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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What to blog about....

Again I come to you, as someone with nothing to say. How is that possible? I have six children, the youngest is this cutie pie who has started to really let her personality shine in the past few weeks. She now tells you "EAT" when shes hungry, and tells you "yes or no" if she wants something, informs you that you are "Bad" when she gets in trouble and is just genuinely the sweetest baby girl ever. (biased? who me?) I just can't seem to find anything to blog about lately. I am so tired and so worn out from being sick, its hard to come up with anything to say. sad huh?

I will say this, while I am in a blog rut, my facebook addiction is still ridiculiously strong. I can spend hours on facebook hurling food at people (super food fight), getting drunk (the happy hour game I have been given so many drinks my status is "how are you even alive?"), throwing Sheep at me (its not baaaaaad really), and who knows what else. I just enjoy it. I have been reconnecting with old friends in ways that MySpace did not make possible or nearly as fun. So if you are on facebook add me! is my email addy for that. :o)~

I have come to realize that even in the end of April it is possible to declare "not this year" about your baseball team... the Mets tried but.. alas it is not meant to be. (this is subject to change if they land up fixing their pitching, outfield oh and batting) Chuck's team is starting off pretty strong, which has him pretty happy. I guess we will see how long this lasts and who is where come September. (probably both of us rooting on our football teams lol)

I am also in a dinner rut.. I feel like its the same 10 meals all the time.. anyone feel as if they want to suggest something new? I am as always open to suggestions and my family is forever grateful. :o)~

Isn't it funny when I say I have nothing to talk about, I land up talking so much? crazy. So I will end this with we are delighted to announce that McKMama and Stellan are back home in the thawing tundra. This is such wonderful news and answers many many many prayers. On that note, I also ask that you keep a good friend of mine in your prayers, she just went through her last IVF and it did not go as planned. My thoughts and prayers are with you friend.

More tomorrow, its Why me Wednesday after all. but one last picture for those of you not on Facebook.. Chuck took this of Emily with his cell phone and its just the best picture.


Kristine said...

I'm in a dinner rut too. I was just thinking about that today, lol.

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

wow 10 meals. you've got me times two. seriously I feel like I have the same 4 meals. i think its this time of year too. I don't feel like a big ole hearty meal but my family baulks if I make sandwiches dinner

Carol said...

Rut...every night we stare at each other one looking into the fridge the other into the pantry and ask each other "what's for dinner"? Who's in a rut? :)

Julie said...

Hope your rut ends soon - I was like that all through the winter, but it's ended now. I made cream of asparagus soup the other night... try that. :o) Do you still read the AOL PP board? They were always great inspiration with their WFD posts.