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I mother six our house sanity is optional.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Frusturation.. aggrivation....

...and any other word that ends in ation.. Point blank I am annoyed. I feel like Johnny Five in Short Circuit.. "I am angry.. mad.. perturbed.. PISSED off" so now taking a note from another character... (I really do more then watch TV and movies I promise), I am going to list a few things that "Grind my gears" ala Peter from Family Guy. (johnny five is the robot on the top...yes i am showing my age.. and Peter Griffin is on the bottom.... just to avoid confusion.)

Do you know what Grinds my gears? People who abuse the system that is put in place to help them out in the first place. Case in point.... we are too "rich" to receive any kind of help, because Chuck works three jobs, and we pay our bills.. yet... if he was to quit a job and we couldn't pay the bills then maybe we could get some help. huh? Makes no sense. Then there are others who don't work, have nine hundred kids, the state feeds them, clothes them and pays their bills. So if we do nothing, we get help.. if we work our fingers to the bone, and die from being exhausted.. we get no help. gee that makes sense right?? Yeah it doesn't to me either.....

Do you know what else Grinds my gears? You pay 2.50 for a bag of potato chips, you open it up and you get a half a bag. They claim settling in shipping.. I claim chip Gremlins.. Trust me on this one. ;o)~

Do you know what else Grinds my gears? Teenagers who listen to IPODS so loud that you can hear every word of the song, from TWO rooms away.. (ahem.. AJ) I figure when he tells me in a few months that he thinks he has a hearing problem, we are all going to go around mouthing words to each other.. just to screw with him .. evil.. who me?

Do you know what else Grinds my gears? You do a Love is contest and only two people enter.. .sighs.. how sad. Does nobody believe in love anymore? :o( you guys are breaking my heart.. seroiusly.. enter my contest.. ladies who got your prizes speak up about what a great prize it was.. please? And Thank you (yes that one was a shameless plug for this post..the old woman in the shoe has got NOTHING on me: Februarys contest............)

Do you know what else Grinds my gears? Teenage boys who THINK they can get away with ordering PORN on my cable bill. (can you sense the tension in MY house today?) And then deny it because its easier to make believe its that little Ghost from Family circus.. grrr. That's ok.. we got even.. they are cleaning the garage.. ya know the ONE room (ok building) in the house that was never fully unpacked.. evil? who us? Never...btw.. if you are in the Hampton roads area and need cheap slave labor (FREE) I have some volunteers for you.

Do you know what finally Grinds my gears? dang it.. me either. . I have nothing else to growl about.. so whats grinding your gears? Ticking your clock? Buzzing your bee? Go ahead tell me.. this is your chance to get it out.... no holds barred... just let em RRRRRRRRRIIIIIIPPPPPP.

For Just one week..

Last week for the most part I accomplished the goals I set for myself, I did get up in the morning before Mary left (on the days she left), and I certainly did put myself in bed before midnight (ok last night i fell asleep on the couch but when i got up i went to bed). I mostly did accomplish the goals with the exception of the one that I did tank... I TRIED to shop off my pantry and freezer and behave. but there was stuff on sale I had no counted on.. so I failed. In my mind I feel like I mostly passed that one because i did afterall, conquer two out of three and that is a passing grade right? Sure it is..

Lizzy has come up with the great grand plan of basically combining tasks.. which leads to a better result. I think she has a point. So we will try that, I am game.

So for Just one week.....

I will make dinner at least 3 days rather then leaving the task for my already overworked husband, setting up plans for the next meal as I cook the current one

I will write my mom a handwritten letter, thanking her for everything that she does for us, because I completely appreciate everything she does for us.

I will set out a list of daily tasks and complete them before i let myself sink into the couch for some fun time.
so what will you do for for just one week? make sure you post it back on Lizzys blog and use mr linky to make sure we can all see! My Ice Cream Diary: For Just One Week

Friday, January 30, 2009

Februarys contest............

I know someone had to be wondering when I was gonna post it..This month the contest is for 24 tarts for the Grand Prize and there will be two other prizes as well. (The ladies who just received their tarts can attest that Ms Louise makes some LOVELY tarts, right ladies??) You can visit her at, I recommend Lovespell and Juniper Breeze and Pomegranate Warm sugar and Hansel and Gretel and Amber Romance and Strawberries and Champagne and Avalanche which cleared me out this week and gosh just go look there are LOTS!!!... mmmm they all smell sooo good!!!!

So this month's contest, in the spirit of Valentines Day, is "Love is..."

They can be funny, serious, romantic, honest. They can be anything. And as always I will throw some of mine out there:

Love is never having to say your sorry... unless you don't want to sleep on the couch for the rest of the week.

Love is that first moment you hold your new baby, and realize how wonderful life is.

Love is that feeling that makes your heart skip a beat

Love is a hug when you need it

Love is realizing you want to spend forever with someone, and wanting forever to start right then.

Whats Love to you? Let me know!! Join in!! pass the word!! for those of you who have already entered and won, everyone can play again.. but.. in the feeling of love love love. .if you win again you have to designate your prize for someone else :o)~ It can be anyone. Have fun!! This contest will end on February 6th.

Five things on Friday

1) Last night our heater decided it was having emotional issues and needed the night off.. thus dying.. thus making the house a lovely 59 degrees and thus hearing me curse out anyone in my path to find out why the @#)%*@ thing wasn't working. oops. Turns out it needed a new switch.. and 95 dollars later.. its fixed (only so cheap because the part was under warranty.. whew)

2) Thanks to last nights lovely events, I got hardly any sleep and would love to take a nap, I however have a one year old that has discovered how to get into trouble..and a four year old who I think taught the seminar. Fun stuff. I cant wait to see the first teenager today... and you have NO idea how bad lol

3) So I saw on the news that the lady who just had octoplets has six kids previously. wow. She took fertility drugs AFTER having six kids. I have to say .. that kind of ticks me off. It seems like 1) this is a massive abuse of the system and 2) how cruel is it that people who want JUST one baby can't get the help they want, but she has six had help and landed up with 8 more. I have a problem with this.

4) Note to self.. before one lights a fire in the fire place.. open the flue.. right Chuck. I wont say anything else to protect the innocent.. but last night our house resembled a really smoky night club from the 60s for a few minutes ;o)~ even with the corny music since we were watching American Idol. :o)~

5) Speaking of American Idol... I hope someone from Hollywood week makes me love them..because this season I am JUST not feeling it. I do however like the new female judge. She has the brain cells Paula seems to be lacking so often. And that is nice to see. I just sort of wish the show had a little more oomph this year.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

My beautiful Stephanie has created a blog called "Thirsty Thursday" This isn't like what drinks you thirst for.. ok.. it will be this week for me. you will see that here.. in a minute. But in the meantime the meaning behind her blog is what do you thirst for? is it good? is it bad? for instance Stephanie posted she thirsts to meet the Jonas Brothers again lol. Ok now onto Thirsty Thursday....

I thirst for the ability to pay my bills on time and not get at least one "please stand by we have an important phone call for you" phone call at least once a month

I thirst for a REALLY ice cold dr pepper... not diet.. just a real one.. but i am gonna be strong..

I thirst for water.. ok not really.. but if I type it out loud maybe I can convince myself I do lol

I thirst for a good book to read, and I am debating about it being "The Love Dare"

I thirst to see my mom, I miss her.

I thirst to hear good music in person because its been WAY too long.

I thirst to shampoo my carpets because is just necessary lol. (no they aren't stiff and gross but they have little spots from little ones and big ones that spill)

I thirst for George Clooney's ER return (hubba hubba)

I thirst to see my children grow up and what they will become

I thirst for a TALL drink with an umbrella in it... so bad.

I thirst for a bubble bath without interruption, to pee without interruption, I thirst for ANYTHING involving the bathroom without interruption.

:o)~ so whatcha thirsty for today?? share share share

Baby steps and more..

So, Emily in the past few days has decided she is going to start to walk, she started with the going between items, one step at a time. Then she progressed to taking steps between people.. first one or two but last night it was six whole steps. ;o( Isn't there supposed to be some rule against the baby walking? If not can we make one? Please? She's so cute the way she is toddling around, she's not in the same rush her brother was.. David walked a little bit before he was 10 months old. Emily also has rhythm..... this girl will giggle to everything.. there was a pop tart commercial on last night and she wiggled like someone set her butt on fire. It was hilarious to watch. :o)~ And I am probably biased when I say she is just so cute to watch.. but if you don't believe me ask Chuck, Stephanie or Mel.

