to grow up.. she is the end.. the last baby. :o( Its not fair. she is so cute, I can put her hair in pigtails (and just about as fast she can take them out and hand them back to me), she is so sweet she eats everything and loves green beans. :o)~ She is the perfect ending note to our family

Chuck and I are doing ok, we have some issues but mostly we are good. some days are great other days we seem to pluck each others nerves. Alot of of it is that I feel he is too hard on the other older kids, he feels he isn't. we butt heads. But at the end of the day, I look at him, kiss him good night and know I am glad he is my husband.

There is my update on my family. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, I am going to go take a NyQuill cocktail and head to bed. Talk to you all soon!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Funny Fidos...

My mom has a thing about Marley and me and she called me today to ask me questions about our old dogs.. we had boxers growing up, boxers are the greatest breed ever. They look mean and terrifying but in reality they are big doofy dogs who just want some love.. so today I dedicate this blog to our funny fidos from the past. With stories of things that had happened... let's see...

First, we start with Socrates aka Socks. This was the first of the bunch, he was just a great dog all around, Socks was my mom and dad's first boxer, they got him in Paris and there are many stories to tell for example one time he got out, got lost and sat and waited for my dad to find him. When my dad finally found him he lookedat him as if to ask "well what took you so long?" The dog would follow the animal catcher (who knew where we lived) and the animal catcher ould in turn bring Socks home. .it was never uncommon to see Socks and theanimal catcher arrive together (much different then when Animal control is called these days eh?). Socks at one point my parents were hosting a large dinner party for other officers and their wives, they were all eating and drinking and chatting in a circle, commonly done. When Socks decided to plant himself smack dab in the middle of the group and Yes you guessed it.. take a number 2 in hte middle of the circle. Good dog... um not. Socks had other great moments like the day mom was cutting onions for her sandwich and one fell into his bowl, he ate the entire onion looking at her with pain in his eyes as if to ask her "how could you do this to me??" Socks was a great boxer, he let us lay on him he had the patience of a saint, and was just a genuinely big wonderful dog. He died while we were on vacation we had to put him down and we all cried for the rest of the trip, it was the first time I ever saw my dad cry.. :o( What a great dog.

Then we had Danni. (not be confused with my son Danny, although thats ANOTHER whole story).. Danni was born in Belguim and the breeders name the dogs for a certain letter. and we landed up with Danni Delta dino who adopted Mike when we went to get him. he ate Mikes she laces when he was playing with his sister Daisy. Mike picked him up and a love connection was made. Danni was a huge fan of plastic.. he would eat Barbie dolls, blow dryers, tupperwarrecorder, a VHS tape, countless 2 lliter bottles and anything else that was plastic and evil and got in his way.. Danni ate the lineloium off the floor, he pulled it up and ate it, he ate a door jam (no I am not kidding), he was a wonderful dog just a big fan of plastic. lol. He liked to greet you by getting up in your face and kissing you hello, he liked to play by rough housing on the floor and he was just a genuinely sweet guy. When Gregg and Dena got married he moved with them and would want to sleep with them at night.. RIGHT in the middle.. how they have five kids is stil la mystery.... He lived 12 years and passed away one day quietly in his way.. Good doggy who is still missed.

Then we got Budweiser. Bud was unique as well, he was a big softy who would climb up on your lap convinced he was a poodle.. a lap dog. He wasn't as bad for chewing as Danni was instead he preferd to be the dog with the toxic gas.. he could knock you off your feet in a second. Budweiser did have his tricks.. don't get me wrong, if we were gone for more then 4 hours he would go in the fridge and get a light snack (ok anything that was meat related) and eat it. He was a drool machine, he would drool as much as he could to get your attention or whatever you were eating.. Bud was one of those dogs that was so sweet you had to love him, even though he had his moments where you wanted to kill him. One great memory was getting pulled over.. the police over pulled me over, I was on the way to get my ex husband from work and I brought Budweiser for protection (I am not sure what he would have done besides licked the person to death), anyways... I get pulled over and as I am talking to the cop about going 7 miles over the limit. Bud decides he needs to put his two cents in and sticks his ENTIRE head out the window and LICKs the cop.. (I was seeing handcuffs in my future) the cop says "Ma'am is this your dog?" (ok seriously.. duh) "Yes sir" I say as I am thinking "I'll just plead temporary insanity", he says "I love boxers, whats his name?" I exhale "Budweiser" Cop now tickling behind Buds ears "what a great name.. your a good doggy aren't you??" (Jackpot). "ok Ma'am I am gonna let you go, but you and Bud have a good night and drive safe ok, ok??" (Said in a baby voice as he plants a KISS square on my dogs nose). Good Boy Bud.. Good boy. Budweiser died at the age of 10, he was a great dog.. and he is still missed.

