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Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Fit of Funnies.

Living in our house, its impossible not to have some humor filled moments, because well we are funny people.. and hey looks aren't everything. :o)~ har har. Anyways... Events that happen in our house are true, the names may have been changed to protect the innocent, but they are defintiely true and always funny.

Exhibit A, one day in the house, Big Chief is sitting on the couch in boxers and his friend flops out. Little Chief asks Big Chief "Whats that?" Big Chief replies "thats my penis" Litle Chief "Whats a penis?" Big Chief "Thats what I pee ot of" Little Chief "Oh I have a penis too" and proceeds to whip it out. Big Chief is now a fan of pajama pants, me thinks.

Exhibit B, Middle Drama Queen is throwing a fit about how life is unfair and nobody has chores and nobody elses mother makes them clean up and blah blah blah. Middle Drama Queens best friend is over visiting, and immediately tells her to "Buck it up, your moms easy compared to mine" now this may not seem funny but its actually quite fricking hilarious. Middle Drama Queen is convinced that she is the only kid in america who has to clean her room, or pick up toys, or any other general assignment she doesnt want to do.

Exhibit C, Teenage chief number 1 came walking through the room to go to the shower in a pair of underwear that well quite resembled an accident that involved a deer. ya know cause first you say it.. then you do it. We all immediately question when the last time he changed his underwear was. He gets defensive about it, and we are all sort of grossing out. Teenage chief number 2, decides to poke fun at which point we question him "Whens the LAST time you changed your underwear" He immediately screams at us without missing a beat "LAST WEEK!!" mortified yes.. gross.. definitely.. sick absolutely.. funny totally.

Exhibit D, Oldest Drama Queen got into a fight with Baby Drama Queen she says to her "No baby Drama Queen" who kept grabbing her IPOD. Baby Drama Queen ever not detered, immediately grabs it again Teenage Drama Queen growls "NO!" and gets up to go to another room leaveing said IPOD couch.. Baby Drama Queen shakes her head yes.. growls and grabs it. Mama Drama Queen falls on to the floor and needs assistance to reover from the explosion of laughter at Teenage Drama Queen who returns and says " your just like middle Drama Queen" LOL.

The Moral to these stories.. never let anything happen to you that Mama Drama Queen finds funny or it just might appear in a blog.