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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Frusturation.. aggrivation....

...and any other word that ends in ation.. Point blank I am annoyed. I feel like Johnny Five in Short Circuit.. "I am angry.. mad.. perturbed.. PISSED off" so now taking a note from another character... (I really do more then watch TV and movies I promise), I am going to list a few things that "Grind my gears" ala Peter from Family Guy. (johnny five is the robot on the top...yes i am showing my age.. and Peter Griffin is on the bottom.... just to avoid confusion.)

Do you know what Grinds my gears? People who abuse the system that is put in place to help them out in the first place. Case in point.... we are too "rich" to receive any kind of help, because Chuck works three jobs, and we pay our bills.. yet... if he was to quit a job and we couldn't pay the bills then maybe we could get some help. huh? Makes no sense. Then there are others who don't work, have nine hundred kids, the state feeds them, clothes them and pays their bills. So if we do nothing, we get help.. if we work our fingers to the bone, and die from being exhausted.. we get no help. gee that makes sense right?? Yeah it doesn't to me either.....

Do you know what else Grinds my gears? You pay 2.50 for a bag of potato chips, you open it up and you get a half a bag. They claim settling in shipping.. I claim chip Gremlins.. Trust me on this one. ;o)~

Do you know what else Grinds my gears? Teenagers who listen to IPODS so loud that you can hear every word of the song, from TWO rooms away.. (ahem.. AJ) I figure when he tells me in a few months that he thinks he has a hearing problem, we are all going to go around mouthing words to each other.. just to screw with him .. evil.. who me?

Do you know what else Grinds my gears? You do a Love is contest and only two people enter.. .sighs.. how sad. Does nobody believe in love anymore? :o( you guys are breaking my heart.. seroiusly.. enter my contest.. ladies who got your prizes speak up about what a great prize it was.. please? And Thank you (yes that one was a shameless plug for this post..the old woman in the shoe has got NOTHING on me: Februarys contest............)

Do you know what else Grinds my gears? Teenage boys who THINK they can get away with ordering PORN on my cable bill. (can you sense the tension in MY house today?) And then deny it because its easier to make believe its that little Ghost from Family circus.. grrr. That's ok.. we got even.. they are cleaning the garage.. ya know the ONE room (ok building) in the house that was never fully unpacked.. evil? who us? Never...btw.. if you are in the Hampton roads area and need cheap slave labor (FREE) I have some volunteers for you.

Do you know what finally Grinds my gears? dang it.. me either. . I have nothing else to growl about.. so whats grinding your gears? Ticking your clock? Buzzing your bee? Go ahead tell me.. this is your chance to get it out.... no holds barred... just let em RRRRRRRRRIIIIIIPPPPPP.

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Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

I love Short Circuit and refer to Johnny Five regularly despite people rarely knowing what I'm talking about.

Your first grind....makes me crazy. In our area I shop at the thrift store and then get stuck at the grocery store while someone tries to buy something not approved for their aide card while wearing all new designer clothes while I pay for mine myself.