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Thursday, February 5, 2009


As always, I start my morning, I open the comics and I read them. Immediately, I see today's Marvin. No, no this is not about being stalked today, this is the humor in it. This is my children, from an early age, and I have proof to back them up. We shall refer to this as those lovely toddler years.

Exhibit A- My friend Michele was over visiting with her then 2 1/2 year old daughter Britney, we were downstairs just chatting and then we realize.. gee its REALLY we get up to go check on the kids, in walk two little girls covered in black sharpie... not just covered the only thing we saw on them was two little eyes.. it took alot of work and alot of elbow grease to get them clean. Needless to say, they never were left to play alone again...THIS has been edited to identify the guilty party, because she told me NOT to.. as if.. Stephanie btw.. is Exhibit A's star

Exhibit B-Danny and AJ aka Mario and Luigi. Danny and AJ had a love for flushing things, no not normal things. They liked to flush things like tennis balls, barney figures, dry erase board ERASERS, ya know those LARGE items that get stuck and you have to call the plumber to pull up the toilet to dislodge the object and in some cases replace the whole toilet. Yes, my sons were alot of fun at that age. To this day, I get a Little bit of a panic attack when I see them going to pee :o)~

Exhibit C- Mary. No Mary didnt flush things, or draw on herself with marker. Mary was more the Picasso. And like any good artist once she learned how to write her name, she would sign all her art work. Every wall she tagged she would scribble or color and then write with a delicate hand, M-A-R-Y.

Exhibit D- David. David is now in these lovely years, where most kids get into writing on walls, or flushing things, or using the Sharpie with flair. David is special. David has conquered ALL those tasks plus lets add to it, he likes to get into whatever lotion I leave down low, or baby powder he can dump out, he also will tag the walls with glee and flair. David is the one child who can do it all within two minutes of no supervision.. and sometimes I think its closer to 30 seconds. Ah the fun of toddlers.

I have no exhibit E yet, as my E (Emily) is only a year old and thankfully has not discovered the ways of her siblings.

Maybe I will get lucky this time... please? Pretty please?


Wayne said...

Great blog and the cartoon thing was very funny

Mrs B said...

What is it with lotion? Yesterday, I found the mess Raef got into...Q-Tips and Cinnamon Sex Lube...great... :)