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Thursday, April 16, 2009

This and That.......

I think i have decided that this and that will be a regular feature.. when I get tired and have nothing else to talk about This and That comes to my mind and a few things become alot of things.. pretty cool how that works out for us huh?

This- While at my mothers house, Emily was sitting on my moms bed not really talking just sitting and smiling.. my nephew Keith questioned "doesn't she ever talk" as if on cue the dog across the street began to bark.. with that so did Emily.. so um. .I guess she does speak.. just not human :o)~ Actually she does.. she says "Mommmm", Dad, Gabba, EEEE or steph (for Stephanie), hi, bye bye, cup, AJ (clear as day), Day day, please please please (when she sees something she wants), ITS, Cheese whenever she sees the camera, and a few other things..

That- My mother asked me how I have a baby who sleeps til 10 AM.. we are on spring break right now and she has slept til 10 AM every day.. She and I will be talking about letting this continuing AFTER spring break. :o)~

This-So my arms are still broken out, how clueless is my family.. EVERY member asked me whats wrong with my arms.. @@ its not that I never told them.. its just they are all too dim watted to remember.. annoys the out of me.

That- Stellan is flying to Boston today for Surgery.. please keep him in your prayers. I know his family would appreciate it. my friends baby the tiny Lileigh bean is doing well, they put in a PICC line this week but she is off the CPAP this is good news!!

This-I made the BEST Navy bean soup the other day if you want the recipe let me know. :o)~ I think i am proud.

That- Chuck got praying hands added onto his tattoo last night, and I am just in love with it, it is so awesome. Ice has many more ideas which would scare some people.. not us.. we EMBRACE it. Stephanie got a really pretty butterfly with stars around it, the stars are for each of her siblings. just awesome. Mel got a music note on the back of her neck, which is very her... her daughters each got their first tattoos, Rissa got music notes in a flower shape, its just awesome.. and Ashley got the chinese symbols for Mind body and spirit. I did not get anything because I have given up soda and decided no tattoos til I lose 15 lbs. I can do this..

This- AJ just came in without a shirt on.. the boy needs a tan.. sorry.. he just walked by.. random i know.

That- my friend Nikia seems sad, and that makes me sad.. so everyone say HI NIKIA!! just so she feels loved ok? OK you all don't have to.. but it would be nice :o)~

This- how come regular weeks don't go by this fast.. no fair...

That- its time for me to get off my crown and do something.. more tomorrow.. I will try ok? :o)~

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fyrgrl said...

Yes I am very sad.