Speaking of David.. we are heading to the audiologist in a little bit. I am almost positive he doesn't have a hearing problem.. I mean he can hear a tootsie roll open from two rooms away. :o)~ But at this point anything they want to do to get answers, we will do. Next week we have another appointment to get his IEP set into place. Then hopefully at somepoint we will figure out where to go next. Next few weks are crazy busy for me. Emily and Mary have checkups at the doctors on the 4th, and then Davids appointment on the 5th. Fun stuff. Then my mom comes the following week for five days. Whew. oh wait! and in the middle of all that.. Chuck starts school. (My kids are having a FIELD day with the thought of Chuck going back to school.. so now when he gives them a hard time about doing homework they can say back "Is YOUR homework done?"

OK.. time to get ready to scoot.. but I didn't want to end todays blog without telling you guys one more little teeny tiny thing.... There will be a February Blog contest. I won't say what its about yet.. but i will say "watch this space" because it will be posted sometime in the next few days. Have a lovely Thursday!! more later.. and more on how this appointment is going to go!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Me Wednesday

Welcome to the second edition (edition? or episode? or blogisode..oooh i like that lets go with blogisode) of Why me Wednesday.

Emily woke up at 3:30 AM, which then led to me being up til around 5 because I could not get back to sleep, which then led to us all OVER sleeping and not getting up until 7 AM and throwing off our day... why me?

We bought a really good pastrami last night.. so good in fact that we landed up eating all of it. sighs.. and it was good!! Why me? (ok that is just the PMS talking ignore that one lol)

Mary's vice principal is annoyed at me for telling on her for her horrible treatment of David and has now decided to take it out on Mary.. finding anything to growl at Mary about..why me? :o( Heck Why Mary too?

Emily shared her cold. shes fine.. I still feel rotten... and to top it off my friend is visiting..Why me?

My kids are all growing up.. my oldest is getting papers from colleges and the military, my sons are BOTH shaving, and Mary is um blossoming...NO FAIR! Why me??

And finally..ITs only Wednesday and I am already readay for the weekend... and still have TWO more days to get there. why me?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tribute Tuesday

This morning, comes an opportunity to pay tribute to someone, this opportunity is brought to me by Wayne who over on his blog runs the sweet Tribute Tuesday. Wayne's window to the world

Today, I offer tribute to the most amazing man in my life, he's no longer here physically but he is there for me always in spirt... My dad. Walter Erich Claassen Jr. (June 27-1936 ro July 26,1999)

My dad was the most amazing man, he served 32 years in the United States Army, after graduating from West Point in 1961. He became an ordained Catholic deacon in 1989 and served with the church until the day he died.

He had such a strong faith in God, believed with all his heart that could get you through anything, and lived by the words "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" I am ashamed to say since losing my dad, I have had an anger with God, and I don't go to church or pray as often as I should. I have gotten my family away from the church because my feelings are hurt, but this is not about me... is it?

My dad loved my mother like no man ever could love a woman, my parents still held hands, and still danced (and were they amazing to watch). My dad loved each one of us children, with his whole heart, he would growl when needed but always showed the loving side more. His grandchildren were his life and he adored each and everyone of them, my greatest regret is the grandchildren he will never know.

My dad was the best, and I pay this tribute to him because he was one of a kind, when they made him they broke the mold, when God took him home and let him rest, he broke my heart.

Laughter Lives Tuesday.

This post is part of "Laughter Lives! Tuesday" on the Riggs Family Blog. Check our their blog to read everyone else's "Laughter Lives!" posts.

My Nephew roomie

I am sure he is going to cringe when he sees this, ok probably not. He shares his apartment with a friend, over the past few years I have heard the most unique stories about her... ok some are a bit weird. (for instance, upon finding green spots on bread and cheese.. commonly refered to as mold) he was told to pinch off the yucky parts and that it was still good.. sure if you are sick.. i hear they call it penicillian. ;o)~ if it wasn't so gross it would be sort of funny) He got scolded for throwing it away in favor of safe fresh foods. Sadly.. that is not the story I am here to tell. He and said roomie have what seems to be a daily fight.. over the thermostat. They had set an agreement to a livable (almost) temperature but she seems to think that she lives in the Arctic. Recently he walked in the house, to find the temperature set at 85 degrees... no wait it gets better.... there sat the roomie. Under a blanket, in sweats and a sweatshirt.... Last year when this happened, he opened up all the windows and doors while she was at school the next day and turned it down. Thus beginning before he even is married the thermostat fight.. may he be the victor :o)~

I had to search my memory for another story, and with my family we put the fun in dysfunctional.. it was not that hard.. .but I am going back a few years. My Uncle Stanley was possibly the funniest man I have ever met in my life. He had comedic timing that was so dead on he would put some of the worlds best comics to shame. Anyways, Uncle Stanley was large man (about 400 lbs), and one day he was having a conversation with a lady from the employment commission, and she asked him what kind of work he was looking for. he told them that anything would do, but he really missed his career that he had to give up. And the lady asked him "well what did you used to do?" and with a straight face he told her "I was a jockey" and she said "I see" and he told her "Yea I had to give it up cause it got to be hard....on the horse" you have to understand this is a 400 man totally snowing this woman. because that was his personality. Uncle stanley was one of a kind, may he rest in peace.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I am an award winner!

I was given two awards, by the lovely and wonderful Mrs B, who always has a way of making me smile, from the first time she commented on my blog about "No capes!" when I requested a cape and a theme song for being super mom. (Hmph. I am still waiting for my theme song... I gave in on the cape). The awards she bestowed on me are the following awards....

Lemonade Award

This award is for those who show GREAT ATTITUDE and/or GRATITUDE! if you are given the award, then put the logo on your blog or post. next, nominate at least 5-10 blogs which show GREAT ATTITUDE and/or GRATITUDE! be sure to link to your nominees within your post. let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog. share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.


Friendship Award

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

So in the spirit of kindness of the lovely Mrs B, I will now pass on the same awards.....

1. Amanda-Always looks on the brightside of life, keeps her head up even when people are trying to push it down.
2. Rebel- Because I genuinely think everyone needs a friend like her
3. Crystal-For always making me smile, and having such a fun blog to read
4. Lisa- Because if anyone has gratitude.. its Lisa :o)~
5. Mel- Because she's Mel, and if you know her, you love her
6. Nikia-She needs a blog.. but she makes me smile so big. We've come along way from one can of formula
7. Karen-She has the biggest heart of anyone and can make me laugh like no other
8. Tricia- Surely you didn't think you were gonna give and not get? because her faith in God is so powerful it could light up blocks and blocks of street lights
9. Louise- my new friend because she's amazing and giving and caring and funny and sweet and so much more!!!! (and I know shes shocked to see this.. she reads my blog and supplied some wonderful prizes to my giveaway making i such a success)
10. Chuck- Yes, Chuck. you get two awards. Very few people, men or women will do everything you do for your family. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and I am lucky to be married to you.

Not me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT stay in bed this morning because its a school holiday therefore i did not break my for just one week rules because school holidays don't count or so i told myself.. not me.

I did not accept my nephews invitation for pizza last night even though i had planned a much healthier dinner because I always go with the healthy choice over the easy choice... and of course i did this time. (ahem)

I did not just pawn my beautiful one year old daughter off on her sister because i feel rotten and want just a few more minutes to let the dayquill kick in, but what kind of mother would do that? Not me.

I did not talk trash about my brother with my nephew last night because it would be wrong to do that about his father, even though every word that we didnt say was true.

I did not listen to my new Raul Malo CD five times yesterday and already once this morning just because i think he has the SEXIEST voice ever... nope not me.

I did not just see my four year old son go streaking down the hallway wearing only a bowl on his head and NOTHING else, no of course not.

Oh wait. I didn't see that. He also has a sock on.. his hand. @@

I did not witness my 14 year old son snap off on his much smaller 11 year old sister and not say a word because it was gonna be either him or me. because she is full of tweenage angst and driving me CRAZY (11 year old girls are impossible.. trust me). nope not me

And finally....I did NOT just hear my four year old scream at his eleven year old slightly obnoxious (please see above) "I am gonna kick your __ __ __ Mary" lovely..nope not me because we live in a house where he would NEVER hear that phrase.. @@.

So what did you not do?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Piggy Toes....

