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Saturday, February 7, 2009

We have a WINNER..........

Ok look ladies, you guys made this one a challenge for me. I read them all so many times, and each time my heart smiled. You guys definitely know what love is!!! So here we go with the winners and their prizes. Please email me at and I will pass on your prize info to the lovely Louise. Once again (And I hope she doesnt kill me) I had to pick four people. You guys were amazing and I have one grand prize and 3 honorable mentions (very honorable)

First for the honorable mentions.. you each get six tarts, please pick TWO scents from the wonderful and email me your choices:

JalenasMommy said..Being a Mommy. I never knew how strong this feeling was, and I would never trade it for anything!

Crystal said..Love is shoving someone in bed because they are snoring and need to turn over.

Jen said... Love is...catching baby spit up in your hand because you don't have a burp rag handy.

You ladies made me smile. :o)~ Now for our Grand prize winner, of 24 tarts with 8 wonderful scents (try cabana boy.. trust me on this one). No, its not because of the shameless "Love is winning because I never do" but that did win sympathy points (did you see Karen voted for you too? lol) No this is for this which made me smile:

Eileen said... Love is...huge monkey grins first thing in the morning.

And I do have another prize, while she cant qualify for the tarts, which is why I did not mention her in the beginning. Miss Louise Wins a prize as well for making my heart smile (and almost stealing first place from Eileen) with:

Louise said... LOVE IS...having a rotten day BUT knowing that soon...he'll be home to give me a big hug and tell me it's all going to be okay.

Louise, I have a special prize for you and you will have to wait for me to drop it off when I come see you :oP (aren't I a stinker?)

I thank you all for entering, and it is with out a doubt I say "Love is people who make you smile" Happy Valentines day. *muah*


Karen said...

Congrats to all the winners!! You are going to love the tarts they ROCKS!!

Eileen said...

omg Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Emailing you now. You are awesome, seriously!

JalenasMommy said...

OMG! THank you so much! I've never won anything before!!!

Crystal said...

SMOOCHESS... now no snoring.

Louise said...

Thank you so much Dear!
You are so sweet to think of me.
I am thankful that you let me make the prizes for this giveaway.
Making things for people is my biggest joy in life!
Hope you are enjoying your adventure!
Hugs {{{{{}}}}}

Jen said...

Thank you!! : ) I just emailed you!