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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Points to ponder....

I know this is why me wednesday, but there are very few things I need to why me about today. (I know I am shocked too. .normally I can find anything to complain about..ok wait I have a few so mini Why me wednesday at the end ok? There now we both feel better. ok you didn't care.. but seriously.. ea i know I am going on and on and on.)

Point to ponder 1: There is a mother in New York who THREW her fighting 10 and 12 year old daughters OUT of the car... for fighting and drove off leaving to them to fend for themselves to get home. The 12 year old made it home, the mother then called the police to report the 10 year old missing to find out well she was already at the police department and had told them what happened.. D'oh. Are you serious? I have threatened to do it. Heck I have pulled the car over and said "GET OUT" in that scarey exorcist my mom is going to start throwing up green pea soup any second way, but I have never ever thrown my kids out of the car. What made this story better for me was to find out the MOTHER works in a law office. DO What?? ::: Mouth on the floor::: Wow.. Just wow.

Point to ponder 2: How come the weather can be in the 80s then the 70s back to the 80s and then all the way down to the 60s? Do we all then wonder "why am I sick in the spring?" well gee I wonder. ::::said as she coughs herself silly:::::

Point to ponder 3: Does anyone else ever wonder what Paula Abdul is on when she is judging on idol.. not that i don't think sometimes she is right.. but wow. she is just so um.. wow....

Point to ponder 4: Sports athletes make millions and millions of dollars for each year they play, it is unspeakable how much money they make to kick, throw or hit something but yet one wrong move and they get hurt, they then go on "injured reserve" where they sit home and collect money. Yet some of these same people then turn around (and forgive me but I am not sure what the name of the guy who was on ESPN was.. it was 3 AM and I was loopy as I was turning off the TV) but this man on TV is going on about how people get too much help from the government, and there are people receiving disability who do not deserve it. This hit a chord with me. Many athletes get paid yearly for salaries they did not "earn" because they were sitting at home nursing an injury. What is the difference and how is that fair?

Points to ponder 5: How is it that I can find nothing to talk about for weeks but today I can write a really long blog. Hmm I don't know either but let's go ahead and do my mini Why me Wednesday. . a Blog within a blog if you will.

I am still sick.. I am not sure what it is but now I think I pulled something in my stomach.. why me?

My stupid 20 year reunion is $110 a person.. which I think is mental. and while i want to go I can not justify spending $220 for a night of fun.. why me?

My stupid baseball team spent millions of dollars revamping their team. ..yet they suck. .why me?

I need a vacation. .. bad.. really bad. a break away before I lose my mind.. why me?

My house is in shambles because I feel like butt and nobody else feels like doing anything.. why me?

My husband is moody.. he was doing great for a few weeks but now it seems more often then not he is angry about something and nobody has a clue why or what is wrong... nobody being me. Why me?

and finally.... My 15 month old has a mullet.. sighs.. she needs her first hair cut.. sighs. ok thats not really a why me.. its more a poor Emily.. with her mullet lol Or as Lisa put it on facebook "business in the front.. party in the back"

but cute all the same :o)~


Julie said...

LOL Cora's got a mullet too. I remember that stage with Chloe. I held out until she was three and got her first hair cut then. It worked out well, she's got awesome hair now. I figured I'll do the same for Cora... pretty soon they can have pigtails, then the mullet thing isn't so bad.

I'm with you on Paula too. I haven't watched this week's yet, but isn't she always so awful? She must have some great drugs. ;o) I hope Cara is a way of phasing Paula out.

Kristine said...

I have to agree with you on most of your ponders. And I love E's mullet. She's so cute!

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

lol love the mullet. sersiously isn't it funny how their hair can grow like that. however I think she's still too cute for the hair to even matter and it looks like it'd make for perfect piggie tales!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!