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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Movies you should watch.....

So today is a good day to mention movies I think everyone should watch: ::::warning most of these are chick flicks.. i am an addict of chick flicks:::::

Grease- Whats greater then this movie? a Classic and thankfully one that has not been remade 8 billion times. Thank goodness. John Travolta as Danny Zuko and Olivia Newton-John as Sandy. (yea Olivia Newton-John is coming here in concert, so I tell Stephanie this.. what does she say to me? "who?" I said "Sandy from Grease" she replies "shes still alive?" oy vey.

Dirty Dancing-nobody puts baby in the corner.

The Notebook- Oh this movie.. its everything. .you cry and you laugh and you cry and you feel bad and then you feel the love.

Beauty and the Beast- My favorite cartoon. WOW. from the opening scene until the very end. what an amazing Disney movie.

Look who's talking- probably one of the reasons i have so many kids :o)~ kidding but i do love this one.

Sweet Home Alabama- Whatcha wanna be married to me for anyways? "so I can kiss you anytime i want" Swooon.. even as 10 year olds.. WOW

PS I love you.. Gerard Butler is just sexy and the movie is wonderful.. the book is better but the movie is wonderful. Whats better then having someone write letters to you after they pass away you get them 1 a month for a year and they always end PS I love you.. swoon

Fireproof- I think I said enough about this one last night, but whatever I said last night I mean 100 times over.

Mrs doubtfire- who doesnt love Robin williams in drag?

Big- Tom Hanks.. as a kid.. he plays it well.

ANY MOVIE that has Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan- Joe Versus the Volcano, You've got mail, Sleepless in Seattle.. all amazing. all great.

American Pie 1 and 2- crass but funny.

Van Wilder- watch out for the cream filled pastries and if you have never seen that movie watch it...very funny.

Sweetest Thing- Make sure you watch the version with the "penis song" :oX

Edited.. I have sad am I?

How to lose a guy in 10 days- funny.. classic. .romantic.. LOVE it.

An American President- "how did you do it?" do what "give someone roses and be the president" Turns out I have a garden.. lol

Rocky Horror Picture show- Its just a step to the left.......

Mr and Mrs Smith- Hot steamy.. GREAT Movie

Thomas Crown affair- please see above

The Lake house. What a sweet movie. sad but then happy and sweet

Twilight- Does anyone else LOVE how Edward dazzles like diamonds.

ALl Harry potter movies.. they just rock.
and i think that will sum it up for me tonight, what did I miss? tell me!!! I love movies :o)~

on another note. what is it about when you find some sort of clarity or balance to your life, you find smiles that have been absent? We went to mass this morning, I introduced myself to the priest as "hi, I am Walter Claassen's daughter.. you met my mothter yesterday, its been a LONG time since I have been to mass" his eyes lit up, he shook my hand and said "Welcome back". So I guess now I have to figure out what I am giving up for lent this year, eh?

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My Ice Cream Diary said...

How about you give up Spinach? Hee hee.