There you have it the story of our three boxers, not as good as Marley and me but definitely the story of love, between a family and their dogs. :o)~

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This and That.......

I think i have decided that this and that will be a regular feature.. when I get tired and have nothing else to talk about This and That comes to my mind and a few things become alot of things.. pretty cool how that works out for us huh?

This- While at my mothers house, Emily was sitting on my moms bed not really talking just sitting and smiling.. my nephew Keith questioned "doesn't she ever talk" as if on cue the dog across the street began to bark.. with that so did Emily.. so um. .I guess she does speak.. just not human :o)~ Actually she does.. she says "Mommmm", Dad, Gabba, EEEE or steph (for Stephanie), hi, bye bye, cup, AJ (clear as day), Day day, please please please (when she sees something she wants), ITS, Cheese whenever she sees the camera, and a few other things..

That- My mother asked me how I have a baby who sleeps til 10 AM.. we are on spring break right now and she has slept til 10 AM every day.. She and I will be talking about letting this continuing AFTER spring break. :o)~

This-So my arms are still broken out, how clueless is my family.. EVERY member asked me whats wrong with my arms.. @@ its not that I never told them.. its just they are all too dim watted to remember.. annoys the out of me.

That- Stellan is flying to Boston today for Surgery.. please keep him in your prayers. I know his family would appreciate it. my friends baby the tiny Lileigh bean is doing well, they put in a PICC line this week but she is off the CPAP this is good news!!

This-I made the BEST Navy bean soup the other day if you want the recipe let me know. :o)~ I think i am proud.

That- Chuck got praying hands added onto his tattoo last night, and I am just in love with it, it is so awesome. Ice has many more ideas which would scare some people.. not us.. we EMBRACE it. Stephanie got a really pretty butterfly with stars around it, the stars are for each of her siblings. just awesome. Mel got a music note on the back of her neck, which is very her... her daughters each got their first tattoos, Rissa got music notes in a flower shape, its just awesome.. and Ashley got the chinese symbols for Mind body and spirit. I did not get anything because I have given up soda and decided no tattoos til I lose 15 lbs. I can do this..

This- AJ just came in without a shirt on.. the boy needs a tan.. sorry.. he just walked by.. random i know.

That- my friend Nikia seems sad, and that makes me sad.. so everyone say HI NIKIA!! just so she feels loved ok? OK you all don't have to.. but it would be nice :o)~

This- how come regular weeks don't go by this fast.. no fair...

That- its time for me to get off my crown and do something.. more tomorrow.. I will try ok? :o)~

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Temptation Tuesday

So it was pointed out to me that everytime a friend of mine sees Temptation Tuesday they start singing songs by the Temptations.. if anyone else is going through this please accept my most humble apologies and please feel free to change the station in your brain if you prefer another genre. (but you gotta admit the Temptations did play some pretty kick butt music in their day..hello My girl.. Just my imagination?? come on now. .classic stuff) ok I digress back to Temptation Tuesday...Things that tempt me:

1) Cadbury eggs- I am so thankful easter is over and these little evil morsels are gone til next year..

2) Sweet tea because I am trying to get off my Dr Pepper addiction and this week its become Sweet tea so that works

3) Getting to sleep in til 10 AM... ahhhhhhhhhhh ok thats just hot.

4) Warm home made soup on a cool rainy day (which is why I am about to go make navy bean soup lol)

5) Facebook.. oh yea.. I said it.. "hi I am Tricia and I am a Facebook addict"

6) Stupid smile cookies from Giant.. I am home now and I miss them.

7) Kids who don't scream, yell, bicker or fight.. I hear this does exsist but apparently NOT during spring break.

8) Not my baseball team.... they STINK this year... stupid Mets.

9) Hummus and nachos.. and I need to buy more :o(

1o) fresh flowers during the spring.. it just makes you feel good to get them or to even see them. So pretty. :o)~ (stephanie gave some to her nana this weekend)

Ok.. there is my list. .its short..but its my list... :o)~

Monday, April 13, 2009

Not me Monday

This blog carnival was created by MckmamaYou can head over to her blog an find out what she and everybody els has not been doing this week. ***please keep MckMama and her little boy Stellan in your prayers, he is still in the hospital with SVT. we are praying for you McKmama, Prince Charming, Mckids, and Stellan!!!*****

I did not neglect my blog for four days as I spent time with my family.. its not that I didn't miss it, i just didnt have time :o(

I did NOT eat WAY too many smiley face cookies from Giant this weekend :oX

I did NOT wake up at 10 AM this morning and think "omg that was better then sex"

I did NOT talk to my friend in Iceland for over an hour last night on the drive home laughing with her and discussing how clueless Chucks ex wife is on why he is not ready to be friends yet.

