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Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me monday.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT make entirely too much food for the superbowl last night and then proceed to eat more then I should because after all, I am dieting and that would be wrong.

I did NOT audibily scream out loud when i realized we are less then TWO weeks from spring training (pitchers and catchers report!!)... because what kind of woman looks forward to baseball season (a smart one btw)

I did NOT make my sons who ordered 30 dollars in PORN on my cable bill work off their debt to momciety because 1) It ticked me off and 2) because I am evil. and I certainly did NOT completely block any pay per view channels on our cable in our to make sure this will never appear in NOT me monday again.

I did NOT go pick up two toys off of freecycle for Emily who doesn't need one more toy and that would be crazy.

I did NOT stalk the IRS website to see if our taxes have been completed yet (ok I have) because what kind of person does that?

I did NOT just admit to the world on this blog that I am desperate for that money because I am broke and our utilities for January were a bit painful.

I did NOT grumble at my mother this morning who gave me a list of six people she wanted me to call for her (because she hates making phone calls unless they are to me) because I am tired and have a headache.. because what kind of person would growl at their awesome mom? not me.

I did NOT put up a blog giveaway that has been a complete bust with only 3 people entering. :o(

and finally....

I did NOT just witness my four year old son squeezing an orange into a glass because he doesn't want orange juice from the container, he wants it from the orange...nope not here


Crystal said...

((hugs)) on the giveaway there is a few sites to list it on besides the bloggy giveaway thats over. Heres one I found but I am sure there is more :-P

Crystal said...

Post it on a freebie / sweepstakes message board too :-)

Erin said...

If I had found your blog before today I would have entered into the raffle! I really enjoyed your not me's! I also am obsessed with blogs and newly into my own blog.. my husband started thinking I was crazy for following mckmama's blog and I don't even know her, but I have been praying for her and her sweet family since she was preg. with Stellan. Hope you check out my blog, we can be blog friends! Have a great day.

Wayne said...

Great not me monday, My mom to has a list of things that she wan't me to do each day. don't it make ya wonna scream lol.

Sarah said...

I can't wait for spring training either (Twins fan)! And FreeCycle can be just as addicting as blogging :)

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Too funny about blocking it just so it won't appear on Not Me Mondays again LOL We bloggers aren't so addicted that we think like that- ha ha.

Julie said...

Great Not Me Monday! It sounds like you and I are 'NOT' guilty of many similar things.
And no, I didn't find it on your blog first, I found it on Katey's ( She's from the old AOL PP board too! I love reading them all though. :-) I just never remember until after Monday.