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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why me Wednesday?

Today, I come to you a writer of a why me Wednesday blog, now it is not that I have so much to complain about, I really don't. But today is Wednesday and I do have some stuff to post.. so here it goes.....

My 17 year old beautiful daughter has SAT's on Saturday and prom next week.. Why me??

On my steering wheel today, I found a gray hair. Ok seriously... I told them to go away in August when I saw one.. who said it could come back? why me?

I finally came up with a different dinner idea.. and 1/2 the kids won't eat it.. why me? (I am still making it they can have waffles, pancakes or french toast (Frozen kind). why me?

I am still being kept up coughing at night.. stupid cough.. why me?

the stupid Mets are still stinking this year... why can't I find a team that doesn't let me down.. why me?

I need a vacation.. even a day away. .something before I go postal.. why me?

Julianne and Chuck got sent home last night.. ok. thats not really a why me more of a WHY?? they didnt deserve to go home.. stupid DWTS!!!

Why is it when you have money coming in, the whole wide world seems to find bills that you didnt even know you had, that have to be paid? why me?
And sadly I think that does it.. I have nothing to write about.. .why me? ok. seriously.. my mind is empty. I feel as if there is nothing there lately.. I am not sure if I have springitis or what but i need some inspiration.. so someone inspire me ok? please? :o)~ and thank you!!

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