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Sunday, February 8, 2009


"I am sorry the couple you are trying to reach is currently unavailable, their lives have become more about the kids and work and the bills and everything else but the two of them...please try your call at a later time"

Had you tried to reach Chuck and I prior to yesterday you very likely would have gotten that answer, but now well not today. We went away. We left the kids in very capable hands. (They survived) And we went away. And it was lovely. We spent time together, we spent money together ;oX ok that part sort of stunk ..we lost it.. to the slot machines but we had a nice day, and I am glad we did it. Its not that we were having issues or problems before, we weren't. But there was a lack of communication and alot of grumbling. We just needed some time to be us.

We had a lovely weekend, my brother and I are speaking again too (After not speaking since Christmas). My mom. Well, this is the first time I have seen my mom since her stroke, she is getting around slower, and i guess because I know her, I notice that she isn't as healthy as I remember seeing her last. She takes a handful of pills in the morning, and is making efforts to clear steer of the bad things... well except, salt, butter and wine. But hey a step is a step right? :o)~ Her attitude is shes 70 years old... she's gonna drink her glass of wine, and eat her butter and salt because shes lived this long. You sort of have to give it to her lol

Ok Emily just crawled by me and the paint voluntarily jumped off the wall .she stinks.. BAD. more tomorrow. .tune in for not me Monday where I will admit to a LOT I didnt do ;o)~

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Julie said...

:o) I love to read your writings.

So glad you got some couple time with Chuck - isn't it amazing how good just a few hours can feel?