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I mother six our house sanity is optional.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Toss up Tuesday........

Toss up Tuesday.. what a bizarre name for a blog.. or what an accurate way of stating the condition of my day....The Navy in its infinite wisdom (bwahahaha) has decided AGAIN not to pay Chuck.. did i even post yesterday they were going to pay him for their paperwork error? Oh no.. they aren't AGAIN.. some neanderthal male ahole got involved and fixed that. Some bs abbout the end of the fiscal year..w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r.. he has been reinstated since Sept 4. End of fiscal year is midnight... I hate them. I hate them for making him feel like he doesn't deserve to be paid for work he did for them, and it would be different if it was work he did half assed but if you know Chuck it doesnt work like that.. he doesn't do thinks half assed. For chuck is the whole ass or no ass (ha! I made a funny) Anyways..Toss up my hands in the air on that one.. stupid Navy. He has put in 15 years for these people. busted his tail... endured separations, and so many other things and in return they basically screw him.. the hell with them.

I had Marys IEP meeting today (individualized education plan) her new school is awesome beyond words. The people involved all listened to my concerns and it was a sense of relief to know my child is in good hands.. This time I tossed up my hands because THANK GOD someone finally is helping.. her special ed teacher is even helping me get her glasses fixed.. nobody has ever showed this much care for Mary.. I am so delighted you have no idea

Toss up number 3.. well that was from David lol.. no not because of David but from David.. when told he had homework to do he threw his hands in the air and told me "but Mommmmmmmm I can't do it rightnow. i am ass ox ted (that is how it came out)" so i told him to lay down on the couch two minutes later he was out.. apparently it really is toss up Tuesday.

Thanks to the 3 who replied to my tag. :o)~ more tomorrow.. hopefully in a better mood.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Tag.. YOUR it...

I am sure if you are on Myspace you have been tagged before, if not then i am going to play tag now. i am going to post a blog with six things about my life.. whether you want to know.. you're going to know soon. I am then going to tag others... this could be fun:

1) I love to cook and bake, if I could be a professional chef or caterer I would love it. I love to experiment in the kitchen and most things come out pretty darn good and the ones that don't ... :::tosses them out the window:::::well, we just get rid of the evidence and leave no witnesses

2) I never believed in love at first site until I met Chuck face to face. I knew him via AOL for 4 years before we met but our face to face meeting was so awesome it was electric and well that was Nov 21, 2001... and its now 2008. I may want to kill him sometimes but most of the time I think we do ok.

3) Wii sports is the coolest game in the whole wide world.. the end :o)~ lol.. ok.. not the end. i was 9 months pregnant bowling in my living room..... and then only a few days post partum from a csection bowling again.. AWESOME.

4) Garth Brooks, Winnie the Pooh, Chocolate hershey kisses and Dr Pepper you bring me any of those four things and you can be my friend forever :o)~

5) When it comes to my kids I am like a lioness with her cubs.. hurt me all you want, but you best not EVER mess with my kids.. GROWL

6) I can watch Grease, Ever After, Dirty Dancing, the Notebook, and PS I love you over and over again and never get sick of them. I think they are just wonderful.

Ok now I tag.. Chuck, Mel, Nikia (yea I know "but i dont have a blog.." guess you better make one),Amanda, Lisa, Misty, Shawna and yes you too Erica.. Ok so that was more then six. .but I only have 8 followers.. lets see those tags Ladies/Chuck.

Monday meanderings..

Monday morning always comes too soon, we get up and get moving without even so much as a good bye from half the house.. we always have the one person (kid or adult) who wakes up in a mood.. today I think it might be my turn. I am up.. I have already done my chores.. growled about various things (ok.. 1) why is it so hard to turn off a light when you leave a room?? 2) pick up your towel off the floor, sofa, or anywhere else.. its not my job unless you are under 4 to do so. 3) we all understand the need for breakfast... but how hard is it to run water in the cereal bowl. 4) monday morning attitudes.. i realize everyones life sucks in one way or another if someone says "Good Morning" try not to snarl. How hard is it to be nice? One bad attitude tends to mess up everyones day.

This week so far I have two IEP meetings (those are going to be fun with an 8 month old that has less then zero interest in sitting still anymore), I have to pay the bills (and cry), hopefully manage to get some stuff we need (necessities not niceties), and make my menus for the week... and hopefully this week stick to it. Its so hard to do that when half the time its easier to just have everyone fend for themselves. With the exception of Emily and David who um..can't do that just yet.

