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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why why why.

I love this age with a four year old, who asks that question to everything this morning. This is roughly how my morning has went so far:

Me: David don't kick the dog
David: Why?
Me: Because the dog will bite you.. and you will deserve it.. because you aggrivate the dog (ok I didn't say that.. but I wanted to)

Me: David its too early for an Oreo Cakester
David: Why?
Me: Because you have to eat a good healthy breakfast, here have a bowl of a sugar coated cereal.
(does it ever blow anyone elses mind that we eat doughnuts in the morning, cinnamon rolls, pop tarts, sugar coated cereal but they go to hand us a cookie and we say "well no you can't have anything sweet" umm ok)

Me: David its time to get dressed
David: why?
Me: because you only wore a tshirt to bed last night and nobody really wants to see your underwear.

Me: David.. Emily doesn't want her cuppy (as he is basically forcing her to take the cup)
David: Why?
Me: because I am pretty sure her screaming no and pushing you away means NO.

This was my morning... they were all pretty funny. Then we got to this one.. not so funny.

Me crying a little bit on the couch
David: Why are you crying?
Me: because today is a sad day.
David: Why?
Me: Because your brother Matthew died today.
David: Why?
Me: Because he was very sick when he was born and God decided he needed him in Heaven
David: Why?
Me: David just give me a hug ok
David: Ok mommy.

At least it ended ok. The why questions, while sometimes so sweet and innocent, sometimes a little sad, they always seem to end with the hug. I am grateful for my kids, my husband, my life. I am just still a little sad for the Whys I have. Why was my son the 1 in 25000? Why didn't the surgery heal him? Why did God have to have him? Why do I still cry after 19 years? Why doesn't the pain go away and come back as hard as it was the day it happened 19 years later? (don't panic this is not a test.. I am not asking for answers.) I promise tomorrow my Not Me Monday will not be so sad. I even have a couple of really good ones.. :oX More tomorrow.

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My Ice Cream Diary said...

Sometimes it is the innocent questions of our children that require us to search our souls for the hardest answers. I know this from experience.

On a lighter note I have finally founf the perfect, though not as educational, answer to all the why questions. "Because I love you."