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Saturday, January 10, 2009

For Just one week..

Welcome to the retun engagement of "for Just one week"... applause applause.. .ok if your not clapping even a little bit.. come on..just a little excitement.. please?

Last week, we kept to our menu, even venturing into the cookbook and making stewed porkchops and may i say they got 14 thumbs up.. (Emilys only 1.. no thumbs up but she did mmmm alot so that counts right?). David and I worked on his workbooks every day but today (its saturday.. come on the other kids are off.. he can be too.. its only fair) I am amazed daily at how smart my "unteachable son" is. he is so bright and I really still want to kick his principal (please see yesterdays blog for reasoning.. ooooo and the guy called me back!! on his own!! he was so disgusted about how we have been treated and gave me the principals supervisors name and told me to report her!! WOOHOO! he told me she should not be allowed to get away with that.

SO now we are onto this weeks....... ok.. the first one is big for me. This week, I will drink at least 40 ounces of water a day, I know its supposed to be more, but i am not a huge fan so let me take baby steps. I can do this. A little bit at a time. one foot in front of the other.. and soon we will be walking across the floor floor floor.. yea I am not sure what is with me either.. we will figure that out soon i promise.

My other for just one week I will attempt to keep my table in the kitchen cleaned off and mostly clean. This will of course involve daily/hourly growling at my teenagers but i can do pitbull mommy.. i am gifted after all.

Ok and i am adding one more.. are you ready? We bought an Acura Integra today.. its really pretty.. Its a good car.. but.... its a stick shift. I vow for JUST one week , i will NOT tell Chuck I cant do it... and make a real effort to try. (ease OFF the clutch right Chuck?).. ok that one I might fail.. but i am gonna try ok?

::whew::: there. .I got that out.. time to grocery shop.. in my van... the lovely automatic.. chaching. More later.

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My Ice Cream Diary said...

Ooo, keeping the table clean? That would be a real toughie around here. I can pitbull all I want but there is always something cluttering up my table these days. The only thing that owrks is my tablecloth rule. If there is a table cloth on the table no one is allowed to touch it. Only problem is I can rarely seem to get the tablecloth on after meals before it gets junked up again.

Good luck.