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Friday, February 27, 2009

Finally.. FRIDAY!!

Is it sad that on Friday morning, the alarm clock goes off, and the first thought out of my head is "WOOHOO I can turn you off til MONDAY!!"? I long for the weekends, and when they are over I whine that they went too fast, and then from Wednesday til Friday, I have what I call Fridayitis, its a disease that makes you long for the next weekend. We have no plans this weekend, Chuck has to work 9-5 at the video store and our only plans is to make like Veggies and Veg out. But to me the ability to veg out without the alarm clock waking me up is just sexy. I need to get out more can you tell?

So since today is Friday, I am going to post my Friday Funny moment.. Today it is warm here (68 degrees and supposed to get up to 71.. can I get a WOOHOO helllllloooo Spring?.. ok seriously til Sunday.. then we are due for snow showers.. ok 1) its Norfolk.. we don't get snow.. so I will believe it when I see it. 2) it will be rain. .trust me. Ugh. I am so sick of winter. . anways.. I am wearing a really cute shirt that Nikia gave me that has hearts all over it.. and David comes over to me and says "Mom, you have boobs. Those are called boobs" pointing to the girls that REALLY do look good in this shirt ( Chuck<3's YOU, Nikia) I said "yes David I know" he says to me "You've got BIG ones mom" As he POINTS to my boobs with his finger. To which I reply "Thanks for pointing that out David" he then walks off and mumbles "your welcome um mom" Uh. oh. "yes David" to which he thinks and replies "You can put them away now" lol. apparently David doesnt like mom having boobs :oX Ah well he shall survive, no?

I am so tickled pink that spring training is here, I am a huge fan of baseball, I know people say it is the slowest sport in the world, but give me baseball over just about any sport any day. I am a New York Mets fan, if they can just hold it together THRU September this year, I will be happy. But its a serious case of IF. The past two years they played beautifully all season to fall on their faces in the end, it was like watching a great movie with an ending that leave you going "huh?" So not fair. Ok on that note, a game is on and I am gonna go watch, LETS GO METS!!

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