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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thoughts and things..

This and that.. thoughts and things.. hmmm. what can I say... I am alot of things lately.. original is not one of them.. sighs. Ok. Where do I start..

First of all, Major prayers to Mckmama, Stellan and the rest of the McKfamily.. yes, I know I don't know them personally but I feel as if I do as I have prayed for that little boy DAILY, and for his whole family. They are in Boston and he had heart surgery today, last I saw he was recovering nicely and I am so relieved.

Secondly who ever started playing the game Chain reaction on Facebook needs to be shot.. I am now so addicted I spent most of my day which involved sitting on the couch with a very sweet redhead laying across me because she is so miserably sick .. (some horrible parent shared her cold.. ok thats me :o( I suck) So Emily has been THISCLOSE to me all day long.. we are talking on a scale of 1-10 breathing space was a negative 10. She would not let me even pee.. I finally got up when Stephanie got home at 2:30 I ran to pee... I mean RAN came back and she settled back in on me til I bribed her with animal crackers (oh sue me. it worked).

Thirdly...if I don't get a temporary break away from this house soon I am going to snap and it will be ugly... Its coming too.. my fuse is getting shorter every day.. soon it will be the same height as me.. its not gonna be pretty when it happens either sighs.

Fourth- the Mets suck.. yep I said it.. they blew a lead. stupid damn Mets.

Fifth-Is it sad that I am making things up to talk about so I don't go back to my crack and play Chain reaction again?? sighs... Its just said... but it is the MOST fun game EVER I promise and currently I have a higher score then Chuck.. ROCK on!!

ok..on that note.. I am gonna go check my bank account and go to bed.. I will write alot of somethings tomorrow (its Why me Wednesday). Have a lovely night

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Anonymous said...

LOL I know it wasnt me playing that game! :::looking around::: It is FUN though isnt it!!??