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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Temptation Tuesday

So it was pointed out to me that everytime a friend of mine sees Temptation Tuesday they start singing songs by the Temptations.. if anyone else is going through this please accept my most humble apologies and please feel free to change the station in your brain if you prefer another genre. (but you gotta admit the Temptations did play some pretty kick butt music in their day..hello My girl.. Just my imagination?? come on now. .classic stuff) ok I digress back to Temptation Tuesday...Things that tempt me:

1) Cadbury eggs- I am so thankful easter is over and these little evil morsels are gone til next year..

2) Sweet tea because I am trying to get off my Dr Pepper addiction and this week its become Sweet tea so that works

3) Getting to sleep in til 10 AM... ahhhhhhhhhhh ok thats just hot.

4) Warm home made soup on a cool rainy day (which is why I am about to go make navy bean soup lol)

5) Facebook.. oh yea.. I said it.. "hi I am Tricia and I am a Facebook addict"

6) Stupid smile cookies from Giant.. I am home now and I miss them.

7) Kids who don't scream, yell, bicker or fight.. I hear this does exsist but apparently NOT during spring break.

8) Not my baseball team.... they STINK this year... stupid Mets.

9) Hummus and nachos.. and I need to buy more :o(

1o) fresh flowers during the spring.. it just makes you feel good to get them or to even see them. So pretty. :o)~ (stephanie gave some to her nana this weekend)

Ok.. there is my list. .its short..but its my list... :o)~


Crystal said...

He FB addict.. meet... FB addict..

Wayne said...

Temptaion is a funny thing , just when you think your ok ,,,oooopppss there it is