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I mother six our house sanity is optional.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why Me Wednesday?

Ahh yes another rendition of the ever exciting why me Wednesday.. Hey if nothing else the graphic is cute right?

The stupid flu I mentioned last week, is still in town.. THIS week... Why me?

I dont want to cook dinner tonight, but Chuck has to work and the kids have to eat.. Why me?

Emily doesn't feel good.. so she is screaming.. I don't feel good but if I scream she'll scream more.. um.. why me?

My stupid van keeps getting stuck in gear, and then is idyling hard. when i ask Chuck he tells me to check one doo hickey and then the thing a majig.. yea not likely.. Why me?

My daughter asked me "WOW mom your 20th high school reunion is this year??" Implying I am old.. why me?

My dog has an obssession with eating pants and underwear no not the whole pants just the crotch.. .and the stupid dog got my pj pants today.. grr.. why me?
Emily is tormenting David because thats her job as baby sister, and he is very annoyed.. and loud.. why me?

Tomorrow is a half day, therefore I will be invaded by the monsters known as my children EARLY.. ugh.. Why me?

David is playing Blues Clues with Stephanie, and I am being ignored.. haha why her? because she asked ME about my 20 year reunion and made me feel old lol. Anyone wanna make us dinner? please? ;o)


My Ice Cream Diary said...

Ooooo, a whine fest, I want in! =)

I have to admit that I didn't have my son practice at all this week to his piano teacher today. Why me?

I left a potted plant on the floor and the baby tipped it over and scattered the dirt every where and now I have to bath him and sweep up the mess. Why me?

There are no crunchy salty things in my house to munch on. Why me?

Crystal said...

Ughh my van did that awhile back I couldnt go over 40mph because it was stuck in gear and freakin out lol. It was a sensor on the transmission.. phewwwwww.