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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lent, Life, and the Love Dare

Today starts the first day of Lent. Normally this is followed by #$#*)@*#% I am not a fan of Lent, before anyone decides to yell at me... I should state the only real reason I am not fan of Lent is I am a Catholic and we don't eat meat on Ash Wednesdays or on Fridays.. I am a carnivore. I love meat, so to me Lent stinks. lol. I am not a huge seafood fan... I have my favorites (shrimp, cod (if breaded), Talipia (sometimes), Crablegs, lobster tails.. the basic stuff.. I just am not a fan of the other stuff..oh wait I love scallops.. but I swell up like Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The only difference is I don't turn that pretty purple. I go for bright red and can't breathe.. its not sexy.. trust me. Today I am approaching Lent with what I hope will be a new attitude, Stephanie and I signed up to go to the church from 5 PM to 6 PM every Thursday for Perpetual adoration of the Euchrist. (Our parrish is trying to have the Euchrist open to parishoners 24 hours a day during Lent for all 40 days a big job but something that is rather amazing). So day one.. and I am gonna try and NOT say it.. ask me again in two weeks ok?

We seem to be running our candle at both ends lately, Chuck has started taking classes, the kids have school, everyone seems to have nightly homework, and we run and run and run. It seems like there are days I talk to Chuck more via Facebook then I do in person. I know things will find an even kilter soon its just having the patience for it to get there. I survived Matthews weekend, mostly because I have the most amazing support system and I am grateful every day for that (that includes you blog readers who reached out to me when I needed it most), as I said I can rationalize in my head that the pain of losing him should be gone, but I also know that rationally speaking, his life and death will effect me for the rest of my life and that is ok too. I am so very thankful for everything I do have and that is a good thing.

Which brings me to my next part of the title, today as we start Lent, I have decided to not give anything up this year, instead I am giving something. I am doing the 40 day Love Dare with Chuck. Each day is something different today is to not say anything negative, so today I will say out on my blog I love you Chucky :o)~ Thank you for everything you do for the family. :::Day one check:::: kidding. .I know it goes on, they ask if you have anything negative that you keep it to yourself, so if anything bad happens and I have to explode you all will know. .but so far so good :o)~ I kid. Chucks a good man so Iam pretty sure I can do this.

Ok I am off to clean my living room up which has the well loved look thanks to a certain 13 month old and her four year old brother. More later!!!

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