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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Think Think Think.....

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to think of something to say, for me, its not usually a challenge. I can usually talk and talk and talk.. its my gift of gab, but for whatever reason I have been in a blog funk. I can't think of what to say. While I have some good moments, I am missing might be that I am getting bored with blogging, but nah.. thats not it.. because this is still one of the first places I check in the morning. Hmm so what is it? Well, I think its just that I can't fit everything I do into a 24 hour day. (anyone who wants to lend an hour or two more per day, I would gratefully accept them :o)~ )

So when I decided to look for a topic that I promised, I sat on my couch and looked up at my good friend Winnie the Pooh. I adore Winnie the Pooh and my living room proves that, if you can't see it in my living room, well trust me .. hes here lol. :o)~ Chuck has a tattoo of tigger on his arm, and I am gonna get brave one day.. really I mean it. I came up with thinking.. Thinking? What does that mean? No, its not anything too deep I promise.. its 11:55 on a Saturday, I am too tired for deep, and I promise there is no alcohol involved, I am not drunk blogging. Instead I wanted to post a blog about the crazy things that go through my mind each day.

I think about my kids, what their future holds.
I think about how far Chuck and I have come from the last place we lived, it was horrible. We had roaches, we had gunshots nightly, we never felt safe in our home, and now we have this beautiful house in our quaint neighborhood.
I think of my mom who made this all possible by giving us the money to buy our house. I think of what would happen if I ever lost her
I think of my life, and how I would not trade my husband for anything.
I think of whats for dinner? (seriously.. I open my eyes and start to make a menu in my head.. I am a true freak lol)
I think of my vast list of things I need to and thinks I want to do.
I think of my friends and wonder if they are all ok and healthy and happy.
I think of my brothers and their children, I think of my family and how much I do love them even the ones that drive me crazy.
I think of where all those stupid socks go. .(yes I know two blogs ago I mentioned this but again today we have MIA socks.. DRIVES me nuts.
I think of people I want to help, of things I know I need to do
I think of that diet I need to start, but I can't do it alone and who will do it with me?
I think of movies I want to see, Twilight is a great movie.. and I want Bellas gloves. :o)~ They are soo neat looking.
I think of David and how next week we get the result of all his testing, I wonder what his future holds as I watch this bright little boy introduce himself to anyone who walks in "Hi, I am David, nice to meet you"
I think of Stephanie who is 17, almost ready to head to college and I wonder how we will handle that, not just the money every aspect.. including and especially her leaving.
I think of the bills we need to pay, and wonder if they will all get paid. hoping and praying the answer is yes.
and finally..
I think about this silly blog.. this blog that I have written on since one day last September when I wanted to vent. How I love being able to write things, I am not poetic as some or creative as some, but I love that there are people who email, IM or text me when my blog is late to check and make sure I am alive. <3 you all. So with the permission of my readers, I may not have the exciting some blogs some bloggers have daily, but I promise if you can stick with me, I will try and at least make it interesting ok? More tomorrow its bedtime, and my pillow is calling my name.

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