I did NOT really miss my Daddy in his church yesterday and keep looking over to the side where i would see him

I did NOT ignore a friends request that we come visit last night because at the end of the night all i wanted was to go home and go to bed.

I did NOT keep singing Yo Gabba Gabba songs all day and finally get them out of my head for Chuck to start singing "I like bugs.. I like bugs"

I did NOT realize last night that i have been neglecting alot of stuff lately and realize I have to get better about it. I also did NOT really get sad when I realized how bad I need to go on a diet but for whatever reason I have no motivation.. I need to get motivated. :o(

and finally... one week after getting my first tattoo I did NOT spend time on this morning looking for a second one and justifying why I should just do it.

So what did you do or not do??

Thursday, April 9, 2009

This and That... That and this.. part 3?

Or is it four? I am not sure.. I digress... anyways.... Anyways I know this is late... Its been well, interesting lately. As important as blogging is, I have sort of fell into doing other stuff.

This- Yo Gabba Gabba New Friends. Wow. Emily is addicted. She yells through the house "Gabba" and when she sees it we hear "Please please please" (think of the seagulls from Nemo "mine mine mine" or the Dogs from Bolt. "ball ball ball ball") anyways shes cute so its ok.

That- Day 2 as a tattooed chicky poo. .and I want another. To answer the question "did it hurt" not like I thought it would. .and dammit.. ink is addictive.. dammit.

This-Is it just me or does new socks and underwear feel amazing? seriously.. ok sorry.. just had to go there.

That- Chucky went to the doctor. This is monumental, Chuck never goes. he pinched a nerve in his back.. poor guy :o(

This- I think I need a vacation. The kids are off this week, we may take them to a hotel with an indoor pool.. just to get a "mini day away" why not right?

That- The Mets started out the season 2-1. We won 2 of the games against the Reds.. I can deal with that. :o)~ good game today babe. See I can be supportive.

This- Davids first week back in school was a success, his teacher called me and said "I am not sure WHAT was wrong with his old teacher but he is an awesome kid" :::whew::: that made my day.

That-Its now 1 AM and time for bed. I will post more tomorrow. Please keep praying for Stellan. And also may I ask my friend Laurie had a little girl 7 weeks early. her name is Lileigh, she is 2 1/2 lbs and 15 inches, please keep her in your prayers. She is doing awesome but let's just hope it stays that way.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why Me Wednesday

I know I know. . I missed yesterdays post. Its not really a Why me thing. It truly was more of a 'I was sort of getting my first tattoo and I didn't get home in time to post a Tuesday blog. There I said it. I am inked. I have the cutest little heart and attached is our anniversary.. Chuck.. WOW Chuck got the most amazing cross on his back with all 7 kids names intertwined. and Mel came along and got a hummingbird on her foot. Awesome.

Ok. but it is Why me Wednesday.... And I do have a few. . not many but a few.. so onto the show... right?
My stupid Mets are about to blow a baseball game in the BOTTOM of the 9th... is it September already?? Why me?
I finally fell into bed last night at 3 AM.. Emily got up at 530 AM to join us in bed... because she was cold.. The Cat knockedon the window I closed at 6 AM.. up for good at 7:30 Am.. why me?
Stupid Mets.. Why me?
My beautfiul 17 year old makes me realize how cute I was in high school and how much weight I need to lose. I don't know where to start.. why me?
The Mets JUST won in the bottom of the 9th.. Why Chucky? Poor guy we beat his team.
I leave for my moms with the family tomorrow. of course I am packed.. right.. .right? ok I am not.. why me?
Spring break next week.. 6 kids and me in the house.. that so deserves a why me?
our DVR shut off last night before we got to see Adam on American Idol.. grrr why me? I did see it. .and he was awesome. but still why me?
My son is now almost a foot taller then me.. how depressing.. why me?
Easter + My family = fun in dysfuctional. Why me?
and finally.. after YEARS of fearing Tattoos, I finally got one.. and now I want another one.... ink is addictive.. Why me? :o)~

Monday, April 6, 2009

Not me Monday...

