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Saturday, February 7, 2009

is it life or a movie?

Ok, I can't be the only person who has noticed that sometimes life is more like a movie then a life. I started thinking about this a few days ago, no matter who you are, your life contains a plot, a cast of characters, some sense of category (drama, comedy, tragedy, horror, etc) and in almost all cases each chapter has a beginning and an end. Here are some examples of mine:

Drama- I have six kids, three girls. There. I am done. Instant drama. haha I kid. No, my family is full of drama, we have my Mom. I adore my mother, but a fair 50% of our conversations involve this "I think I am dying. I think I have(Insert choice disease of the week here)" or my personal favorite "IF I die, remember I have my excel spreedsheets (shes an accountant, the first thing she worries about is her numbers lol). Yes, we definitely have drama. We have my brother and his kids, me my kids, my ex husband, and well my entire family. Drama is definitely played out in our house.

Tragedy Sadly.. this chapter has visited us all too often. My brother David died of AIDS, when he died my brother Gregg lost his will. He keeps going because he has kids, but David was his twin, and to make matters worse technically his only "Blood relative" other then his children. Gregg and David were adopted as babies, they are as much my brothers as Mike and Rip, but I know this has to weigh on his mind. Greggs wife Dena left, and for a long time there was Drama and Tragedy in court. It was horrible, and only over the last few years that couse has changed. We lost my dad, the patriarch of our family. The most amazing man (only tops to my husband), he was the glue that held our foundation together, he left and now it seems we use duct tape to hold us together, we spring a leak, we just add another layer of tape. We will get by. Yes, tragedy too (unfortunately) lives in our house.

Horror- well thankfully the only horror we deal with really is the teenagers rooms. Whew. Not too bad, but alas I guess horror does live here too.

Action- Ok so we don't have Indiana Jones moments, there is no giant boulder chasing us down the street, we don't have shoot outs in our living room.. ohhh wait.. can we say we HAD action?? we used to live in a HORRIBLE area.. There were shoot outs nightly and the lovely woman who always added to the action sequence by screaming "B*tch you ain't my B*tch" hmm. I wonder if we will ever see that on a TShirt the way "Wheres the beef" appeared in the 80s. OOO markieting.. see more so movie related.. awesome. Yes, Action lives here. .not as often but its here.

Comedy- How can you have six kids and NOT have comedy? We may shed tears, but we also laugh. Boy do we laugh. Between David and his antics, Stephanie and I can cut up over just about any situation. (Elmo in Grouchland... there is a scene with a giant Chicken who says to Elmo "I am not Stooopid" Stephanie and I will look at each other and just say "Are you Stooopid" and lose our minds... yes.. I know. .we are nuts. its ok.. once you admit it and embrace all the people who talk in your head you realize you will be just fine (Morning Jim, Bob, Pete, Trixie, Diane..(yep.. I am so close to mine. I NAMED them). Comedy. What would life be without it? I have such a great story for Laughter lives Tuesday.. but I won't share it today. But I can't wait :o)~ Yes, Comedy definitely lives here, and I hope it always sticks around.

Science Fiction-ok remember the teenagers rooms from horror? These two sort of get to loop together. right? Well of course.. my blog my rules. score. Ok. sci fi lives here too.

Western- I like country music and cowboys. HA! I did it.. Western visits here ;o)~ Oh wait I can go one step further ever had to wrangle a one year old to change her, wipe her butt, or in some cases get something from her? I definitely think that gives me cattle points.. Western lives here too. sometimes.

Adventure. What would life be without it? We move through each day, We always wonder what part of the plot is next and some days we are standing on edge of the cliff holding on with one hand praying to make it to the next. That clearly qualifies us for adventure no? Adventure lives here.

And finally..

Romance. Dont worry I will spare you the details, but suffice to say, romance lives here (And I have the kids to prove it) But not just mine. My parents had a love story I looked up to, Seeing them together was like all the great couples from history, my parents were the stars of the movie for so long, and their love story still continues after he's gone. Me? Well, I definitely have a love story, and I pray daily that my story goes on and on and on like theirs, and I really love my leading man. :o)~

There you have it, our lives truly are made for the movies.. hmm. I wonder who will get to play me?

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