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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday.....and tattoos

This morning we were woken up at 8:45 by AJ's baseball coach.. We have practice... my eyes are barely open, I am reaching for something liquid to pour into my body, I cut up an orange, and we head out. Dedicated? Nah.. mentally insane. lol. I would rather have been in bed, but.. instead we drove to baseball. Then Chuck and I went to breakfast (which is big for us, we hardly take any time for us) then we went to the commissary. We had a list of six things.. um.. it was great on paper.. it landed up being few tad more. (cough cough 63 total cough cough). We ran a few more errands, stopped and got a phone card so Chuck could call Shane. After 9 years. Finally. I sat with him as he spoke to his son, they breached what we thought would be a language barrier, Shane had a clear concept of English. It was so good to see him speak to his son, and very sweet to watch his tears. I am so glad that even though the challenge is there, at this time they have decided to put things aside for Shane. (I still have my reservations about his ex wife, it is hard not to, but I am working on it).

Then we went and Stephanie and AJ's baseball coach John got tattoos. (Yea i know Mom of the year.. she's 17 and I let her get a tattoo.. actually it was her second) she thought of what she wanted and she got a heart with a banner through it and 10-28-06 which is the day she made the biggest decision of her life.) It came out just awesome. And ya know after really thinking about a tattoo, being told by many NEVER put a man's name on you because of divorce which does make sense. I have made a very careful decision, I am going to get our anniversary tattooed on me. As a UPC symbol. 112101. I am not sure when I will do it, but I am going to do it. While there are so many reasons why people say "never do this" my reasons for doing it are much bigger.

Besides I am pretty sure I am gonna keep him ;o)~ Ok more tomorrow have a nice night

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