This morning as I laid in the bed feeling awful.. I noticed next to me the sweetest sight. Piggy toes. Ten fat little baby piggy toes to be more specific that belong to Miss Emily. There are few things sweeter in the world, then little feet. No I don't have a weird foot fetish thing i swear.. to be honest i am not a huge feet fan.. per say.. But I love baby feet. :o)~ So today's blog is a game of Piggy Toes.......

This little piggy is heading to Walmart to get the stuff to make Chicken soup cause she feels like crud, but right now is listening to her new Raul Malo that another piggy brought her home from her cruise...signed.

The Chuck piggy went to drill because he's in the Navy, and 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks a year that is his job :o)~

The Stephanie piggy just got home from being out with her friends all weekend and immediately started bossing her brothers and sisters around, did I mention today I love the Stephanie piggy lots for being my absent voice.

The Danny piggy is entertaining his friend piggys and trying to tell me his chores are done and hes ready to play video games.. Mommy piggy isn't THAT guliable.. too bad Danny Piggy.

The AJ piggy is trying to call his friend Dan to invite him over becase we don't have enough people in the house with mommy piggy sick apparently.

The Mary piggy has earned her snout today because her room is a pig sty and she must work on it soon before Mommy piggy sells her at a 4H auction to the highest bidder

The David piggy is playing poo lease oppicer right now with a gift from the Stephanie piggy and is very excited to be arresting anyone who will stand still for two seconds.. remind me to kick Stephanie piggy for that later.

The Emily piggy is feeling better and is over her cold so today wants to play and be adventerous and I think is a little annoyed that mommy piggy just isn't there yet.. bad mommy piggy.

The Lily puppy piggy is busy harassing the Cat piggys who are quite annoyed that she has not been evicted from the house yet or voted off Piggy island.

And finally...

The Mel piggy has returned from her Delbert cruise completely exhausted but looking like she had a real good time. :o)~ (Even if she does need to just DO it) grins.

Ok time to shower and get my curly tail to walmart.. more later or tomorrow depending on how I feel!! What are you and your piggys doing today?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

25 Random things about Tricia

Don't panic Mrs B, I promise you I am not stalking you, these are about me ;o)~ No, Melissa a multitasking mom put this on her blog andMusings of a Multitasking Mama: 25 Random things about the Multi-Tasking Mama offered this challenge. ::::crinkles nose:::: and I genuinely love a good challenge.. so um. its on like Donkey Kong.. :::big tough girl voice.. was I beilevable? Sigh I didnt think so::::

1. I am married for the second time to Chucky the love of my life. My ex husband is a good guy and we are friends now but we had to get through him having a THREE year affair with my best friend before we could get to that point.

2. Chuck is my biggest fan most of the time (and i am his) and I really do love that about him.

3. I met my husband on AOL almost 12 years ago. Man has it been THAT long? we used to talk through IMs and when he acted all perverted I would block him.. only to discover I missed him and UNBLOCK him.

4. I would be lost if anything happened to my kids, my husband, or my mom.

5. I am so grateful for my friends and Thank God for them all daily

6. I love to cook and try out new ideas but I am scared to death of someone telling me something sucks so I usually stick to the old faithfuls.

7. I am almost always broke, and refer to myself as "Professionally broke...don't try this at home"

8. I adore Garth a singer and a person

9. I am a HUGE New York Mets fan even if they have choked the past two fricking years.

10. Yes I also claim the Washington Redskins.

11. Obviously you now know i am very faithful because if I can stick behind those teams sticking to one man is a piece of cake haha.

12. Jeff Dunham and Rodney Carrington are both two of my favorite comics (one plays with dolls one sort of plays with um himself lol. ironic huh?).

13. I adore good music and good concerts, I love going to see Delbert McClinton.

14. I am the mother of six wonderful fabulous kids, and the mother of an angel that died 22 hours after he was born, Feb 21, 1990-Feb 22, 1990.

15. He had diaphragmatic herenia and only 20% of two lungs.. and for the record I HATE when TV shows have babies with that because it hits too close to home.

16. I am a Big brother JUNKIE and count down to summer time and the new season

17. I met two of my best friends in the most unique way.. Mel I met on Sept 11, 2001 in my living room after she got there from Hampton Roads driving up to see Garth but then a plane hit the pentagon, and our priorities shifted.. ALOT. Nikia I met because she helped me out with a can of formula last year when things were bleak... and we won't even go on about Chuck, the internet... meeting because of Garth and falling in love with Pink (The singer not the color)

18. I would be lost without either one of them in my life.

19. My daddy was my hero and my most favorite person on earth, he died on July 26, 1999 and I miss him terribly.

20. I am such a softy I cry over TV commercials, reunions on TV, Extreme makeover home edition, and pretty much anything else.

21. I kick butt at Brain Age. I have the best score in the house and it drives everyone crazy. go me

22. One of my favorite things to do during the spring is watch AJ play baseball.

23. I have four brothers.. Rip, Gregg, David (My brother David died from AIDS in 1997) and Mike. I am the youngest and the only girl. I have 5 nephews and one neice. Girls are at a shortage in my family.. until I had my three.

24. I adore Winnie the Pooh.. I have shelves and shelves of Pooh collectibles and love them all.

and finally

25. Our living room is decked out in a US Navy theme, because my husband is a Navy Reservist..i am sure my father is spinning in his grave because he went to West Point, and i married a squid ;o)~ lol. I kid. .I think my dad sent me Chucky and he knows it.

WOW that was hard to get to 25. Can you do it? Leave them in my blog comments or post your own. Good luck its hard!!!

For Just one week.

I come to you, as a shocked and amazed person today. I completed the one task I was sure would be my challenge last week. my struggle and pain.. The side of my bed.. minus the soda my handsome four year old son spilled on the floor, remained clean... and I am 90% sure the clean up fairy didn't show. (yes, i am also in favor of starting a petition or a letter of complaint.. how rude).. I went to Walmart, Target etc, and stuck to my lists (you HAVE to know this was the hardest part because Walmart had some great stuff on clearance.. but I did it!!), and finally I stayed positive, heck i even ran a contest.. and it was a TON of fun. :o)~ (thanks larely in part to the participants!!)

And now we come to this weeks edition of "for Just one week" I have three goals this week.... I think I can do two, and I hope I can do the third. And hey thats something right?

For just one week, I will turn off my TV by midnight and put myself to bed. (this one i am pretty sure i can do... seeing as I am quickly turning into an old woman that should be easily)

For just one week, I will get out of bed in the morning before Mary leaves for school ( I have gotten lazy about yelling goodbye from the bed room.. i am pretty sure i can do this)

And finally.......

For just one week, I will inventory my pantry, my freezer, and i will shop off of what we have and not just throw things in the cart. (ooh that ones gotta scare Chuck.. just a little bit lol)

ok your turn.. what will you do for just one week, please remember to post on The Wonderful Lizzys blog. My Ice Cream Diary

Friday, January 23, 2009


Good Afternoon!!!!! I am sorry this is later then I planned but sometimes life gets in the way when we are making other plans no? Today, I am proud to announce the prize winners, I ask that if you see your name in print you email me at with your tart choices so I can get them to the wonderful Ms Louise. I have decided to give an extra prize so when you see this, please be aware that I really do know how to count.. most of the time..... I promise. <---go here and pick your tart choices please Honorable Mention goes to Lisa. proud owner of the Oh boy oh boy oh boy Blog. For having speedy fingers and entering the contest first. Lisa you have won 3 tarts of one scent.

Second Prize is a tie because both ladies came up with almost the same answer and they made the judge smile. Karen and Ice Cream Diary Mama (whos name I REALLY need to find out :oX) who both came up with "Happiness is clean sheets and fresh shaven legs. Amen ladies. You have each won 3 tarts of one scent.

First prize goes to Nikia, who brought the judge to Tears with "Happiness is when you realize how one can of formula has changed the rest of your life" and then she got me personally again with "Happiness also is when you walk on that ramp and hold your husband for the first time in 6mos of your 6.5mos marriage,and realize its ok to exhale because he made it home alive". You have won 6 tarts of 2 scents.

And finally........ the GRAND PRIZE winner goes to: Tricia (no not me) AKA Mrs B. Who posted the favorite among the judges "Happiness is knowing one day my kids will have kids just like them" Oh as if THAT doesn't get me through each day!!! You have won 24 tarts of 8 different scents!!!!

Thank you very much for your participation and please visit Louise's site oooh and there will be ANOTHER contest in February for Valentine's day. I won't tell you the topic yet.. heehee but its gonna be fun!!

