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Friday, February 13, 2009


Ok.. i admit it I am a certifiable sap. So since tomorrow is Valentine's day (which is such a sweet day) I am going to list things that I find sweet:

A baby girl who is taking her first steps and toddles and wobbles and its so sweet to see her get to her target point and hold on

A hubby who makes me a cup of my favorite tea

Someone who remembers Valentines Day, birthdays and anniversarys

My mommy coming to visit us this week and taking me to Cheesecake Factory for dinner tonight. (I <3 you Nikia.. I really do)

My friend who gave me a valentine on Wednesday, who has her hubby helping my daughter with Geometry, and gave Emily the CUTEST Valentine dress to wear tomorrow (See Nikia I do love you lol)

A friend who sees I feel yucky today and makes me chickeny noodles today (I <3 Mel)

A teenage daughter who has her unsweet moments, but today gave me roses and chocolates.. I think i will keep her.

A 4 year old who encourages everyone to sing along with every song that plays in the jukebox in his head.

Cute puppies sleeping curled up (only you know that sweetness wont last and shes gonna eat a pair of underwear soon .. grr)

A wonderful friend who sponsors my giveaways and then gives me a big box of tarts to feed my addiction (I have a new favorite.. SEX in the shower is just YUMMY.. the tart ...the tart.. for all you having a party in your head...geesh)

And sweet are people who make me smile, friends who make my heart glad and a family who makes every day sweet.. although some days more then others ahem. lol

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fyrgrl said...

Yeah yeah you don't love me...don't be fooled everybody!!! She CALLED me to rub this about salt in a wound huh? LMAO