So i started thinking about the holidays today.. I know this christmas will be small, but i also know my kids well enough to know that three or four small things will mean as much as six or seven huge gifts. I luck out that I have excellent kids, they don't care about name brands or big fancy things all they want is to know they are loved. I am one of the lucky ones

So while today is Monday, I have decided that if I come to the end of my rope, I am going to tie a knot and hang on... :o)

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Ok.. i figure Sunday is a good day for confessions... nothing that horribly juicy, it may raise an eyebrow but nothing that terribly exciting.. my blog. . I don't have to excite you.. so there.

Confession number 1: My moms visits are always so nice, but I always dread thinking she is going to suggest we go to Mass. I am Catholic but I refer to myself as out of practice. I haven't been to church in years, mostly because I have an issue with God... I am angry. I know I am not supposed to be, and yes I have been invited to about half a dozen churches and bible studies.. its not my religion I am mad at.. Its God himself. I just figure he and I will work it out in time. I am not ready to stop being mad yet, and everytime I think their is the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel he slaps me again. So not yet..maybe next week... maybe not ever.. but who's to say.

Confession number 2: I got my nails done.. its not a record shaking event... but.. my mom paid for me to get my nails done.. the confession is... after having them done as much as I love them and I did miss them, they haven't given me that warm fuzzy feeling I was hoping for. they are pretty I am glad I got them done, but it doesn't fix anything other then giving me the angst of worrying how I will have the 12 dollars every two weeks to keep them up.

Confession number 3: I need a break. i need 24 hours to just decompress. Its not the kids, the husband, or anything else.. It in turn is just EVERTHING all at once. .. its just mental how things can blow up and make things seem worse then they are.

Confession number 4: When does trying become not enough? I hear "I am trying....." and you have to wonder when trying is just not enough anymore.. I am exhausted and I am fed up. And I am totally finished with the aspect of the word try.. Quoting Yoda: Don't try. DO.

Confession number 5: Aggrivation. I grew up hardly ever hearing curse words.. now I am married to someone who thinks the only way to speak is to use the F word. When did our society become so politically correct that it is ok to speak and then use the phrase "I am a sailor" whatever.. i am sure the crackerjack kid never told someone he "swabbed the fing deck, sir" He won't cuss when his parents are here and gasped at me when I said "damn" in front of them.. but he has such little respect for my mother that he can't speak without a curse word. Why is it different? Why is it ok to swear like a thoughtless neanderthal in front of my mother, but its not ok to do it in front of his parents.. double standard much?

Confession number 6: and my last one.. I am sorry this blog wasn't witty.. I am not feeling witty today. I am feeling disenchanted and pissy. and well quite frankly.. OVER it.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

One more thing....

the 3 musketeers movie with Mickey Donald and Goofy is wonderful but I have to watch it one more time I think I will start rooting for Pete. David knows every fun fun.. really.. I mean it...

Saturdays Samplings..

Woke up this morning at take Stephanie to a NJROTC event... this is the first one of the year and she was thrilled to go.. not so thrilled to have to compete against her old school. she will survive (At first she was afraid.. she was petrified...HA! i have one!! I had a song.. GOO ME!). I know she will do fine, and I know while her heart is for Heritage.. her mind is screaming Maury.

Last night our AC froze up.. I know in September it shouldn't matter.. except I personally feel that penguins should have a right to roam my house and ice skate whenever they want... you ask what does that mean? I love it cold.. i feel bad for my children in August as they walk around in winter clothes and as they talk watch the smoke come from their mouths.. why? because its so cold you can see your own breath. It never thrills them. and usually as soon as i leave they turn it off.. and then as I announce on my way home it goes back on.. well that plan backfired yesterday it was put down to 45 to cool the house faster. . um.. yea doesn't work that way.... so last night we had windows open and while there was an acceptable breeze.. it wasn't cool.. so Tricia didn't sleep...groans.


My cell phone main screen broke this morning.... growls... I went to Verizon Wireless prepared to be there til my 50th birthday and I was in and out in under an hour.. I had to look at the name of the building on the way out.. I didn't believe I was at Verizon and night in the twilight zone. Its working... .I am happy. :o)~ As is anyone else who 1) has to reach me and 2) would have to listen to me if it wasn't.

not to mention....

