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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So far in 2009....

A friend of mine sent this to me as an email this morning.. hmm I could have facebooked it or Myspaced it.. but my brain is S L O W today so I decided it would make a fine blog..

So far in 2009...

Have you had a girlfriend or boyfriend? Yes. .but last I heard he prefers the title husband

Have you had your birthday? Nope, June 7. .send presents.. with bows

Been to church? Yes.

Cried yet? Yes lots and lots

Had someone close to you pass away? No

Pulled an all nighter? Yes

Drank starbucks? yes

Gone shopping? yes

Gone to the movies? Yes, I saw Bolt in January lol.

Been to the beach? Yes but not in the water

Bought something for over 100 dollars? Yes

Met someone new? Yes

Been out of your home state? yes

Gone snowboarding/sking? Nope, havent even seen snow really

In The Past Month...

Kissed someone? yes

Slept in a friend's bed? nope

Snuck someone over? not since high school LOL

Snuck out of your own house? A few times but that is just sneaking past the 13 month old who will cry if she sees me leave.

Been in a bar? walked THRU a bar does that count?

Lied? umm.. can I plead the 5th?

Gotten a car? Yes Saturday :o)~ and one on January 10th :o)~ (one for me.. one for Chucky)

Gone over your cell phone minutes? Nope.. and yes I am shocked too

Been called a whore? ROFLMAO um not very likely

Drove somewhere? Yes lots and lots of places

Done something you regret? Yes

Gotten caught...? Caught at what??


Thing you bought? a Sprite

Person to call you? Michele

Last time you took a bubble bath? Hmm I dunno. Everytime I try someone bugs me.. so I stopped trying.

When was the last time you felt stupid? Daily

When was the last time you walked/ran over a mile? 9th grade lol

Who was the last person who saw you cry? Emily who patted me on my back lol

Who was the last person who made you cry? It was alot of stuff all at once

Who was the last person you watched a movie with? David

Who was the last person you danced with? Emily

Who did u last yell at? David when he pulled the stuffing out of my loveseat.. grrr

Who last told you they loved you? David right before he got in trouble. "But I love YOU"

I am not tagging anyone but if you want to play along you are more then welcome to.

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