Its the Little things.....

Have you ever noticed how wonderful the little things are? Like for instance, waking up to a warm baby cuddled up next to you. Shes happily snoring away but shes just so cute next to you. Its the Little things.

Seeing the coffee pot has warm fresh hot coffee on a day when you know without it, its gonna be ugly by 11 o clock. The Little things.

Putting on a pair of jeans that last week were not a possibility to find out that maybe sooner then you think the possibility will be there without laying on the bed and saying a prayer. The little things.

Hearing your little boy who has struggled with potty issues announce "MOM I AM POOPING" Its little things (ok that one is a BIG BIG BIG thing)

Finding out your daughter who has struggled with geometry for two years is passing. The little things (again.. its a pretty darn big thing lol)

Seeing that little couple walk down the sidewalk hand in hand, knowing they must be in their golden years and relief that some people still do get there. The little things.

A tart burning in your burner and making your whole house smell cozy. mmmm the Little things. (yes, I know its Friday.. give me sometime..winner shortly!!)

Friends who share with you and make your heart leap because in a society of selfish people, the good still exsist. The little things.

Only having to get up the next 3 mornings to push Chuck out of bed.. WOOOHOO the little things.

Dinner with the family and seeing kids go back for seconds on something new you tried. The little things

Your kids getting along and coexsisting like they love each other. The little things.

and finally....

When your 22 year old nephew who is one of the smartest people you know, tells you he is upset that his name only appears two times on your blog.. so Keith this one is for you. Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith.

Keep a smile on your face today, and remember don't sweat the little things.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog contest update...

Due to a few emails asking for a Friday prize awarding, I have moved the end of the contest until tomorrow. Gosh you guys who have posted have made me smile, what great entrys and what a horrible time we are going to have picking a grand prize winner!! I am also delaying this blog contest winner is because Miss Emily has come down with something and is in the hug me, hold me, love mood today. :o( poor thing... shes just miserable. wish me luck that shes feeling better soon.

We are being spied on.....

I have always suspected that someone was watching my family.. ya know seeing what we are up to, and taking notes. No, I am not paranoid, ok maybe a little bit. I just had a hunch.... and today.. without a shadow of a doubt, my final bit of evidence came to light. I will now share with you, why not only do I know we are being spied on, but who the guilty parties are. I encourage you, if you believe this is happening to you, please please search out the answers, don't be afraid of what you might find out, because in the end if you are right, you will feel like me and have a sense of relief that maybe you aren't really losing your marbles.

Exhibit A... Baby Blues, January 18th, 2009. Once again, the creators have found me out. They followed us and took photographs of the damaging evidence, and made me a laughing stock.. I will admit in the beginning even I was amused. but now I am just hurt that they spied on me. (clicking on images makes them larger)

Thats right. our minivan at times in the past has looked like a landfill, no not always but at times, why must they post it? Truly it breaks my heart to be outed like this, and if that wasn't bad enough please view..

Exhibit B... Baby Blues, January 19th, 2009. They refer to this line as "When Life attacks" mmm hmm. This entire event has happened in my house, numerous times. The only possible difference is that sometimes it is mys sons not my daughters, but no mistake again, this event has happened in my house numerous times.

Do you see this? how can they spy and post these examples out there for the world to see!! its a travesty. I am deeply offended, my life is set out there for others amusement. Ok its not that bad. but geez. This of course brings me Exhibit C

Baby Blues, on January 20th, 2009. I realized that this event was taken from an older event. our trip to Walt Disney World when we may have ACCIDENTLY almost left a child at a gas station bath room. OK it was 1) a maybe (we remembered when he came out... and saw us pulling out. (ok so he came out arms flailing and my oldest son asking "Mom why are we leaving AJ?".. yes. I am ashamed) 2) there was no car seat involved he was 11. Whew I feel better already.

Exhibit D, Baby Blues on January 21, 2009, Oh very funny. You guys think its cute when the kids come home and announce these little things. laughing at children. I am SHOCKED.. ok again not so much but I had to at least pretend right? It would be funnier though.. if it was not so darn true. Sighs.

Exhibit E, Baby Blues on January 22, 2009. Ah yes the midnight confessional. Tuck them in they announce I need _______ baked, or I need (insert dollar amount here) . Always right before it is due. and always when the cupboards are bare and the wallet is empty.. murphy and his law is almost as funny as Baby Blues and their comic strip, Ok. Baby Blues is pretty darn hysterical.. funnier again. if not so true.

And lastly, dear readers. I learned its not just me and the kids. No Chuck, you are not immune, but instead you have been spied on by a different comic strip. For Better or For Worse, January 22, 2009.

The toenail fight. This is an Olympic sport with David that is only rivaled by watching Sumo Wrestlers or when Animals attack. Its never pretty and in the end there is usually exasperation and tears.. that is just Chuck :o)~

See! These events are true, funny.. but true. I would go off to have a cup of coffee or something bad for me but I am not sure I want it to appear in next weeks comics.. sighs. More tomorrow. Have a good day!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why Me Wednesday?

Welcome to Why Me Wednesday! The Blog started today (the first posting exciting huh??.. ok maybe not but fake it for me ok?), with a place you can vent and whine because its WHY me Wednesday.. Dog get out, Face break out, Bills piling up, life get in the way when you are making other plans.. Then vent on my friend.. WHY NOT! its Why Me Wednesday and your perfectly ok to do so!!!

The alarm clock went off this morning, and I had to get out of bed.... Why me?

Yesterday, our TV died, Dinner got burnt, and the dog peed on the rug and I found it the hardway.. in socks.. why me?

David is supposed to have his meeting today.. Stephanie is supposed to have a half day at school, but due to the "False snow day" She has a full day.. I may have to cancel after moaning and complaining to get the appt in the first place.. Why me?

No matter how many times I balance the checkbook, it says the same thing and its not good.. why me?

The W2s we are so anxiously awaiting to do our taxes are still not here, and I really wanna do my taxes!! Why me?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog Giveaway!! My first

HI there :o)~ Today is a new day, things are starting fresh and with that I have my first ever blog contest. Yesterday, somebody reached out for a helping hand, and when I offered one she offered one back with a wonderful selection of her tarts. Louise runs her own site where she makes Dream Tarts - Home and upon burning my first one, I came up with a brilliant idea. :o)~ (It happens now and then... just not often enough) Whats the prizes.. ahh be patient lets get to the contest first... So today, our subject is

Happiness is.........

Happiness is a new baby to remind you how precious life is.

Happiness is Garth hugs <--haha Karen this ones mine lol

Happiness is baby kisses, big kid kisses, ok kisses in general

Happiness is "I love you" when you need it the most.

Happiness is that perfect day you don't want to end.

Happiness is seeing the scale move and not going UP

Happiness is walks on the beach with someone you love

Happiness is warm cookies straight from the oven

Happiness is being told its gonna be ok when you feel all hope is gone

Happiness is laughter that fills your heart and a smile that fills your face

Happiness is winning an argument and hearing "you're right'

Happiness is watching your kid succeed and being his first high five

Happiness is that song that makes you want to dance like nobodys watching.

Happiness is that moment, you know the one, where your heart sings, your body leaps, and you realize thats the moment of your life

Happiness is Disney World, and the moment you go through those gates

Happiness is the first moment you know that you are in love hook line and sinker

Happiness is .................................

Your turn. What is happiness to you? it can be silly or serious, wonderful and perfect, it can be anything... Leave me a blog comment and you are entered its that simple...I will have three prizes... the first two winners will win 3 tarts each from Louise's site, and the third Grand Prize winner will receive....24 custom made tarts (choosing up to 8 scents off her site!!) This contest starts today and runs til Thursday. Winners will be notified by fanfare on this site! :o)~ This is open to anyone except people who live in my house (sorry Chuck and Steph and um you too Mel (Even if your house is the high seas this week))

I can't wait to see what happiness is to you!!!!!

Ok Mr President.....

Whatever your political views, you have to respect the fact that we have a a new Commander in Chief. Today our country changes course again, we bring to office a man who has made alot of campaign promises, and while I am concerned how many of them he can fulfill, I will stand behind him and watch him do his best. Hoping for success as our country at this time with a job shortage that is about as high as it can get, companies closing because they can't stay afloat, and numerous people losing their cars, their houses, and so much more. Mr President, as you come forward, this country needs you to be someone with integrity, strength, and faith. We need you to lead as you have promised, and not just words. While you speak eloquently, I need actions to follow those words. I will stand behind you, I will throw my hat in the ring where every American should , and I ask you to please fix this country, please help us out of this grave we are so close to landing in. God Bless you Mr President.. make America proud.. please. ;o)~

Laughter lives Tuesday!!!!