So the monthly visitor is here..... its not a friend.. its not an aunt.. its a visitor.. hate it. This months is brutal.. which I should have known it would be.. last month I had pain.. this month I have no pain but i have all the other crap that goes with it.

And ya know.. i have decided its time for someone I know to win the lottery.. so whoever wins it we wil all share ok? cause damn..

and lastly.

So Paul Newman died.. how sad. he was such a handsome man.... Rest in Peace.

Friday, September 26, 2008

baseball....and other events in our house

First of all let's start with baseball... before I mentioned AJ is a NY Mets fan.... what I didn't mention was I am as well.... well.... in true September fashion they are falling apart. It drives me insane.... they play like gangbusters and right when the playoffs are in sight.. BAM they screw up.. .and this year, sadly is no different... we had a good season... granted it wasn't great.. it was no 1986 but it was good.. then August hit.. then September hit and good season auto flushed... Fricking Mets... Fricking Phillies for playing well.. and Fricking Milwaukee Brewers just because... argh.... See you in April boys... try not to screw up next year ok?

My moms here, and I love her.. my kids love her.. they however do NOT love that she is a political junkie... the last time she was here was in time for the RNC, it is her Nirvana.. she LOVEs politics. ok so... she makes plans to come visit this weekend.. ya know the first debate...i am watching Good Morning America with Mary and they announce the debate and she says to me "DOES SHE PLAN THIS??" I laughed hysterically.

My brother Gregg drives mom down.. he will NOT come visit my house... ok. .I realize in the past my houses have not been lovely.. but dammit.. I love this house.. oh well his loss... :::Shrugs::: him and his nasty attitude can stay away... so hmph.

And now. .my cryptic message of the day... to the person who feels like she has MACK truck written on her forehead this week... it's gonna be alright.. and in case you wonder how I can say that..well because I can.. it will be ok. Pinky promise

ohhh and for the record.. after Chuck read my blog earlier today I got a text message that said "I love you and your right" consider that puppy LOCKED.. permanently.


Its Friday..... Thank God. ... another week survived .. go me. Of course, at the same note, its hard to say anyone is living anymore, we are all surviving. I don't know of anyone who really goes out to splurge and have fun.. everyone is worried about the mighty dollar, and as I listen in the background to Fox News talk about a bailout plan, I think we need to grocery shop but what can we get this week? What do we have to skip? what will get put back? Even with my mom helping and I am sure buying alot, we still have to be cautious. Remember when buying a loaf of bread was .79 cents? for a generic loaf it was 1.49 the other day. wow. Eggs are over 2.00 a dozen. Buying food a neccessity shouldn't feel like you are "splurging" when you buy yogurt! you shouldn't feel like one night a week ramen or soup has to be on the menu. This world has gone insane.

I know my husband is waiting for me to slam him, and I am not going to.. but again this fight is like so many everyone is having its over the dollar... the dismal dollar. Its about right and wrong, and no not I'm right and he's wrong. . its about the military.. its about taking advantage of my husband. it's about being lied to. i am annoyed.. ok who am I lying to? I am pissed off. ok. .background. .somehow some idiot did paperwork and put him a non pay status.....he did two drills and never got paid. we were told by many "oh when this is taken care of they will pay you." right.. I should have known better.. but I trusted them.. never make that mistake. they lied. they lied to keep him working.. and it worked.. he showed up in good faith, he did his job, and in the end they lied. i have lost faith in his command, and i have told him so. I will never go out of my way for them... they don't care so why should we? I hate being lied to, I hate that they then added insult to injury and took extra money for a time they wont pay him for. Its not fair. its not Chucks fault, in the end.. its just the BS of it all.

My mom is taking me to get my nails done today, she heard my blog about the economy and decided I need my nails done and cheesecake from the cheesecake factory... note to self.. .keep mom. ;o)~

Short blog today as we are going to go do some running around, have a lovely day.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I <3 my husband

Ya know.. today I have had three phone calls, one text message and an IM conversation about friends spouses (before you all start wondering.. its NONE of my known followers lol) but proving my point in my last blog that I am a psychologist... here is what I have heard today:

1) my first phone call was from a friend of mine, who's husband is in a way making her choose between her husband and her child.. I am not 100% sure why, but she is choosing her husband. Excuse me? I have told Chuck numerous times. I love you but if it comes down to the kids or you, you're gonna lose. :::: you're gonna lose... you're gonna lose::::: annoying kid from A league of their own voice.. sorry.. MOMMY ADHD today... my mothers coming.. enough said.

