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Friday, April 17, 2009

Funny Fidos...

My mom has a thing about Marley and me and she called me today to ask me questions about our old dogs.. we had boxers growing up, boxers are the greatest breed ever. They look mean and terrifying but in reality they are big doofy dogs who just want some love.. so today I dedicate this blog to our funny fidos from the past. With stories of things that had happened... let's see...

First, we start with Socrates aka Socks. This was the first of the bunch, he was just a great dog all around, Socks was my mom and dad's first boxer, they got him in Paris and there are many stories to tell for example one time he got out, got lost and sat and waited for my dad to find him. When my dad finally found him he lookedat him as if to ask "well what took you so long?" The dog would follow the animal catcher (who knew where we lived) and the animal catcher ould in turn bring Socks home. .it was never uncommon to see Socks and theanimal catcher arrive together (much different then when Animal control is called these days eh?). Socks at one point my parents were hosting a large dinner party for other officers and their wives, they were all eating and drinking and chatting in a circle, commonly done. When Socks decided to plant himself smack dab in the middle of the group and Yes you guessed it.. take a number 2 in hte middle of the circle. Good dog... um not. Socks had other great moments like the day mom was cutting onions for her sandwich and one fell into his bowl, he ate the entire onion looking at her with pain in his eyes as if to ask her "how could you do this to me??" Socks was a great boxer, he let us lay on him he had the patience of a saint, and was just a genuinely big wonderful dog. He died while we were on vacation we had to put him down and we all cried for the rest of the trip, it was the first time I ever saw my dad cry.. :o( What a great dog.

Then we had Danni. (not be confused with my son Danny, although thats ANOTHER whole story).. Danni was born in Belguim and the breeders name the dogs for a certain letter. and we landed up with Danni Delta dino who adopted Mike when we went to get him. he ate Mikes she laces when he was playing with his sister Daisy. Mike picked him up and a love connection was made. Danni was a huge fan of plastic.. he would eat Barbie dolls, blow dryers, tupperwarrecorder, a VHS tape, countless 2 lliter bottles and anything else that was plastic and evil and got in his way.. Danni ate the lineloium off the floor, he pulled it up and ate it, he ate a door jam (no I am not kidding), he was a wonderful dog just a big fan of plastic. lol. He liked to greet you by getting up in your face and kissing you hello, he liked to play by rough housing on the floor and he was just a genuinely sweet guy. When Gregg and Dena got married he moved with them and would want to sleep with them at night.. RIGHT in the middle.. how they have five kids is stil la mystery.... He lived 12 years and passed away one day quietly in his way.. Good doggy who is still missed.

Then we got Budweiser. Bud was unique as well, he was a big softy who would climb up on your lap convinced he was a poodle.. a lap dog. He wasn't as bad for chewing as Danni was instead he preferd to be the dog with the toxic gas.. he could knock you off your feet in a second. Budweiser did have his tricks.. don't get me wrong, if we were gone for more then 4 hours he would go in the fridge and get a light snack (ok anything that was meat related) and eat it. He was a drool machine, he would drool as much as he could to get your attention or whatever you were eating.. Bud was one of those dogs that was so sweet you had to love him, even though he had his moments where you wanted to kill him. One great memory was getting pulled over.. the police over pulled me over, I was on the way to get my ex husband from work and I brought Budweiser for protection (I am not sure what he would have done besides licked the person to death), anyways... I get pulled over and as I am talking to the cop about going 7 miles over the limit. Bud decides he needs to put his two cents in and sticks his ENTIRE head out the window and LICKs the cop.. (I was seeing handcuffs in my future) the cop says "Ma'am is this your dog?" (ok seriously.. duh) "Yes sir" I say as I am thinking "I'll just plead temporary insanity", he says "I love boxers, whats his name?" I exhale "Budweiser" Cop now tickling behind Buds ears "what a great name.. your a good doggy aren't you??" (Jackpot). "ok Ma'am I am gonna let you go, but you and Bud have a good night and drive safe ok, ok??" (Said in a baby voice as he plants a KISS square on my dogs nose). Good Boy Bud.. Good boy. Budweiser died at the age of 10, he was a great dog.. and he is still missed.

There you have it the story of our three boxers, not as good as Marley and me but definitely the story of love, between a family and their dogs. :o)~

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