Updated to add: can someone please send me the correct code to link this back to the Riggs blog? please and thank you

Riggs'>">Riggs Family Blog. Check our their blog to read everyone else's "Laughter Lives!" posts.

When you have six children, three pets and a family that puts the fun in dysfunctional, we have an easier time finding things to laugh at then in most cases to cry at. And as I say this, there are a few events I could think of this morning, when I retrieved my chance from the lovely Mrs B to post this blog. (thanks my dear friend, I needed some help today to get kickstarted on a blog lol) So off to this story.........First the politically incorrect one...

Last night, David my cute charismatic four year old walks in the room and announces in a frusturated tone "I cant find my balls" (he was refering to a Buzz Lightyear ball he has) being the silly goofy people we are this sent me and Stephanie (the 17 year old) over the edge.. I then said "Words you never want to hear from your son" of course we giggled more like school girls. We got over it went back to watching NCIS and a few minutes later he comes back in.. wearing underwear and a tshirt and announces loudly "I FOUND MY WOODY" (the cowboy from Toy Story) which of course made things worse.... so as you can see we arent always G rated but boy do we laugh.

Then... further on.. constantly we refer to AJ as a blonde in disguise as a redhead. He is a great sweet boy, but um.. hes a 75 watt bulb in a 100 watt world. Today is a snow day (ok all you people who are stuck in REAL snow.. let me tell you WHY this is so funny.... we don't have a flake of snow yet.. but we are closed.. we don't have anything other then the potential of snow coming.. so why are we closed? in anticipation of the snow that is possibly coming. um ok) Stephanie and Danny come dancing into my room at 7 AM, hooting and hollering about "Yes its a snow day!!" yes yes yes yes yes yes! Not two minutes later AJ walks in......."Am I closed too?" we had to explain if one school was closed they were all closed. he looks at me and says "well I didnt know if it was SNOWING at their school cause its not snowing at mine" lol.. sort of made me giggle.. hey look its the little things right?

And finally.. I am posting a story that happend to me a few months ago...I blogged about it, but my kids took a vote and decided if I was going to blog about them.. i had to blog about me. .ok I guess thats fair....

I got up at 3 AM to use the bathroom (note to self STOP drinking a bottle of water before bed), I didn't flip the light on because I knew how many steps it takes to get the potty.. thats right I got potty skills. I am taking care of business and out of the corner of my eye i see something about 2 inches long wiggling... i freaked "OMG we have mice!" I jumped up and start stomping on the mouse... i am stomping and stomping like some crazed lunatic.... yea.. then i realize i feel nothing crushing.....or scampering or anything... so i flip on the light...i had killed it.. it was murdered in my bathroom! Victory was mine.. that wad of toilet paper was never going to harm anyone again. Yep. thats right I am one lean mean TP killing machine..

Hope you got a giggle.. pray for me.. its a snow day.. 6 kids in the house.. this can't end well. lol.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT yell at my girls NOT to yell about the Jonas Brothers, and then less then 30 minutes later SCREAM like an insane woman when Garth showed up on TV, no that would be wrong so I did NOT do it.

I did NOT find piles and piles of clothes I have not worn in months in my room as I cleaned it today, making sure my side of the bed stays clean following the rules for just one week, Nope that would not happen.

I did NOT wipe off my daughters face using spit on a tissue because its just plain gross and what kind of mother would do that.. not me.

I did NOT give my one year old a bottle because shes one and of course is totally off the bottle.

I did NOT curse out our dog for eating ANOTHER pair of underwear because if they were in the hamper it would not have happened.. nope not me.

I did NOT cringe over seeing massive misspellings in the freecycle ads today, and nearly lose my mind because someone asked for baby cloths not baby clothes. no that would be anal retentive and I am not that bad. right?

and Finally... I did NOT get into a fight about whether this character is a Megazord or Volton.. because that would be nutty.. and what kind of people fight over that?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Carepully.... Carepully.....

David when he carries something that is delicate (IE a glass of water, a full plate, or at times his baby sister (that makes me nervous), he takes on the task at hand, picks up whatever he is going to carry and as he takes each step he says "Carepully.. Carepully...." So today, I am going to take words from my sweet little boy and approach a few topics.. well carepully :o)~ Nothing is that serious.. just a few things.

First of all, we watched the Inauguration concert today.. WOW what a line up! but I was personally delighted to see Garth. I love him. I have always loved him.. but especially since these pictures. Hubba hubba. Chuck never believed he knew my name until as we were waiting for him to put Trisha Yearwood in the limo he said "Hang on Tricia, let me put Trisha in the car" sighs. he's a great singer and the most amazingly humble male there is. He has no idea he is a celebrity. :o)~ I have met him a few times.... seen him in concert a few times.. and um.. had a couple of phone calls from him. So imagine my delight today when he sang three songs, (American Pie, Shout, and of course We shall be free.. thud.. I was on the floor) any rumors that I screamed are purely exaggerated until Not me Monday.. winks.

Me, Chuck and Garth.. the copy of this pic.. stinks which is sad
<---that's me and hes touching my face. <3
Baby kisses, Garth doesn't get much better then that ya know?
My oldest baby with Garth, he was soo sweet to her (he signed her cast)

Second of all, we went to church this morning.. I have to be honest when I tell you it has been a very long time since we went to church. (The good news is the building did not explode when we walked in so I guess we are ok to return). We saw some friends we have not seen in a long time, and they embraced us and welcomed us back. That was so nice. I have to be honest and tell you I am so glad we went. :o)~

Thirdly. (thats a word right?.. sounds like one to me so I dub it a word. I am putting up a picture of Emily. Don't be alarmed.. she didn't stay this color. It faded after her daddy power washed her (just kidding), and shes the cute peppy one year old sh was before dinner. :o)~ She still isn't walking.. prefers the speed of the crawl.. I guess we can all understand that eh?? Heck my mom sometimes is faster crawling too (She broke her ankle a few years ago and used to get up and down the steps crawling... a rather amusing sight. because shes so independent and having to crawl was her way of showing us all she could TO do it. lol.
Oompa loompa baby...

And finally.. we went over to the house of our friends who lost their children to CPS last week, they are working so hard to fix things, i hope and pray that the county sees this and returns the children, there are still some safety issues but hopefully they will resolve them quickly. We covered her couches with black fleece and a friend of theirs told me I could teach Martha Stewart a thing or two lol. (The blankets we usd were 3.00 each at walmart we bought 13 of them, and a staple gun, we fit the fleece to the couches, stapled them down and voila.. new furniture one of the requirements. We also saw our dog Lilys brother Butch, he is soo much bigger then her they are beagle labs mixed, but i think she is more beagle then lab. :o)~ I ask that you keep Vickie and DJ in your prayers that they get their kids back, and also there is a blog i was pointed to yesterday Kelly's Korner please keep them in your prayers as their little girl Harper is having some health issues. ;o(

Have a lovely Sunday and more tomorrow!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

For Just one week

I have discovered that I adore this weekly feature.. .mainly because I enjoy having little bitty goals for myself. I did pretty well last week... the biggest hurdle for me was that lovely white car.. I may have even sent Chuck a text message after he sent one FIRST that said "Ease off the clutch" I may have sent him one that said something about "Love you" I know the first word was four letters.. ok. .it wasn't love and it rhymed with duck. .:oX ::: blushes::: I did mostly keep the table cleared off, the chocolate kisses bowl is SUPPOSED to be there. and I did have to turn into a human pitbull mommy a few times.. and yes.. I did hide the Ipod charger because I kept finding it on my table (If they didn't want it hidden they would have MOVED it) and I did drink 40 ounces of water. As a matter of fact TWICE last week I did more then the 40 oz. Rock on eh? :::: Snoopy dance:::::

And now onto this weeks.... drum roll please.... ::::: taps on the desk.. but doesn't play wipe out because I am not a male and do not have the rhythm men have.. btw.. again. whats up with that? every man can tap out wipe out on the desk with their hands.. and EVERY man can make that machine gun sound that women are just not genetically equipped to make.. annoys the hell out of me:::::: ok sorry I am back.....

