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Friday, February 6, 2009

Just plain awesome..

I woke up this morning and for the first time in weeks I didn't have the instant panic attack of "OMG what will tomorrow bring? will anyone show up to turn off a utility or will something else happen" I know this sounds neurotic and it is, we hardly ever have the evil pink disconnect envelopes anymore, but for whatever reason when you know there is no money to pay something you just know that is the day they will show up to cut you off.. just because well they don't like you. .(yea I know it makes no sense but in my mind trust me.. there is ALOT of sense to this) then :::choir begins to sing:::: our taxes went into our account.. WOOHOO. So forgive me for extending the blog giveaway for a few more days, but Chuck and I are going away this weekend... we have not gone away together without our kids in close to 3 years. I think we are due lol. No, there will be no "surprises" 1) Chuck has been neutered (yes I know I said neutered but for the longest time i felt like a dog in heat each time I got two lines lol) 2) my mother and brother are joining us and 3)the only buttons I plan on pushing most of the time are on the slot machines. lol. We are going to go gambling. (we are being good only taking a little bit of the "Extra money" <---arent those fun words?) The kids meanwhile get to go to Nanas house for the weekend to hang out with their cousins (and may i say how much I love that my neice is still bribable at the age of 21)

oohh and big news from the kid front real quick.. Mary who has struggled so much for the past few years and broken my heart because she has just been so lost. got ALL B honor roll. I can't tell you how proud of her I am. She needed that boost so much to see that she can indeed do it and with success. ;o)~

Hmm what else is there.. oh be warned.. there will be lots of pictures soon. I got a new camera because I am married to the positively MOST awesome man on earth. I wanted a new camera one with some bells and whistles not with ALOT of bells and whistles as um I am not that smart lol. .but some. And I found the perfect one I got the FUJI S1000. Its so pretty. and so much fun to play with. and most importantly reasonably priced, we only paid $170 for it. ;o)~ And the kids all got some needed clothes and some other supplies. I didnt just spoil me.. I promise!! :o)~

Ok.. I am off to finish packing.. I will write more later (possibly tonight with a winner!!) Have a lovely weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh have a great time!!! Spend a few dollars for me in the slots!! That is about the only thing I miss about Colorado being able to go gambling! LOLOL

I am stil waiting for Uncle Sam to show me some love!!!

Eileen said...

Have a great time!!!! But, you seriously made me groan! I've been stalking your blog ALL DAY!! lol

Louise said...

Enjoy you trip...take more time to play with each other than you do the slots..LOL.
Hoping you win big and experience a joyful time.

Mrs B said...

Have an awesome time! I am super jealous. When you win the jackpot, remember me in KC.