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Thursday, February 19, 2009

200 posts.

Wow. I am stunned. I have kept up with this.. and while I do manage to keep up with some things, I am the type of girl who will follow something and then wander off to something else. I have a bad case of grownup ADHD, or as Bill Engvill refers to it "Shiny Object syndrome" I can focus along just fine but then "ooooooo whats that over there?" Now before you panic.. I am not going to list 200 items on my blog like I did when I hit 100. nope. I am not that mean.. that would make for one seriously LONG blog and 1) I am sick still and 2) I don't have the effort in me today.. so instead today.. I am going to blog about hmm.. well nothing in particular.. we will call this the Seinfeld blog today.. a blog about nothing in particular.

First of all, thank you to everyone who left me a comment or IMed me or called me to check on me after my Blog about Matthew. you guys are so very sweet and I appreciate all of you. Thank you.

Secondly of all, my stupid van is still not working.. I think I may have killed the whole transmission. damn. That just breaks my heart. I am really thinking of going to look at cars and seeing how bad it would turn us upside down to write that van in the cost of a new loan. I am just over all the issues.

Thirdly, have you ever noticed when you are sick the piles of clothes that appear out of nowhere? sadly.. they are all clean.. I just don't have the drive to put them away. But I have noticed that Louise's avalanche tart is LOVELY when you are congested from your chest up.

Fourth.. um ok Fourthly cant be right.. so lets go with fourth.. ok? Rachel Ray is making a spinch artichoke mac and cheese. man.. I NEED this.. I will have to make this soon. (note to self aka Chuck.. expect a grocery list for the items for this.. soon)

Fifth, why is it when you feel like crud, the kids get out of school early? Shouldn't there be a mommy feels like dog doo clause where you can notify the school and they keep em longer?

Sixth, you guys are really wondering if I am going to 200th arent you? things that make you go hmmmmmm

Seventh...can anyone suggest an easy meal for tonight? really watching Rachel Ray at 10 AM is a definite hazard...

Eigth..How is it that your children can keep track of the game wii motes, but not the GAMES they play? Drives me nuts.

Ninth... can someone please tell the sock monster to return all my socks.. and if the sock monster is not holding them hostage, how about the teenage MONSTER (Stephanie....)

Tenth..really made you guys think I was going to 200 huh? nope I am stopping at 10. I am going to go find a shower and hopefully a clear head.. please..just for a little bit. Have a lovely Thursday


OldWomansOldMan said...

U ARE A GOOFBALL!!!!luckily i love you :^P.

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

woohooo 200.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I'm sorry you're sick.

I got in my car today and it smelled great and I thought of you because I put one of my smelly tarts in it. It is a fab car freshner.