2) my second phone call was from a friend who informed me that her husband has taken up a new hobby of playing a role playing game.. he rolled (haha no pun intended I swear) in at 3:30 AM last night.. and since she had made dinner didn't understand why she was mad.. .um... seriously.. thats like asking a dalmation why they have spots.. if we are mad and you don't know. .you got .5 seconds to figure out what you did.. the end.

3) my third phone call was amusingly enough from one of the kids teachers, who's husband called in three times while we were talking and she finally said "please hang on.. apparently he is missing that I am busy right now" while Chuck will leave me a voicemail and then text me.. if I don't answer.. he usually figures.. I am doing something.. (mother of six... really do stuff.. see last blog)

4) Ok this is a great one.. friend is 9 months pregnant.. .with baby number 2.. .her husband told her this morning, well I have plans to go fishing next saturday.. if you go into labor you will just have to hang on until I get home.. yes, because we can tell babies when to come.. I really do think that gets the idiot of the year award.

5) lastly, a friend of mine has a husband.. she IMed me this morning because he has decided that helping her with little things like food for their child is not important but he wants sex.. let me tell you what.. i would lock my legs, add the chastity belt and then bobbitt him before I let him have sex if he wasnt taking care of my kids....

So that is why this is labeled I love my husband.. somehow even the little things you do, are made so small by the other members of your gender. ;o)~ I guess I really did get the cream of the crop.

:::: DISCLAIMER::: should you choose to decide to act like any of the morons listed in this blog, I will remove body parts you are unaware you own:::::::

so what do you do for a REAL job?

These were the words uttered to me by a neanderthal (man) at Walmart today. I was shopping with Emily getting supplies for my moms visit this weekend, and a few odds and ends because as Rodney Carrington says you can't get 800 feet into Walmart without needing a buggy. Ain't that that truth... anyways... so Mr Caveman approaches and strikes up a conversation while I am looking at pillows.. he says to me "Hey so have you ever tried herbal life? its a great weight loss tool" (strike 1) I said "I have heard of it, but I am not really interested.. I am doing something on my own" He says "well this really works, and if you like it you can sell it and it can make you money" (strike 2) I reply "no thanks" he says "well what do you do for a living?" I said "I am a Stay at home mom of six" he says "no I meant what do you do for a REAL job?" (strike 3) I walked away... because had I stayed he would have gotten an earful.. What do I do? Let's see.......

I am a maid, i clean the house daily, i pick up and put things in their place and i make sure things are tidy.. yea I don't put a mint on your pillow but damn... give me break.

I am a farmer... I clean up and slop the pigs (teenagers) daily. I do however refuse to clean their stalls.

I am a plumber... can I tell you how many times I plunge that toilet weekly?

I am a chef.. I cook each meal for the family, and when I don't cook i am at the very least a sous chef. I am involved.

I am a judge and jury when the court needs and will be executioner if I see fit.

I am an referee usually at a large sporting event scale too.. fists fly I am there

I am a medic.. I can slap a bandaid on a booboo in no time, fix a wound, and kiss a booboo

I am a psychologist.. whether its a broken heart, a situtation that needs mom, or anything else.. I am definitely someone who picks your brain..

and lastly......

I am a MOM, the pay isn't the best, but the benefits (kisses and hugs) can't be beat. So Mr Caveman..... what is my real job... a helluva lot more then you do in a day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Martha Stewart... can bite me

