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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why Me Wednesday

I know I know. . I missed yesterdays post. Its not really a Why me thing. It truly was more of a 'I was sort of getting my first tattoo and I didn't get home in time to post a Tuesday blog. There I said it. I am inked. I have the cutest little heart and attached is our anniversary.. Chuck.. WOW Chuck got the most amazing cross on his back with all 7 kids names intertwined. and Mel came along and got a hummingbird on her foot. Awesome.

Ok. but it is Why me Wednesday.... And I do have a few. . not many but a few.. so onto the show... right?
My stupid Mets are about to blow a baseball game in the BOTTOM of the 9th... is it September already?? Why me?
I finally fell into bed last night at 3 AM.. Emily got up at 530 AM to join us in bed... because she was cold.. The Cat knockedon the window I closed at 6 AM.. up for good at 7:30 Am.. why me?
Stupid Mets.. Why me?
My beautfiul 17 year old makes me realize how cute I was in high school and how much weight I need to lose. I don't know where to start.. why me?
The Mets JUST won in the bottom of the 9th.. Why Chucky? Poor guy we beat his team.
I leave for my moms with the family tomorrow. of course I am packed.. right.. .right? ok I am not.. why me?
Spring break next week.. 6 kids and me in the house.. that so deserves a why me?
our DVR shut off last night before we got to see Adam on American Idol.. grrr why me? I did see it. .and he was awesome. but still why me?
My son is now almost a foot taller then me.. how depressing.. why me?
Easter + My family = fun in dysfuctional. Why me?
and finally.. after YEARS of fearing Tattoos, I finally got one.. and now I want another one.... ink is addictive.. Why me? :o)~

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Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

ok so the truth how bad did it hurt???? and how long did yours take?

and be sure you go enter my giveways...pwease.