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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why me Wednesday?

This morning brings us to our next rousing addition of Why me Wednesday. The blog that asks the question that you really want the answer to some of the time, but know secretly its probably better if nobody tells you.

The alarm clock went off this morning..again. And I had to get up... Why me?

I got into a fight with my teenage daughter yesterday and am still sort of sad it happened... Why Me?

We have managed to pretty much spend all of our tax refund (trip and bills mostly).. Why me?

David has spent the past few days tearing up the house as soon as its cleaned up, and my mom is coming tomorrow.. Why me?

Wait it gets better.. Chuck has to work tonight so I won't have any help to rebuild it before she gets here... why me?

Emily just stole my breakfast... why me? (Good thing shes cute or i wold be annoyed lol)

Now my breakfast keeps hitting the floor.. ok now I am annoyed why me?

I have had a migraine for two days, and it hurts so bad even my eyes hurt.. ;o( Why me?

I had to get a new phone yesterday and lost all my ringtones.. why me?

I am dreading the next week as the end of February is always extremely hard on me.. why me?

I can't figure out facebook as fast as everyone else has and think I am facebook challenged.. why me?

Chucks back in school full time, while I know it will be good for us, I can't help but wonder if he is doing this for us and not for him.. and it makes me feel guilty if he is..why me?

My braincells are being sucked out of my head because kids TV is on, and I really just want to turn it off for a while but won't to avoid the fight it will start with David... why me?

and finally.. the lovely Louise asked me to pick 8 tart flavors for myself and her list is so big, I feel like I opened a bag of lays.. no one can just pick one or um 8. Why me?

So whats wrong with you today or right? or indifferent.. why me wednesday it!! (Crystal I expect to see this on your site today or I am gonna start leaving you one word comments on all your blog entries ;oP I'll be the phantom blogger.. wait.. I just told.. damn.. WHY me?)

1 comment:

Crystal said...

LOL, threats now haha.

I dont have any why me's this week lol. Pretty good week actually.. so far..well when I take my van in for some "work" tomorrow I might have some for ya lol.