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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tribute Tuesday.

Tribute Tuesday was started by the ever so friendly Wayne, who has some of the CUTEST blog conversations with Jenn btw. (lovey dovey stuff is so sweet and its so nice to see) Wayne's window to the world: TRIBUTE TUESDAY this is his blog.. check it out and then join the fun.

Today, I offer tribute to my husband Chuck, (pick you jaw up honey.. yes it says your name). Chuck is one of a kind, we met online almost 12 years ago. . we were both married to other people. Neither of us were very happy. When I found out about my ex husbands affair with a former best friend, I searched for Chuck for someone to talk to. He at the same time was going through his soon to be ex wife taking his son to her native Iceland (supposed to be a two week vacation she never came back. ) ;o( Chuck and I got each other through the rough times, he was there when I originally TRIED to make my marriage work--and there when it fell apart and after 4 years we met face to face. The electicity that we had that first five minutes could have lit up 50 city blocks. I knew right then.. I was done. Head over heels.

We have had our shares of ups and downs, but I would definitely say the ups outweigh the downs. He has held my hand when I needed it, kissed my cheek, offered a hug and always remained the one constant in my life. Chuck is my true love. Chuck took on alot when he and I got together, he took on four children that were mine, and he has loved them as his own. We then added two more to the mix making our total 6 children (7 combined, as we can't forget Shane). He works 3 jobs so I can be at home with the childen, he works harder then most men. He does sweet things for me to include, during his deployments with the US Navy, not once but TWICE sent me flowers on Valentines day and Mothers day. He tries so hard to make our life perfect, what sometimes he doesnt realize is, from the moment he entered my life, it became perfect.

So today, I offer this tribute to my Tigger, I love you with all my heart.


Crystal said...

aw now no shoving tonight because someone is snoring lol

fyrgrl said...

Awwww let me go get my "barf bag" now! Just Kidding!! Very sweet your a lucky man Chuck..don't make me remind you in person! lol

Wayne said...

Great tribute to chuck he sounds like a awsome guy.

Thankyou for taking part in tribute tuesday

Jenn said...

That was such a sweet post. It's so nice to hear stories like that. And I'm glad you think Wayne and my "lovey dovey-ness" is cute!