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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why Me Wednesday...

Good evening I am late today, we will get into the whys of that in the middle of Why me Wendesday. And without further adieu.. why me Wednesday..

I had to take both girls to the pedetrician today, the 11 year old and the 1 year myself. Why me?

There were shots involved... the 11 year old CLIMBED the wall and the 1 year old screamed like someone was pulling her fingernails off.. Why me?

By the time we left the building the 1 year old was giving me dirty looks and the 11 year old swore she would NEVER go to the doctor again.. Why me?

Both girls got glowing reports because they are doing so well healthwise and growin nicely. WOOHOO GO ME!!

The kids got report cards, some were good.. one kid not so much.. Why me and for that matter Why him?

I am tired and sore today.. I didnt sleep last night too well and I don't think tonight will be any better thanks to a little girl who got shots...why me?

I am painfully addicted to NCIS...and really dont need to add another show to my addiction line up.. why me?

I blame my oldest for this addiction because she's addicted too due to her absolute plan to go into the Navy when she gets out of high school.. Why me?

We cant find Emily's pacifier and if we don't, it will truly be a REALLY long night. why me?

Ok thats about it for not. .got any why mes for me? ;o)~

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