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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's day and signs...

First of all Happy Valentine's day, my husband gets the prize, he got me new earrings (grown up ones that i can hide from the girls because they are MOMMY'S), a really pretty statue and a Mr Goodbar (its my favorite) I would have gotten roses but I beat him to the punch earlier in the day and gave him roses. ;o)~ I also got my mom roses. ;o)~ I am two for two lol. And how did we know it is Valentine's day because David woke us up this morning with "GOOD MORNING! HAPPY LOVE DAY" He's so cute.

My mom took me to dinner last night, its the first time the two of us have had dinner alone in some time and it was really nice. Well except for the hour long wait to get into the cheesecake factory... but dinner was very good, and then Mom decided she would bring home 12 slices of cheesecake, the cost of the cheesecake was almost the same as what we paid for two meals lol. which is sort of sad. . good thing it was AMAZING cheesecake ;o)~ (Tiramasu.. YUM-O) Tonight we are going to Logan's (Did I mention I love mom visiting?) for our anniversary and valentines day. (our anniversary..legally married.. is tomorrow)

And now for the signs.. I am Catholic. i am out of practice. My dad was a deacon. I stopped going to mass MANY years ago. Mostly because well, I was angry. Today, my mother asked me to take her to confession, so I did. (Good daughter. see?) I was there praying, and I looked up at the crucifix of this beautiful church and said "ok God.. if you are telling me to stop being angry.. give me a sign" Mom came out of the confessional and sat down next to me, she looks at me and says "Hes a friend of your dads" what??? are you serious? I started to cry (ok for the record I cry over everything.. someone makes it on American Idol. .I cry.. Hallmark commercials.. I cry.. really sappy moments. I cry) Apparently Dad and Father Rafferty went to school for the deaconate together. Wow. I am so shocked.. but i got the sign. We are going to church tomorrow morning and hopefully we will keep it going. Ok Dad. I got the point..

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Anonymous said...

((())) I am a catholic drop out! I did 18 yrs. LOL But we do go to church (non catholic lol) every week. I honestly didnt think it would make a difference in my life. But it does and it is one for the better. You need to read the shack! Have I said that before?? lol

Glad you guys had a good vday day. We have a gift card to the cheesecake factory we need to use! Just gotta get a babysitter! lol I dont want to share with the kids =X I want a DATE night!