I look around my house, and i think well we could use curtains in the living room.. and we could use carpets that don't have stains on them.. and we could use teenagers who can throw away the toilet paper roll (ya know the cardboard thingee?? I was cleaning the bathroom today.. NEXT to the trash can were 3 of them.. ok.. come on now.. NEXT to the trashcan??? argh). sorry back to Martha.. I know my kids would love fresh baked cookies and cakes and brownies every day (so would I, but the idea of changing my name to jumbo the elephant.. I am not so good with.. if i bake them. .i am going to eat them.. this isn't a question.. its a fact) i am not saying I dont cook a mean dinner... i do.. .last night I made Jessica Simpsons chicken and dumplings.. it was really good.. and so easy.. and while I think she has a great voice (Although makes weird faces when she sings), you have to question yourself and say "ok its Jessica simpson.. how complicated can it be?" i do have a plan to make banana bread today.. in the breadmachine. yea so what of it? its baking.. I just leave the mixing part to the machine. it still counts. I think Martha, Rachel Ray, and all those other lovely ladies who cook and clean are awesome.. but the fact is. i am not Martha or Rachel.. I am Tricia.. and i am ok with that. And yea my kids will never say "My mommy has the cleanest house on the block" I am ok with that too.. its not dirty.. its not messy.. its just a home. my home. and while yes, I would love some things to make it "Even homier" I am good with being me and leaving Martha to being Martha.

Hump day.

Ok.. i sat here trying to think of what to title todays blog, and I went with the obvious "hump day" because its Wednesday.. no there is no funny reason behind it.. that's it. i am that boring today.. how sad. I was trying to think of what to write about this morning, and it came to me that I have a few things to complain, growl, chat about....

1) what is with the complete inability of my kids and husband to bring their socks to the laundry room? I found 6 pairs of socks in my room today all by my husbands side of the bed.. while I know he will tell me they all aren't his, and he is possibly right, I will bet that at least half are. Even Emilys socks are around the house... Please for the love of God pick up your socks..

2) Emily. What a doll she is. ;o)~ I know I know I am biased.. and your point? she's my last little girl. .and I think they should make a rule that the last one has to be little longer.. last night she pulled up twice.. once on me and then on Chuck.. make it stop.. I am not ready for her to try her hand at independence.. NOT yet.. please. but I also have to admitt, I really love this stage.. I love seeing her grow up.

3) Teenage girls.... .. this one is going to be short because I don't want to go too deep into it, but I think teenage girls in general need to slow down. Stop rushing to be grown up, because once those teen years are gone you will want them back. Sex isn't a way to say hello, its not a handshake... take it seriously... even if you love someone, take it seriously. (theres nothing hidden there in case anyone is going "Oh?? what did she do?" she didn't do anything... its the careful observation of a mom who picked up her daughter to see two teenagers doing tonsil checks against the wall of the school.. and so many many other things.. S L O W down. you will grow up. in time.

4) Finally.. friends. one of my followers yesterday asked what she had to do to get blogged about.. see you did it.. i am blogging about you Nikia. Seriously... i am amazed at the people who I have met in the years on the internet... while I have had my shares of looney tunes (ahem chuck.. kidding. . he knows I love him) I have met some of the most amazing people.. each with a different story. I am one of those people who is very outgoing and sometimes it makes people back away from me because well I am hyper.. i am the same on the internet though.. you see the same me you will see in person. I am a mother of six, I am crazy, I live life, and I love hard. I forgive people for wrongs even when I know I shouldn't.. even when I am counting strikes and you are on strike 3, i give one more chance.. because sometimes life needs tball rules instead of baseball rules. ( ya know keep going until you get a hit and run the bases). I can name off some amazing people for you, or you can trust that I really do have some great friends. Let the record state, you can mess with me, but don't mess with my friends.. they are truly all one of a kind. I love you guys.. and to the ones I have never met face to face... it makes no difference if you are in my kitchen playing uno with me, or if you are on a keyboard listening to me whine, you are there for me.. when I need it and that is what matters.

GROUP HUG {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGGG}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This and that.. that and this

Ok lets start with baby proofing... everyone who has a child under the age of 2 at any point has baby proofed.. why? well 1) its to keep the baby safe (duh) but 2) its really set out to annoy the daylights out of your spouse as you watch him try and figure out how to work the gadget.. well spouse and teenagers. (see that kids.. mommy's paying you back for these teen years!! HAHAHA!! :::evil laugh:::: ). Anyways.... we have put one of these baby proofing items on our fridge.. ok. .its not for Emily.. YET.. but... it is there to keep the door closed.. .except one thing.... NOBODY can figure out how to move the little plastic piece off the button.. so they all RIP the door open.. WTF.. seriously.. its NOT that complicated.. I promise.. although I have also decided women invented these things.. there is NOT a man on earth that would have put a button lock on the holder of the beer. NOT a chance. So now my job today is to find a gadget that is baby proof, man proof and teenager proof..... duct tape it is.