For just one week, I will not go to Walmart, Target, anything else that ends with Mart, BJs or anywhere else without a list. If I go with the list I will then stick to it.. and that does not mean I will write a new item on the list while I am walking through the store (yes.. I do that.. bad me)

For just one week, I will try and be positive even when I do not want to, and I will smile even when I am not feeling like it ;o)~

And finally......

For Just one week, I will keep the floor on my side of the bed clean. I will not throw things down and leave them waiting for the clean up fairy to come and carry them to the laundry room only two days later to get frusturated because she skipped my house.. again. ;o)~

So what will you do? Let me know and then leave a blog on the wonderful My Ice Cream Diary's blog. oh and be sure and tell her Tricia sent you :o)~

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sleep, Smiles and Awards

Today is Friday, it is the Friday prior to a 3 day weekend. Which means 3 days of no alarm clocks.. WOOHOO. Is it sad that every Friday I mention that and then still most Saturdays I am up and at them with the early bird and their stupid worm. Or Emily and David who are not very wormy but don't believe in sleeping in. But alas i do have a husband who DOES believe in sleeping in. Maybe I should have him clue the kids in on th fine art of sleeping. I swear Chuck is one of those men who can sleep anywhere at any time. I personally can nap in the car even on a five minute trip to 7-11, put the TV on and thats like tucking me in, and other random times... ok maybe I am gifted in the sleep department. just a little bit eh? ;o)~ I however am no expert... yet...

I have discovered as week 1 of the diet comes to a close that I can do this.. it may not be easy. but I can survive. Oh and I also discovered that Diet Dr Pepper isnt as horrible as originally thought. Maybe just maybe I can survive this. Wouldn't that be nice? We did cheat a little last night, with the guy here to fix the van (At a LOWER price then quoted.. WOOHOO), we ordered pizza. Simple and Easy. Then Chuck and I ran to Target and Home Depot to get some cleaning stuff to take spots out of the carpet stuff. We really do need a hobby when a trip to Target and Home Depot is exciting huh? :o)~ We did find something awesome for carpets though.. Woolite with Oxyclean.. it got the stain that has been bugging the ya know what out of me for WEEKS!!! yay!! Again. .I know.. I need a hobby. its ok I can say it and it doesnt even hurt my feelings.

Awards.. Yesterday the beautiful Mrs B awarded me with an award, so I took her little picture and I too am going to bestow some awards, it was done as "Mom of the Year....." but I am gonna make it person of the year to fix my purposes. Ok I stink at the linky things but each one of these people is a follower of my blog

Mrs B- My namesharing wonderful blogger friend, whos comments always make me smile and has taken a hard situation and handled it with grace.

Lisa- My sweet friend who always can put a smile on my face, she is so talented with a camera too!!!

- I love her blog and think shes a pretty darn special lady.

Mel-in the end.. I know we will always be there for each other and life just likes to hand us speed bumps

Nikia- because without you I wouldn't smile as big somedays. ;o)~

Rebel- For trying so hard to keep sane during your IVF, if anyone deserves another little bitty its you.

Tabitha- because I think Veda is a doll and because I think you have a pretty darn great blog!!!

Shawna- because she has an unwaivering faith that is just incredible

Kristine because she takes some amazing pictures and is just an all around pretty lady!!!

- because even though she visits Mickey Mouse more then me.. I still love her

because she makes me realize that 4 year old boys were put on this earth to drive us insane but thats ok.

and finally...

To Chuck becuase you make my smile bigger, my days brighter, my heart happier and my love stronger. you may drive me crazy but in the end.. your my favorite part of me.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Women and Cars.. and other misc items.

Our ignition cylinder doohickie thing is still not working.. we have tried the various solutions and each one has worked.. temporarily. but last night when we went to BJ's and the darn car died.. it was my last straw. It was either we take ol bessy out in the yard and shoot her, or we get her fixed. At first I was ready to go buy the gun, but then i started to google... and google... and google. I was NOT going to lose this battle.. to the car.. no sir. Or if I was, I wasn't going to go down without a fight. So, I found out through various websites on the Chrysler town and country the most common ignition problem is with the ignition lock clyinder (oh yea I sound like an expert now huh??) Anyways, so Chuck calls the auto parts store, they tell us thats a dealer issue.. call a dealer.. yikes. I talk to my nephew who says he can replace it and ok.. maybe we can do this etc.. so this morning, I call the dealer. Part is $91.85, but we have to take it to a locksmith who will do something so our key works.. um ok. So I call a locksmith to get a price. I talk to someone who was nice and didn't treat me like a moron (Score one for locksmith dude) he is going to come here todayand fixing it for like 1/2 what we were originally quoted. God Bless him he says he does this ALL the time on Chrysler town and countrys. lovely. Sorry if you own one and i just passed on bad news.. ;o(

Hmm. in other news....we got back emilys one year pictures and they are so cute. (biased me? no chance) this is the first child who i had one year pictures done and there isn't one of her screaming because she got fed up with the photographer. woohoo!! that means a lot to a mom.. trust me. Here are her pictures.... Isn't she just the cutest? (again.. biased who me?)

I am so tickled that they came out so well, she looks like such a perfect little lady, watch this will be my kid who goes goth or decides to be a tom boy. Its Murphy and his stupid law again.. grrr...oh well i still have LOTS of years of making her dainty and cute... woohoo
The new season of American Idol has started there are a few people who I look forward to seeing more of .. but for the most part um.. .eh.. I have only seen two that I am REALLY impressed with.. the last lady last night was amazing.. and one of the guys from last night. But for the most part I am still hoping for the wow factor. I am sure it will be there.. but its just not yet. Is anyone else watching and did i miss the wow factor boat on someone? its ok to tell me I am wrong if you saw one.. you won't hurt my feelings.. promise ;o)~
Ok.. i am gonna cut this short, I have a few things to do today before i got invaded by the kids.. (I love half days.. I love half days..) oh wait.. this just in.. Stephanies school is on lockdown because a kid pulled a gun on another kid.. someone has GOT to explain to me what the hell is wrong with kids and society these days.. And the kicker is we MOVED out of the bad area.. WTF. .a friend has a sticker on cafemom page it says "don't hit seriously.. don't they carry guns now" funny but sad that its true.. really really sad. ;o( They say nobody was hurt, but it just doesn't make you feel any better. sighs. ok i mean it now.. more tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TV moms vs Real moms

My blog yesterday got me thinking about TV moms vs real moms.. here are some of my comparisons please feel free to add your own. Thanks to Lisa who convinced me to post this ;o)~

TV mom- When her dear husband walks in the door, she hands him the newspaper, his slippers, and his pipe.. She rubs his shoulders and tells him that dinner will be ready any minute. She serves him the perfect meal and life is good.

Real Moms- When her dear husband walks in the door, she lets out a sigh relief and hands him the baby for just FIVE minutes of peace and quiet.. please oh please just FIVE Minutes!!! When said dear husband asks what's for dinner, she either has prepped and tells him or she loses her mind and tells him that she has had a horrible day and runs to lock herself in the bathroom until he fixes it himself. now on those not so horrible days, she serves a meal usually close to dinner time but more then likely closer to what would be bed time. but hey THEY get served right?

TV moms- Don't worry about the bills, they don't worry about what's in the checking account, and well they don't worry....

Real Moms- Keep a bottle of wine and a corkscrew in the kitchen in case of emergency.

TV moms-have the perfect kids who don't fight, don't argue and don't talk back because that would be wrong.

Real moms- Pull the kids off of each other in an event that the WWE would envy, real moms hear "You HATE ME" at least one time during those rotten teenage years. Real moms cringe the first time they hear the toddler child repeat the curse words he heard from a parent word for word outside.

TV moms- Are never seen taking an aspirin.

Real Moms-Keep Alleve, Motrin, Advil, Tylenol and anything else they can on hand. at all times

TV Moms- Always smile, their house is perfect, their gardens are perfect, their life is perfect.

Real moms- Think TV moms need a reality check.

TV Moms: drop out of bed looking as they always do, perfect hair, perfect make up, they are after all perfect

Real Moms- drop out of bed, scratch, pee, scare the child who was running out of the bathroom, shower, get dressed, rake a brush threw their hair to throw it in a pony tail anyways, they stumble into the kitchen and shush the child that's about to say something before the first sip of coffee... and that's just the first 20 minutes ;o)~

TV Moms- Are told "I love you", Are given hugs and kisses and are their child's biggest fan.

Real Moms- Do all of that and more, we say I love you, we give hugs and kisses, we are our child's biggest fan and an extra bonus of seeing them grow, we are real moms.. nobody ever said real and perfect had to be the same thing right?

