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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Being a Parent.....

I adore Baby Blues, sometimes I want to send the creator an email politely asking for residuals for stealing my home life. Then I ralize it can't just be me. If you ever wonder what my living room looks like from 9-5 this is it. No, don't go looking for a picture, i mean the baby blues picture, thats me. ok.. add a few pounds but its me.
June Cleaver, Harriet Nelson and other TV moms, while i am sure they were really nice ladies, always had the perfect living room, the beds all made (ok I do this.. theres some mental rule that you can't get into an unmade bed... i have no idea what it is.. even last year when i was on bed rest.. i would get up with Chuck.. MAKE the bed and lay down on top with a blanket.. um...I know I am weird.. but see we all knew that.. I have SIX KIDS) Wally and the Beaver always had the perfect rooms, they did their home work, they said words like golly and gosh. May I tell you. .. I have teenagers from 2009... I would kill for golly and gosh. And I married Popeye and yes sailors do twitch when they curse like he does on TV ;o)~ (love you Chucky mean it). There have been so many perfect moms through history, mostly on TV. Now we all know why Mrs Bradys house looked so good and the meals were always perfect.. helllllooooo Alice. Heck, Alice even had a meat hook up.. she was dating Sam the Butcher!! Darn those perfect moms, and their perfect homes, their perfect lives. They set the bar way too high for the rest of us huh? History has had its share of the yucky moms too.. (Joan Crawford and her wire hangers hello....and some that weren't even on TV we wont discuss them here... but some of them deserve nothing but what they are getting now.. a jail cell).
No, in my life in the real world, our living rooom has toys around it, I do laundry all day most days, we clean the kitchen roughly six times a day, and for the most part I envy anyone who has that out of better homes and gardens house. But then again.. I love being a mom. I love that we don't live in a museum. I would be ok however if we didnt live in Toys R Us, Walmart, Target and Game stop ;o)~ lol. I love that my kids feel safe and happy in their home, even if they don't use words like golly and gosh. ;o)~ Yep.. Iagree with Baby blues.. being a mom is becoming really good at things you don't like to do... but its also becoming really good at things you like to do.. like kisses and hugs, mending broken hearts, watching them grow. All in all... being a mom is my favorite job i have ever had. ;o)~ but.. I think I need a raise.


Mrs B said...

Well said.

Veda's Mommy said...

I think we have the same living room!