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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog Giveaway!! My first

HI there :o)~ Today is a new day, things are starting fresh and with that I have my first ever blog contest. Yesterday, somebody reached out for a helping hand, and when I offered one she offered one back with a wonderful selection of her tarts. Louise runs her own site where she makes Dream Tarts - Home and upon burning my first one, I came up with a brilliant idea. :o)~ (It happens now and then... just not often enough) Whats the prizes.. ahh be patient lets get to the contest first... So today, our subject is

Happiness is.........

Happiness is a new baby to remind you how precious life is.

Happiness is Garth hugs <--haha Karen this ones mine lol

Happiness is baby kisses, big kid kisses, ok kisses in general

Happiness is "I love you" when you need it the most.

Happiness is that perfect day you don't want to end.

Happiness is seeing the scale move and not going UP

Happiness is walks on the beach with someone you love

Happiness is warm cookies straight from the oven

Happiness is being told its gonna be ok when you feel all hope is gone

Happiness is laughter that fills your heart and a smile that fills your face

Happiness is winning an argument and hearing "you're right'

Happiness is watching your kid succeed and being his first high five

Happiness is that song that makes you want to dance like nobodys watching.

Happiness is that moment, you know the one, where your heart sings, your body leaps, and you realize thats the moment of your life

Happiness is Disney World, and the moment you go through those gates

Happiness is the first moment you know that you are in love hook line and sinker

Happiness is .................................

Your turn. What is happiness to you? it can be silly or serious, wonderful and perfect, it can be anything... Leave me a blog comment and you are entered its that simple...I will have three prizes... the first two winners will win 3 tarts each from Louise's site, and the third Grand Prize winner will receive....24 custom made tarts (choosing up to 8 scents off her site!!) This contest starts today and runs til Thursday. Winners will be notified by fanfare on this site! :o)~ This is open to anyone except people who live in my house (sorry Chuck and Steph and um you too Mel (Even if your house is the high seas this week))

I can't wait to see what happiness is to you!!!!!


Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

Hey congrats on your first giveaway...I'm so winning...ok no I won't I don't win stuff often. I have one blog giveawy though!!!

Ho my Happiness is...opening your email to find out you've WON a blog giveaway!!!

Crystal said...

Oh fun! To me Happiness is getting a pedicure in a massage chair then coming home to bathed, fed and sleeping children! :-).

Crystal said...

Oh and the ULTIMATE Happiness would be if they served Mojitos and Margaritas at the salon... ::faints:: I now know my new business venture..

Flip Flop Mommy said...

To me Happines is my God and my family and watching them grow. :) :)

ash said...

happiness is good food and warm wine surrounded by great friends.

happiness is being asked to be a godparent.

happiness is seeing God's work with some of my blog friends. nothing like seeing a major struggle end in something good!

happiness is a day at home with my husband and our, I am not a washed up cat lady! =)

happiness is someone leaving a comment on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Happiness is.....freshly shaven legs climbling into a changed bed.

Happiness is......the hot bath tub with a good book, a cold drink and PEACE in the house.

Happiness is.....having great friend who you can tell anything to even though you have never met face to face.

Happiness is.....watching the man you love from a few feet away talking to someone and just watching thinking of how lucky you are.

Happiness is....the day before payday comes and your checking account isnt negative!!!

Happiness to spread around with random acts of kindness and seeing how it effects other people.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Happiness is:
feeling sexy in the arms of your husband.

accomplishing a goal.

eating good food with good people.

siblings playing together.

clean sheets.

making someone else happy.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Ha ha ha. I just read Karen's list and her first one is exactly what Iw as thinking when I wrote my less informative "clean sheets."

I love the feel of freshly shaved legs on clean sheets in a freshly made bed. =)

Mrs B said...

Happiness is...knowing one day my kids will have kids just like them.

Happiness is...seeing that tax refund hit your account.

Happiness is...having money left over after all the bills are paid.

Happiness is...knowing my kids favorite place is in my arms.

Happiness is...eating cookies with my family way past bed time.

Happiness is...knowing one day, there will be no tears.

Happiness is...being loved.

fyrgrl said...

Happiness is when you realize how one can of formula has changed the rest of your life.

Happiness also is when you walk on that ramp and hold your husband for the first time in 6mos of your 6.5mos marriage,and realize its ok to exhale because he made it home alive.

Tranquility said...

Happiness is enjoying a quiet evening with my husband and realizing - AGAIN - that I am even more in love with him today than I was over ten years ago when we were newlyweds.

Flip Flop Mommy said...

My Happiness is NAP TIME for the kids. LOL

InfertileMadWoman said...

My Happiness is, was and always will be getting 2 lines on a pregnacy test after waiting 14 1/2 years, not to mention the fact that she is the most beautiful, amazing daughter on the planet!!

P.S. I know you have one to, but Ha mine is better then yours Neener Neener!!!

Jessi said...

Found you through MckMama...

Happiness is...
-a walk in the rain on a hot day
-a long talk with a good friend
-cool summer days with the smell of cut grass in the air
-waking up to fresh snow and no work
-a sleeping baby in your arms
-chocolate after a good workout (so you don't have guilt, haha)

...and so many other things.

Thanks for letting us focus on what's happy in our lives:)