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Thursday, April 2, 2009

This and That.. and That and This.

This- Today brought something that I could not have predicted in any way shape or form. Chuck's ex wife found us on facebook. We have held ALOT of ill will toward her because of the way things went down... the long and short of it, she took his son to Iceland.. he has not seem him in too many years to count (9 to be exact), but after realizing its not about us, or not about her or her friends, its about Shane and Chuck, and his siblings. We decided it was time. I spent the better half of the day talking to her friend, and offering an olive branch. There is alot to be said for forgiveness.

That- David returns to school on Monday, I met the MOST amazing woman. Miss Debbie his teacher, who embraced my baby. Like she has known him ALL year. For a moment I forgot how bad things were and allowed myself to think "what if" as in what if this is the start of something new.

This- Ignorance is bliss. This has been shown to me since David's Aspergers diagnosis.. I have been asked a) What kind of medecine is he on (it's not a cold.. he's not). b) How do you feel about him not being able to eat hamburgers (dork.. its NOT an allergy to Hamburgers.. yes I am serious.. ::::shakes head:::: c) Can I catch it? (No, you can't..). and finally d) Ohh so its ok that he can be sort of a butthead.. he's special. (no, it doesn't make it ok. it doesn't fix it.. its part of life... grrr). Ignorance is bliss. What else can I say?

That- ER ended tonight. :o( I am sort of bummed with the way it went. I think they should have sealed it up a little bitter. Put that last basting stitch in, but instead I am left looking at my screen and asking "What the....." oh well. Sighs. At least Thursday still has Ugly Betty, Grey's and Private Practice N'est Pas?

And now finally Then.. as in Then she went to bed.. its been a long day, not a bad day.. but a long day. More tomorrow earlier I promise.


Tutu said...

Allergy to hamburgers? Seriously?

I felt the same way about ER. I was expecting a little more than what we got!


Tricia said...

yes seriously on the hamburgers.. I was like "what the...."

Anonymous said...

hamburgers????? Fortunately I have not gotten too many idiotic comments. A few family members were in denial for a while, but are beginning to see the light now.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if that is what was going on, on facebook. WOW!!

Who said that about hamburgers????