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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why me Wednesday

That's right boys and girls.. girls and boys..and everyone else out there who reads.... it is time for Tricia's right to complain.. it is time for "Why me Wendesday?"

I was up til 3 AM last night, with thoughts running through my head like a freight train. Everytime I would just almost find sleep another thought would pull me out of it. Not one thing or one person.. too much of everything.. why me?

I then did not hear any alarm clocks until 7:20 AM, I guess its a good thing that Stephanie gets up on her own for school huh? Why me?

I am aggrivated that I sent out some stuff in the past week, and hoped I would hear from some people in responose with no words back to even say "Yes I got it. Thanks" or anything. Kind of makes it seem like it doesn't matter. Why me?

I feel like for every thing I get reaccomplished in my spring training something else pulls me down on my fanny and I have just one more thing to do. Why me?

Its time for holiday strife and terror again. Another family holiday. groans. Thanksgiving was good.. Christmas was horrible.. what will Easter bring. Why me?

Speaking of Easter... what exactly do you get for kids who seem to trash things as fast as they get it? Why me?

I am in the "I hate me" stage right now.. partly because of all the lovely marks all over me from the hives and partly because I feel like I need to lose about 300 lbs (ok its not that bad it just feels that bad). Why me?

I am in desperate need of some Me time but I can never find it.. even 30 minutes for a bath is sometimes too much time. why me?

I am in a funk or a rut or a something.. and I don't like it. Why me?

Ok. that is it for me today.. Please keep Mr Stellan in your prayers he had to get a blood transfusion this morning, his mommy amazes me. She is so strong and I know how hard it is to be strong when the questions you want answers to have no answers. So please just keep him in your prayers, as well as McKMama, PC, and the MSC.

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Anonymous said...

Tricia, I am soooooo sorry. I swear I came on your blog now to thank you for the box of goodies. I got it on Tuesday. Joey immediately grabbed the bubbles and wanted to play with them :-) I LOVE the lotion and body spray. They remind me of one of my favorites, Love Spell from VS. Only the body spray lasts much much longer. I am amazed that it lasts almost all day!! I loved the tarts too. I just have to buy myself some tealights so I can burn them. I appreciated everything SO much, more than you can know. I have been having a few stressful days and it was just the thing to brighten me up a bit. Thank you so much. You are so sweet to do giveaways like this to people you don't even know. Hopefully I have found a new friend though! And I apologize for not thanking you ASAP!!!