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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whats up Wednesday?

After a vacation of two weeks, Whats up Wednesday returns. yay! ok. ok.. I know its not that mind blowing but its my blog and I am happy to see it back.. so there.

Whats up? So far this week, I have stuck to the Ice Cream mamas challenge. Can I tell you thats rather impressive.. we are three days into the week and I haven't given up on it.. yet. Go me. :o)~

Whats up? I figured out last night late at night, that no matter how bugged I am and how many hints I drop to someone that their behavior is driving me crazy, it won't matter because its much easier to look at life through rose colored glasses then to see the real problems.

Whats up? Danny's IEP counselor called me today, a paper that was supposed to be returned to her is MIA. Great. Now I get to make a trip to the high school that prides itself on lousy parking. Gee I can't wait. ***warning if you did not sense sarcasm in that last sentence... I need to learn to show it better***

Whats up? I have hamburger meat on my counter pulled out, and I am stuck between burgers and cheeseburger impossible pie (This is NOT going off my menu because it really is pretty much the same thing.. and both easy.. I LOVE easy)

Whats up? how is it that when a baby turns one, when you look at them and you see ALOT more toddler then you do baby? no fair..I want my baby back

Whats up? my period is finally over so now I can get down to the nitty gritty of putting together my grocery list to start the diet next week, I have already made an effort by cutting back on my beloved Dr Pepper. Its not easy, but its a step.

Whats up? can anyone explain to me why childrens TV characters have very little supervision? seriously... Dora is friends with a monkey and a fox.. and her parents let her go all over the world. Does anyone else see a problem with this? And whats up with Max and Ruby? seriously... I think they need better supervision. Whew there I got that out.

Whats up? with my last whats up.. I am sure you have all concluded I need some adult interaction soon. And um your right. sighs.

Ok.. more tomorrow I am gonna go do laundry and clean my kitchen up ;o)~ oh and the worlds stinkiest baby just pulled up on me.. so um.. that too. PS I know at least ONE of you out there agreed with me about Dora and Max and Ruby.. its ok.. you don't have to admit it.. but I know you're out there :o)~


fyrgrl said...

UMM no I totally admit Max and Ruby only have Grandma that lives like two doors down. And at least Dora and Boots have a map and friends that are kinda smart..lmao! At least I have seen Doras parents I have yet to see Max and

Mrs B said...

I get you about Dora...I really don't like her. If you go to my post at the bottom, there is a great link to a letter to Dora...warning - you may pee your pants. I will not be liable!

Crystal said...

LOL I feel you on the cartoons, I generally ignore them for the most part as much as possible.. selective hearing lol. And that letter to dora was HILARIOUS!