Whats up Wednesday

This is about a as close to an orgnaized post i can get.. .its nothing close to the wonderful Not me Monday and it certainly isn't "For just one week" but its my take on a well um its my take on an easy blog for the day.. so sue me.

Whats up? I am in the middle of making my kids from the teenagers down to the four year old a list of chores that they have to work on today. For instance, the boy who puts away the sippie cups has the pleasure of finding the lids.. I will never understand the dificult task that lays with boys and putting lids back with cups. So today, he will learn. Another goal for the boys is to locate the floor of their bedroom, i know it was there, and fairly recently too.. they just have to find it.

Whats up? Chuck just text messaged me and it said "BLOG?? wheres whats up Wednesday?" hey at least I know I have one fan right? here it is dear. I am writing it now. obviously.

Whats up? Getting out of bed this morning was a challenge... walking across the floor without stepping on any of Davids little people he had left on my bedroom floor was aerobics.. score!!! exercise program done before my eyes are open. WOOHOO go me. ;o)~

Whats up? I am still worried sick about my friend who lost her kids to CPS. I am hoping and praying that we can pull together and help them get things fixed, but i am worried.

Whats up? David has done seven pages of workbooks today!! He is going to need a new one soon and I don't mind buying him one.. PreK mommys. who can reccomend a good prek book?

Whats up? I miss Nikia ;o( we never see each other anymore.. .we need to fix that.. soon.

Whats up? I am really just trying to think of more to type to make Chuck wait longer.. ain't I a stinker?

Whats up? I think dinner tonight will be leftovers aka C.O.R.N. (clean out refridgerator night) because its easy and Chuck has to work at the video store.

whats up? I really want to see the movie Marley and Me in the worst way. I loved the book and have heard the movie is very sweet.

Whats up? Is there a 12 step program to get me unaddicted to Sugar cookie tea? we opened our last box last night and we can't get it again til next Christmas.. sighs. not cool.

Whats up? I think i am done with this blog for today.. more tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Being a Parent.....

I adore Baby Blues, sometimes I want to send the creator an email politely asking for residuals for stealing my home life. Then I ralize it can't just be me. If you ever wonder what my living room looks like from 9-5 this is it. No, don't go looking for a picture, i mean the baby blues picture, thats me. ok.. add a few pounds but its me.
June Cleaver, Harriet Nelson and other TV moms, while i am sure they were really nice ladies, always had the perfect living room, the beds all made (ok I do this.. theres some mental rule that you can't get into an unmade bed... i have no idea what it is.. even last year when i was on bed rest.. i would get up with Chuck.. MAKE the bed and lay down on top with a blanket.. um...I know I am weird.. but see we all knew that.. I have SIX KIDS) Wally and the Beaver always had the perfect rooms, they did their home work, they said words like golly and gosh. May I tell you. .. I have teenagers from 2009... I would kill for golly and gosh. And I married Popeye and yes sailors do twitch when they curse like he does on TV ;o)~ (love you Chucky mean it). There have been so many perfect moms through history, mostly on TV. Now we all know why Mrs Bradys house looked so good and the meals were always perfect.. helllllooooo Alice. Heck, Alice even had a meat hook up.. she was dating Sam the Butcher!! Darn those perfect moms, and their perfect homes, their perfect lives. They set the bar way too high for the rest of us huh? History has had its share of the yucky moms too.. (Joan Crawford and her wire hangers hello....and some that weren't even on TV we wont discuss them here... but some of them deserve nothing but what they are getting now.. a jail cell).
No, in my life in the real world, our living rooom has toys around it, I do laundry all day most days, we clean the kitchen roughly six times a day, and for the most part I envy anyone who has that out of better homes and gardens house. But then again.. I love being a mom. I love that we don't live in a museum. I would be ok however if we didnt live in Toys R Us, Walmart, Target and Game stop ;o)~ lol. I love that my kids feel safe and happy in their home, even if they don't use words like golly and gosh. ;o)~ Yep.. Iagree with Baby blues.. being a mom is becoming really good at things you don't like to do... but its also becoming really good at things you like to do.. like kisses and hugs, mending broken hearts, watching them grow. All in all... being a mom is my favorite job i have ever had. ;o)~ but.. I think I need a raise.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Murphy and his law can kiss my big......

TOE!! We get a second car, the first one gets a jealousy complex and decides hey thats it i am not gonna START for you anymore.. no no not the battery.. that would be a quick cheap simple date.. .this instead is like that girl at the prom who has to have the big pricey dress, the stretch limo, the expensive dinner etc.. Yea my car is the Queen instead of being the easy chick who would settle for McDonalds dollar menu. The ignition thingee (I am so technically car challenged its a thingee and a doo hickey ok??) has decided that its not gonna work anymore. We go to start the car and the key won't turn, thankfully my intelligent teenage daughter (no, its not an oxymoron) called a friend who told Chuck how to temporarily fix it (IE the redneck way.. shove something up something and twist... if you want technical names for this stuff I suggest google ok?).

If that is not enough for my brain which is already between drive and super overdrive, friends of ours had their children taken away by CPS today. :o( Sadly, this has been coming for awhile, and no matter how hard it is to hear this, its even harder that i worry in the 21 days they have to organize their life and make their home safe, they will not be able to do it. I have offered her my help and my prayers, but i am not sure what else I can offer her. She is a wonderful person, very sweet but they have messes that I am not sure how she will ever get a handle of. My suggestion did not go over well, their house was foreclosed on, they have to leave, I suggested grab what you really need, get into a new house, make it nice start over. I was told that is too hard. ;o( but i am not sure in 21 days they can make this house what the county wants it to be. I am so worried for them. I am sick about it... please pray for them if you pray, keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

In other news, Chuck got a reply back from the Sallie Mae loan paperwork we filled out for his financial aid for school (this will only be until his GI bill kicks into place) but its like a major leap that yes, he is going to school and yes, this is a good thing just very shocking. I am excited for him because I know this is a good thing. And then....we asked the IRS for a transcript of our taxes LAST thursday.. they told me 10 days because they are busy... our shock it arrived TODAY! WOW!! That made my day.. we can get everything for school submitted and I can breathe just a little bit easier officially. Woo hoo. :o)~ Only i cant because now i will stress about all the things we have to do to prepare him for school (crayons, paper, pens.. kidding... he won't get to color.. at least not yet lol).

That Murphy sure does have a sense of humor eh?

Not Me Monday....

I did not cry over spilled milk on Saturday, because the stress of everything was just too much and when the milk jug spilled it was just one more thing to make me snap.

I did not sit here in a sheer panic about taking Mary to school in the new car today, because its a stick shift and even though Chuck says "you've got this" I feel terrified i am gonna kill her or me.

I did not toss and turn all last night because my nerves are in over drive, and my mind is falling close behind.

I did not bring my sons friends over for the weekend, and when i saw the old neighborhood think while we may be broker (is that a word?) in the new house, i would rather be poor and safe.

I did not enjoy Stephanie telling her father she has a car when well he doesn't because that would be mean and snarky.

I did not reaffirm my love for the safety of my new neighborhood after Stephanies best friend was shot in the leg and now has a rod in her leg (shes ok but not good)

I did not drive 30 minutes away last night to get Archie and JugHead comics from someone because my sons love Archie and welll so do I.

I did not air that i am not perfect on this blog yesterday, I posted about my problems, my sadness, my fat tush, and my broken heart.

I did none of these things of course, because today is not me monday.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The little Engine keeps stalling out.