This blog carnival was created by MckmamaYou can head over to her blog an find out what she and everybody els has not been doing this week. ***please keep MckMama and her little boy Stellan in your prayers, he is still in the hospital with SVT. we are praying for you McKmama, Prince Charming, Mckids, and Stellan!!!*****

This week, I did NOT become friends with someone from Iceland and realize that I was wrong so many many years ago about her (Chucks ex friend.. not the ex.)

I did NOT spend hours on end talking to her and discover we are two peas in a pod

I did NOT enjoy watching my husband's shock on his face that I could make friends with this person so easily, and how quickly she and I both decided the past was the past

I did NOT decide to get tattooed this week after being chicken for so long, I did not also decide that even though people say never get spouses names or anniversaries that I believe Chucky and I are forever and I am getting our anniversary on me.

I did NOT curse the baseball coach at 8:45 AM when he called on Saturday because I was not ready to be up yet.

I did NOT enjoy wearing capri pants and flipflops all weekend because the weather was JUST Awesome. (yea I know Crystal.. I hate me too lol)

I did NOT let my son stay home today because he has a bad case of baseballitis, and I certainly did not tell him that when the Mets lose he can't complain because hey at least he wasn't in school.

I have NOT watched the Jack Black Yo Gabba Gabba episode so many times that I now have it memorized.

I have not become so addicated to Facebook that when someone asked me what was up, I immediately thought "oh crap I haven't updated my status"

I did NOT buy a pair of sunglasses that cost me almost 12 times any that I have ever bought because I normally buy dollar store ones, and this time I actually bought a decent pair.

I did NOT inform someone at BJ's that the sippy cup they want to buy is a fogoo beause I love that these things do not leak and they are my favorite cup now

I did not thoroughly enjoy putting my sweet David on the bus this morning, because after all the grief with school in the fall, he is back in a full day program starting today. I am not relieved that someone else believes in my little boy and not just me. However, I am also not cautiously optimistic and waiting for my phone to ring.

And finally.... I did NOT walk in my living roomto see this:

and a few hours later see this:

and immediately think "yep thats my kid" lol. Silly Emily.

So that is my Not Me Monday for this week, what did you NOT do??

Sunday, April 5, 2009

An Ode to my Dear spouse.

Somedays you drive me crazy,
Somedays I drive you mad

But every now and then,
You really make me glad

You took on all my babies as if they were your own,
You love them all unconditionally even though they are nearly grown

They aren't always the best kids, heck sometimes even I wanna disown them
But then you bring me around, and we forgive them in a moment

You added to my babies by giving me two others,
Too bad when I look at them, I don't see their mother

You make my heart smile, you make me want to sing.
You make me want to brand myself, holy crap what am I thinking?

You are my everything my sun, my moon the stars,
You are the one I would travel anywhere for

But I send you this message, for the whole world to see it.
Chucky I love you, and I really really mean it!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday.....and tattoos

This morning we were woken up at 8:45 by AJ's baseball coach.. We have practice... my eyes are barely open, I am reaching for something liquid to pour into my body, I cut up an orange, and we head out. Dedicated? Nah.. mentally insane. lol. I would rather have been in bed, but.. instead we drove to baseball. Then Chuck and I went to breakfast (which is big for us, we hardly take any time for us) then we went to the commissary. We had a list of six things.. um.. it was great on paper.. it landed up being few tad more. (cough cough 63 total cough cough). We ran a few more errands, stopped and got a phone card so Chuck could call Shane. After 9 years. Finally. I sat with him as he spoke to his son, they breached what we thought would be a language barrier, Shane had a clear concept of English. It was so good to see him speak to his son, and very sweet to watch his tears. I am so glad that even though the challenge is there, at this time they have decided to put things aside for Shane. (I still have my reservations about his ex wife, it is hard not to, but I am working on it).

Then we went and Stephanie and AJ's baseball coach John got tattoos. (Yea i know Mom of the year.. she's 17 and I let her get a tattoo.. actually it was her second) she thought of what she wanted and she got a heart with a banner through it and 10-28-06 which is the day she made the biggest decision of her life.) It came out just awesome. And ya know after really thinking about a tattoo, being told by many NEVER put a man's name on you because of divorce which does make sense. I have made a very careful decision, I am going to get our anniversary tattooed on me. As a UPC symbol. 112101. I am not sure when I will do it, but I am going to do it. While there are so many reasons why people say "never do this" my reasons for doing it are much bigger.

