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Friday, January 16, 2009

Sleep, Smiles and Awards

Today is Friday, it is the Friday prior to a 3 day weekend. Which means 3 days of no alarm clocks.. WOOHOO. Is it sad that every Friday I mention that and then still most Saturdays I am up and at them with the early bird and their stupid worm. Or Emily and David who are not very wormy but don't believe in sleeping in. But alas i do have a husband who DOES believe in sleeping in. Maybe I should have him clue the kids in on th fine art of sleeping. I swear Chuck is one of those men who can sleep anywhere at any time. I personally can nap in the car even on a five minute trip to 7-11, put the TV on and thats like tucking me in, and other random times... ok maybe I am gifted in the sleep department. just a little bit eh? ;o)~ I however am no expert... yet...

I have discovered as week 1 of the diet comes to a close that I can do this.. it may not be easy. but I can survive. Oh and I also discovered that Diet Dr Pepper isnt as horrible as originally thought. Maybe just maybe I can survive this. Wouldn't that be nice? We did cheat a little last night, with the guy here to fix the van (At a LOWER price then quoted.. WOOHOO), we ordered pizza. Simple and Easy. Then Chuck and I ran to Target and Home Depot to get some cleaning stuff to take spots out of the carpet stuff. We really do need a hobby when a trip to Target and Home Depot is exciting huh? :o)~ We did find something awesome for carpets though.. Woolite with Oxyclean.. it got the stain that has been bugging the ya know what out of me for WEEKS!!! yay!! Again. .I know.. I need a hobby. its ok I can say it and it doesnt even hurt my feelings.

Awards.. Yesterday the beautiful Mrs B awarded me with an award, so I took her little picture and I too am going to bestow some awards, it was done as "Mom of the Year....." but I am gonna make it person of the year to fix my purposes. Ok I stink at the linky things but each one of these people is a follower of my blog

Mrs B- My namesharing wonderful blogger friend, whos comments always make me smile and has taken a hard situation and handled it with grace.

Lisa- My sweet friend who always can put a smile on my face, she is so talented with a camera too!!!

- I love her blog and think shes a pretty darn special lady.

Mel-in the end.. I know we will always be there for each other and life just likes to hand us speed bumps

Nikia- because without you I wouldn't smile as big somedays. ;o)~

Rebel- For trying so hard to keep sane during your IVF, if anyone deserves another little bitty its you.

Tabitha- because I think Veda is a doll and because I think you have a pretty darn great blog!!!

Shawna- because she has an unwaivering faith that is just incredible

Kristine because she takes some amazing pictures and is just an all around pretty lady!!!

- because even though she visits Mickey Mouse more then me.. I still love her

because she makes me realize that 4 year old boys were put on this earth to drive us insane but thats ok.

and finally...

To Chuck becuase you make my smile bigger, my days brighter, my heart happier and my love stronger. you may drive me crazy but in the end.. your my favorite part of me.


OldWomansOldMan said...

i love u too dear btw sometimes the feeling is mutual lol:-)

Kristine said...

::blushes:: Thanks!! I just love reading your blog :)

Mrs B said...

Now wasn't that fun? You are such a doll! Congratulations on your diet. I am starting to eat better today. I decided I would do it for the Lord. I was able to give bacon to him and under my own will, I wouldn't have been able to do it, but as a gesture of devotion, I can cook it and smell it, but I never feel the need to eat it! Oh, right, we're taking about you. Congrats girl. I am super proud.

Crystal said...

aww thanks :-) I love your blog too :-D