Today has been a tension filled day, I am at odds with the world right now, and I certainly don't like the way it makes me feel. Its not even just one thing, its alot of things... that are sort of all coming to head at this moment. I feel like I am fighting something or someone and the worst part is, I am not even sure who or what it is. I know that someone who I held very close to my heart for a very long time, has hurt me. Its not something I want to air here, other then to say, I am hurt. I didn't think this was possible. I was wrong. Then it seems like there is a real tilt in the atmosphere, I know in my heart its probably all related to the same issue, but in the end, I feel like the little engine that could just trying to get up and over that hill. I think I can I think I can
On that same hill, is my little car that reads on the side "aspergers syndrome". Those two words, those small words hold so much meaning to me now. Two days before Christmas we took David to the pedetrician for that all important "Whats wrong with my child, and why is he always swinging from the rafters?" appointment. A litte background on David, he is my sweet wonderful four year old boy who has so much energy the Energizer bunny looks at him and says "damn". The pedetrician watched David as he buzzed around the room as if he was hopped on a cup of coffee with ten shots of espresso and asked me "Is he always like this?" I replied "Yes" I asked him ", Do you think its ADHD" and he just gave me this dumbfounded look. He asked if we can pull him out of this, and I said rarely. He then started to ask half a million other questions, that made no sense to me, is he methodic, does he line things up. Does he know anything about one subject, does he have a special skill (IE the fact that he can hear a song one time and know every single word), were his motorskills delayed (um he started talking at 3 1/2) All these questions... and then he says to me "I want to do further testing through his school (groans.. we know how I love his school) because I think it may be something more. I am leaning towards aspergers syndrome" he says.. and the air leaves my lungs. I knew very little about this at all, then I started reading. Something told me it was not good when I was reading and going "yea yea.. yea yea oo no. yea.. yea..." down the entire list. The yea's heavily outweighing the no's. Little did I realize, this little boy, who is so exceptional in so many ways, had that idiotic label that principal wanted. It made me sad and hurt my heart. As we learn more, as we find out more from the special ed people in our district we learn we will be ok, and not to panic. But somehow I want to push that stupid panic button. Even though, at this time, I don't have to. Sighs. I think I can. I think I can
For the first time in months, I cant label one of those cars for my immediate family, other then the one we label "bills and trying to make it work" Chuck works three jobs, he busts his tail for his family, and in the end, we struggle. We get them paid, the day goes on, but not without us both wondering what our next sacrifice or struggle will be. So I guess another car we have to label "bills" I think I can I think I can.
My final car, is the me car. Its the car that works the hardest to get over that hill. In this car we have the fact that I cant look in a mirror and say I LOVE me... there are many days I have a hard time even muttering an "I like me" Its very challenging because I don't feel good in my own skin. I look in the mirror and I see six chins. I try and run by any mirror because I don't want to admit that I have gotten this fat. Its sad, and it hurts to say I am not happy in my own skin. Tomorrow I plan on pushing the caboose over the hill, tomorrow i start a diet. I am scared and worried about it, but I also know I NEED to do this. For my health, for myself, for my family. It has to work. I think I can I think I can.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

For Just one week..

Welcome to the retun engagement of "for Just one week"... applause applause.. .ok if your not clapping even a little bit.. come on..just a little excitement.. please?

Last week, we kept to our menu, even venturing into the cookbook and making stewed porkchops and may i say they got 14 thumbs up.. (Emilys only 1.. no thumbs up but she did mmmm alot so that counts right?). David and I worked on his workbooks every day but today (its saturday.. come on the other kids are off.. he can be too.. its only fair) I am amazed daily at how smart my "unteachable son" is. he is so bright and I really still want to kick his principal (please see yesterdays blog for reasoning.. ooooo and the guy called me back!! on his own!! he was so disgusted about how we have been treated and gave me the principals supervisors name and told me to report her!! WOOHOO! he told me she should not be allowed to get away with that.

SO now we are onto this weeks....... ok.. the first one is big for me. This week, I will drink at least 40 ounces of water a day, I know its supposed to be more, but i am not a huge fan so let me take baby steps. I can do this. A little bit at a time. one foot in front of the other.. and soon we will be walking across the floor floor floor.. yea I am not sure what is with me either.. we will figure that out soon i promise.

My other for just one week I will attempt to keep my table in the kitchen cleaned off and mostly clean. This will of course involve daily/hourly growling at my teenagers but i can do pitbull mommy.. i am gifted after all.

Ok and i am adding one more.. are you ready? We bought an Acura Integra today.. its really pretty.. Its a good car.. but.... its a stick shift. I vow for JUST one week , i will NOT tell Chuck I cant do it... and make a real effort to try. (ease OFF the clutch right Chuck?).. ok that one I might fail.. but i am gonna try ok?

::whew::: there. .I got that out.. time to grocery shop.. in my van... the lovely automatic.. chaching. More later.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Thank God its friday.

Again this morning the alarm went off out of bed i fell to the floor. (1 year old next to me.. it was me or her.. i chose me... does it boggle anyone elses mind how a small baby can take up SO much space in the bed? seriously. sleeping with her is like sleeping with 20 kids her size, she is all over the place. Yikes.. sorry ADHD got away from me. I am back) So my feet hit the floor and I started to immediately think of something very important. No alarm clocks for tomorrow. WOOHOO. I turned them off (yes at 6:30 the first thing on my mind was turning off my alarm clock, why? because i am not taking any chances on forgetting and having that damn thing go off at 5:30, 6:30, and 7:05 tomorrow). I roll out of bed and check out bank account, hey look.. everyone has their thing.. me and my bank is mine. I budget my check book every morning, see what cleared the night before, check my balance, and then try and lay back down for a bit. Usually it works pretty well, today i could not fall back asleep.. that should have been my first warning it was going to one wonky day. (wonky.. hmm.. another word for odd. Think Willy Wonka.. but wonky instead of Wonka.. does that work?? does for me.. my blog my rules)

I got Emily dressed for the second time (when we got up at 5:30 because we were soaked through.. i put her in a sleeper), I gave her breakfast, got David breakfast.. talked him out of the twinkie he wanted..and he ate cookie crisp convinced he was doing something bad having cereal for breakfast.... hey i wont tell him differently. He usually wont touch cereal so i figure this was not a bad thing. Then I was sitting back relaxing minding my own business, when who should call but Mary's school. Fab. First of all, i LOATHE her vice principal.. one she is a complete witch (See old post about her telling me that David could come back when we knew what was wrong with him... see witch), two she is condescending which drives me BATTY, and lastly I am starting to be pretty convinced she has an issue with my children. So I groan.. audibily. I figure maybe she is calling me to discuss Davids meeting for Tuesday (Grr we will get into THAT in a minute), no shes callling because Mary sprayed someone at the bus stop with perfume. Great. She just got off of being suspended.. so she says "SO I am taking away Marys bus priveleges for TWO days" Chuck and I share 1 car, half the time he needs the car, so i growl that she may as well suspend her because she wont be able to go to school then. Ok.. so I ask to talk to Mary she says to me "well shes in class" I said "Did she say it was an accident?" she says "Well, i havent talked to her" I Said "Well did she do it on purpose" she says 'Well the other boy says she did it on purpose" umm ok. she pauses "Should i go get her" I said "YES" so she called out to someone to send Mary down.. .grrrrr. Mary gets on the phone "Mary did you spray the boy in the eyes" Mary "I was spraying it on me and he GOT in my way" @@ translation.. yes she did it. Ugh. So i chew Mary a new one inform her that she is losing her make up kit etc. I guess the ass chewing i gave Mary appeased Principal Hatchet because she said shes only suspended ONE day. ok. fine.. I say to her "I will bring her to school with me Tuesday when i come for Davids meeting NOBODY has called me about" she says to me :::: wait for it... wait for it:::::::::: Oh we had to CANCEL that.. since hes NOT enrolled anymore, you have to take him elsewhere. I blew my top. I went off on her to which she says "We didnt drop the ball on david" Finally fed up i said to her "YOU have been dropping the ball on my SON since the FIRST day of school!" growls!!!! I then rebrought up her line she said to me and she said "I Didnt say that" OMG amnesia? Did you hit your head? DO you want ME to hit you in the head?" OMG I was pissed.. I hung up with her.. five minutes later some other lady called me.. the kinder gentler version i Guess.. and she says "You need to call this gentleman" So I did ... and this poor man.. got the brunt of my life for the past few months, and i just fell apart. Every tear I could shed, i shed. he told me he is going to call me back before the close of business.. I am still waiting. Til 3. Then I am calling him. I am so tired of this...argh. OOH wait I forgot the other part of this story.... this boys MOTHER wants to come down to TALK to me. @@ Lovely. so I tell Principal Hatchett that is fine as LONG as she is nice. if she comes down and acts like a jerk, she will be asked to LEAVE immediately. I have not seen her yet.. but i am sure i will. Pray for me that it goes well..

on an upnote.. Super mom has decided to help us with the car issue and Chuck and I are going to go look at a NUSED car tonight. If anyone hears alot of small prayers being thrown up in the hampton roads area tonight, its just Chuck and Stephanie hoping this car is as cool as they want it to be.. since this will be the car Stephanie learns to drive on.. (OMG that hurts my head) oh boy.. but hey at least in the end.. its still Friday ;o)~