Besides I am pretty sure I am gonna keep him ;o)~ Ok more tomorrow have a nice night

Friday, April 3, 2009

its the little things..... part 2.

A few months ago, I posted a blog about the little things.. today is part two. Because today it just seems like a good day for it.

A kiss hello, a hug, a kind word, and an I love you.. that's all I need somedays.. not alot but little things that mean the world.

A good night sleep after tossing and turning for days and days, I wake up rejuveniated and smiling... so much more then a little thing.

Good friends.. what would life be without them? its the little things.

Reconnecting and fixing a wrong. Even though sometimes the hardest words are I am sorry, sometimes they are the biggest words too. its the little things.

a little girl who can make my day by just smiling and saying MOMMMMMMM which is just the sweetest little thing.. in a little package.

Piggy tails.. after having female cueballs with my first two girls. .pig tails are little things I love heehee the little things.

Enjoying being back in Church after being gone for so long.. the little things

Saturday.. NO alarm clock.. sleeping in.. ahhh the BIG thing :o)~

I hope you have alot of little things or even a lot of big things today :o)~

Thursday, April 2, 2009

This and That.. and That and This.

This- Today brought something that I could not have predicted in any way shape or form. Chuck's ex wife found us on facebook. We have held ALOT of ill will toward her because of the way things went down... the long and short of it, she took his son to Iceland.. he has not seem him in too many years to count (9 to be exact), but after realizing its not about us, or not about her or her friends, its about Shane and Chuck, and his siblings. We decided it was time. I spent the better half of the day talking to her friend, and offering an olive branch. There is alot to be said for forgiveness.

That- David returns to school on Monday, I met the MOST amazing woman. Miss Debbie his teacher, who embraced my baby. Like she has known him ALL year. For a moment I forgot how bad things were and allowed myself to think "what if" as in what if this is the start of something new.

This- Ignorance is bliss. This has been shown to me since David's Aspergers diagnosis.. I have been asked a) What kind of medecine is he on (it's not a cold.. he's not). b) How do you feel about him not being able to eat hamburgers (dork.. its NOT an allergy to Hamburgers.. yes I am serious.. ::::shakes head:::: c) Can I catch it? (No, you can't..). and finally d) Ohh so its ok that he can be sort of a butthead.. he's special. (no, it doesn't make it ok. it doesn't fix it.. its part of life... grrr). Ignorance is bliss. What else can I say?

That- ER ended tonight. :o( I am sort of bummed with the way it went. I think they should have sealed it up a little bitter. Put that last basting stitch in, but instead I am left looking at my screen and asking "What the....." oh well. Sighs. At least Thursday still has Ugly Betty, Grey's and Private Practice N'est Pas?

And now finally Then.. as in Then she went to bed.. its been a long day, not a bad day.. but a long day. More tomorrow earlier I promise.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why me Wednesday

That's right boys and girls.. girls and boys..and everyone else out there who reads.... it is time for Tricia's right to complain.. it is time for "Why me Wendesday?"

I was up til 3 AM last night, with thoughts running through my head like a freight train. Everytime I would just almost find sleep another thought would pull me out of it. Not one thing or one person.. too much of everything.. why me?

I then did not hear any alarm clocks until 7:20 AM, I guess its a good thing that Stephanie gets up on her own for school huh? Why me?

I am aggrivated that I sent out some stuff in the past week, and hoped I would hear from some people in responose with no words back to even say "Yes I got it. Thanks" or anything. Kind of makes it seem like it doesn't matter. Why me?

I feel like for every thing I get reaccomplished in my spring training something else pulls me down on my fanny and I have just one more thing to do. Why me?

Its time for holiday strife and terror again. Another family holiday. groans. Thanksgiving was good.. Christmas was horrible.. what will Easter bring. Why me?

Speaking of Easter... what exactly do you get for kids who seem to trash things as fast as they get it? Why me?

I am in the "I hate me" stage right now.. partly because of all the lovely marks all over me from the hives and partly because I feel like I need to lose about 300 lbs (ok its not that bad it just feels that bad). Why me?

I am in desperate need of some Me time but I can never find it.. even 30 minutes for a bath is sometimes too much time. why me?

I am in a funk or a rut or a something.. and I don't like it. Why me?

Ok. that is it for me today.. Please keep Mr Stellan in your prayers he had to get a blood transfusion this morning, his mommy amazes me. She is so strong and I know how hard it is to be strong when the questions you want answers to have no answers. So please just keep him in your prayers, as well as McKMama, PC, and the MSC.