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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Football and other things.

Today is Superbowl sunday, unfortunately my team (the Washington Redskins) didnt make it.. hey what can I say? There's always next year... hmm I seem to say that alot. Oh well. Its ok. I wont cry.. And besides our family still is throwing our superbowl party with lots of food, some friends and enjoyment of the super bowl commercials. Yep you heard me right.. we look forward to the commercials. ;o)~ Sad huh? This year we are making Biscuit pizzas, lumpias (thanks to mels recipe), nachos, fruit (to counteract all the bad for you food), deviled eggs, dessert lumpias (apple, strawberry and lemon pie filling filled) and stephanie and I made this cake:

the goal posts are made of twizzlers (and toothpicks to hold them together, the players are yellow (Steelers) and red (Cardinals) gummy bears, two white gummy bears for the referees, a um Orange gummy bear (The disgruntled Bengals fan (chucks team) peeing on the Steelers endzone) and a milk dud football. ;o)~ We are quite proud of our cake.

I am not sure who I am rooting for tonight.. not really sure. I am not really a fan of either team. I guess i will root for the commercials ;o)~ I always love them.. and ya know really the only thing the superbowl means to me is only 2 more weeks til spring training!! WOOOHOO I am a baseball fanatic. I love love love baseball.

Ok time to get ready.. please don't forget about my blog giveaway. Only two people have entered. ;o( It makes me sad. Come on don't you wanna see me smile? please? Have a lovely Sunday.


JalenasMommy said...

Sounds like fun! The cake looks yummy! Have fun!

Wayne said...

Thanks for visiting and that cake looks amaizing. The super bowl was awsome I watched it too