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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring has sprung....

Boy has it... my head feels like it is going to explode, my chest hurts and I am exhausted. Gotta love that spring version of the blech. right? The upside is it is in the 80s this week, and whats not to love about the 80s? So I decided today is a good day to update you guys on events in our house... why? well cause I can :o)~ so here we go:

We are mere weeks away from Stephanies prom and SAT's.. Exactly who gave that girl permission to grow up is beyond me, but I am holding firm she is not allowed to turn 18 in August. Nope. . not gonna happen. I will just hide the calendar.. that will make it not happen right? lie to me.. i am sick ok? Stepahnie just got her third tattoo which I am pretty sure either makes me a) one super cool mom or the worst mother in the world. one of the two or perhaps both. She has Goofy on her arm (not my favorite but her choice), she has a heart with a banner for Caleb, and she has a butterfly on her leg with six stars one for each sibling (she included Chucks son Shane). it really is pretty.

Danny... well Danny is so lost in video games sometimes I feel it is like using a death grip to pull him out... its not impossible but not very easy either, he is a dashingly handsome young man that if he would just shower more often (someone explain why boys are afraid of water.. please??) he would have girls knocking down his door.. he just got his first cell phone (a prepaid) and is doing good. .

AJ..well its spring.. AJ has baseballitis. he plays on a team (had practice at OMG in the morning today and got TWO hits.. great kid that he is!!) and he is an avid baseball fan. AJ is adored by Emily who some days does not want me..or Chuck but she will take a big old helping of AJ :o)~ AJ is a great kid who is growing into a fine young man..

Mary.. Someone took my sweet daughter and exchanged her for a demon in a pint sized body.. Mary is drama. And she is not just drama she is Drama Royalty.. Trust me. She screams 24/7 about any injustice she seems to think is happening.. trust me there are not that many.. TRUST me...

David.. is just thrilled to be back in school and I was told last week by my brother Mike that he has GREAT manners :o)~ go me. David went from not speaking to full out conversations. He is an amazing kid, and now that people have discovered that while he has his own way of doing things, he is just a regular kid who wants to be loved :o)~

Emily.. sighs.. she is 15 months old and has decided to become independent.. sighs. we have a spin around Zebra toy, she has left it alone pretty much today she got on it and spun and played and giggled. sighs. I wasn't ready for her to grow up.. she is the end.. the last baby. :o( Its not fair. she is so cute, I can put her hair in pigtails (and just about as fast she can take them out and hand them back to me), she is so sweet she eats everything and loves green beans. :o)~ She is the perfect ending note to our family

Chuck and I are doing ok, we have some issues but mostly we are good. some days are great other days we seem to pluck each others nerves. Alot of of it is that I feel he is too hard on the other older kids, he feels he isn't. we butt heads. But at the end of the day, I look at him, kiss him good night and know I am glad he is my husband.

There is my update on my family. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, I am going to go take a NyQuill cocktail and head to bed. Talk to you all soon!


Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

OMG we just posted with the same title. i swear i didnt see your until i posted mine.

ok off to actually read the post now

Jennifer said...

That was fun to read. It's like the family Christmas card, minus the annoying bragging!