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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Head em up, move em out... RAWHIDE

Once Christmas hits and you look around the room you notice that your once clean living room, looks like.. well.. it looks like Toys R Us threw up in it. To make matters worse, a mere 10 days after Christmas two kids have birthdays. So we had toys toys everywhere.. stuff that has sat untouched for months (mostly because Emily outgrew it) or David just didnt play with it anymore. So today,we cleaned up the living room and if it hasnt been touched at or looked and was still in good usable condition it went on freecycle. If it was in questionable condition (IE the car that had three wheels.. safety hazard in my house? never...ok maybe JUST this once) we threw it out.. we incorporated my mothers theory of if in doubt throw it out.. then we did under the sofas... have you ever cleaned out under the sofa in a house with kids home for the last two weeks on winter break.. it wasn't pretty.. but we all survived. Thank heavens. And our living room is clean and that makes me happy ;o)~ Poor Emily has toy ADHD now though... all her stuff is set up and organized and she is zipping from the Pooh table, to the Laugh and Learn kitchen, back to Elmo that blows kisses, back to the big Little Tykes Kitchen, quick knock over the penguin and clap that he giggled. Shes all over the place. she is starting to let go of things, and I know very soon she will just take off walking. Is it bad that i want her to slow down? Not so fast kiddo.. you're the end of the line. sighs. oh well it sounds good on paper. I love watching her explore new things though... and this little girl is hilarious.. anything that plays music, she hears it and her hips start shaking...Shes like a little Shakira lol.

So imagine this, Nikia text messages me this morning asking if I had seen an ad on Freecycle.. there was a woman posting looking for a surrogate. This made me feel sad for her, sad that she cant experience having a child on her own (she wrote that she had cervical cancer when she was 25 years old), but also sad that she has chosen a route such as freecycle to find someone. I feel so bad for this young woman, but it also took me aback. I am not sure I would be so forthcoming to post out on a trading forum that I was looking for a surrogate, regardless of anything she posted her phone number and some other information and while you trust that people on this message board will handle it with loving care, you could land up with that one person who is not good. I am going to keep her in my prayers, because as a mother I know there is nothing more special then holding that little baby in your arms from the first moment you touch their skin.

Mel handed me a bag of conversation hearts earlier today.. I swear to you, this is the one candy I look forward to all year long. I am like a giggly school girl when I get my hands on the first bag, I love conversation hearts. When I was little it was to read them, now as I was eating them I was reminded by Mary "Mom they have words on them" PMS is in town.. words?? who needs words. Sweet sugary goodness.. THATS what i need.. (come on you females out there.. at least one of you just said Amen). Yes, chocolate too. That bowl of hershey kisses and tolberones is mocking me. Its calling my name pleading with me to just go ahead and BITE me. Diet is supposed to start tomorrow??? and my period is in town.. so I hereby bequeath the start of the diet has permission to wait one week to start as I must get past my desire to eat a tub of frosting just because. ;o)~ see I am not ignoring my resolution, I am giving it the week off. Go me.. its not cheating.. its PLANNING. (yea I know its cheating but it sounds so much better this way).

Ok I am off to go lay on the couch and pretend I am thinking about something earth shattering...with my eyes shut. :o)~ have a lovely day!!


My Ice Cream Diary said...

I looked under my couch and found 2 candy canes and 4 pieces of caramel corn that had been grafted to my carpet. It required some pretty gruesome surgical procedures to remove them. Ug!

Enjoy your candy hearts. =)
I'm eating chocolate chip cookies.

Tricia said...

ohh see I knew you were a girl after my own heart lol. :o)~