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Thursday, April 30, 2009

This and That and that and this....

And welcome to antoher rousing edition of "This and that" brought to you by the happy folks at ok its just me. Just plain Tricia. Sighs. I tried.. . ok. So anyways..

This--I went to the Zoo today, with 40 preschoolers. Wow. The kids were all really pretty good. well except that I had two little boys who watched two blonde teenagers about 15 or 16 walk by and said "hubba hubba" oh great. Fun stuff. really. I also had to chase a little boy (who looks suspciously like my husband) and threaten to put him in one of the empty cages IF he didnot carry his tail back over to me. yep I said it.. and I meant it too.

That--Emily is currently running away from her brother AJ who is armed with a diaper wipe in his hand to wipe into the M&Ms the little whipper snapper got into. Emily is giggling and AJ is being left in the dust like she runs track. It really is kind of amusing. Guess he will be careful to NOT leave his M&M's down again huh?

This--Did I mention Stephanie has prom next week.. She has her dress.. but needs shoes, accessories, and hair and make up done.. dying.. who me? never.

That--I came up with a different meal for tonight... its not like "WOW THATS AMAZING!" instead more of a "WOOHOOO!!" something different. we are having meatball subs, chips, and for dessert banana pudding. yum-0

This--tomorrow is friday. WOOHOO!! I can't wait. Sad that we work so hard to get to the end of the week just to get to Friday huh? Sad but true.

I hope everyone is having a good day!!! Keep smiling.. it makes people wonder what you are up to.

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Carol said...

Leave alone it being Friday - it's May 1st!! We're still wearing SWEATSHIRTS and LONG UNDERWEAR!!

What's up with the whole global WARMING notion!?

Enjoy your dinner!!