Ok.. on to the next thing... I have this best friend.. her name is Mel. She came to me with the pondering of "why does the tape of a maxi pad stick to everything but where it is supposed to stick" ya know.. that is a damn good question. and she's right.. ANY female would agree that they use this super glue tape on those things. which is great.. but.... then you go attach it to your panties.. and damn if that thing doesn't slip, slide and come undone.. are you kidding me? of course it will twist it self around attach to the front of them, it will attach to the toilet seat on the way down.. and GOD knows it will attach and pull your um hair (ok. .come on we don't all landscape the private property... and if you do, please leave this bloggers imagination as it is.. I don't NEED to know).

So my mom is coming this weekend we got the phone call last night. . this is good news... I love my mom. :o)~ I can't wait for the visit.. .and then the panic sets in. .OMG we have to clean the house.. ok.. my house isn't that bad.. but my mom well..she's a neat freak.. we aren't talking Felix Unger here, but she is defintiely a neat freak. so I will breathe. .I will clean.. and then..I will threaten anyone who messes it up.

Ok one last thing.. there are some ladies on my Janaury board, and I can't tell you how impressed I am with the pictures they take with their cameras.. if I get a good picture.. I call it a really cool accident. They have a thing going on where they want us to post pictures right now.. I will look, but i am not participating lol.. I look like grade school compared to these ladies.. I am so impressed with all of them.

Ok Emily is growling.. it must be time for the morning nap.. more later. if not tune in next time.. when you will hear this blogger say......

Monday, September 22, 2008

oh yea I forgot....

my husband sucks. women go on diets....we lose 10 lbs in like 3 months. .and ya know. .we are happy. ... ok. .I lie we aren't happy but we take our lumps... ya know? (do NOT sing the lady lump song Chuck.. don't do it). ok. .anyways.. so Chuck had to lose 15 lbs for the Navy, he started taking hydroxy cut he weighed in at 215 he had to weigh 198 lbs. 3 weeks...... do you know that that JERK @#*!@)$ weighed on saturday? 188 lbs.. BITE me. I am selling him on ebay.. remember ladies.. he sings its like having a live karaoke machine.. and he does dishes.. and cleans up.. does laundry.. wait never mind.. he's mine.

monday monday.........

ok see case in point.. .Chuck's off this morning he goes to work at 1:00 PM, after a trip to the school to spy on Rocky Balboa later on. Rocky being David who on EVERY report from last week it pretty much says "punched..... (fill in person, child, table, wall).. I am waiting for the call from Vince McMahon asking him to join the WWE.. I am telling you its just a matter of time...We'll claim midget wrestling not child... duh.. .

Anyways back to Chuck.....I title the blog.. he starts singing the damn song.. AGAIN.. WTF.. sersiously... ok.. .anyways... I am not going to even tell you that I could type any other Monday song and it would be cue the music... don't do it Chuck... I can see manic monday in your head.. OMG as I was typing it he started singing.. F-R-E-A-K...

ok........ so I am back........this is so much easier to do without music. . but whatcha gonna do? (great cue the music to COPS). omg.. he just said "Yea I am Peter.. your Lois" then we both looked at Emily.. she's so not Stewie.. no Stewie is at school right now.... in the form of said Rocky Balboa... ok.. so the week has began.. the kids are at school.. two of them in clothes I would not pick dog poo out of the yard in.. .its tacky dress day.. stephanie looks like she is a color blind, fashion challenged.. um.. hooker.. thank God she had leggings on because that skirt would have made a better halter top.. ahem. the whole outfit is scary.. from head to toe: pigtails with different color ponytail holders, a turquoise shirt, a girl scout sash, a orange terry cloth after shower skirt, a pair of NEON pink leggings, White christmas socks that had snowmen on them and Green plaid shoes.... WoW.... scary... Danny wore a hawaiian print shirt (orange), neon green shirt under it...Grey shiny shorts and then over those he wore cookie monster potato pants, two yellow baseball socks, and one new balance sneaker and one nike.

Gotta love homecoming week.. its always something unique. trust me. Ok.. so last night.. we had what has to go down as the funniest moment EVER for me as a parent... I shouldn't post it here. .and i will leave out names to protect the innocent.. we will call the person in question, Stankley steamer. 1 brother was sent upstairs to get Stanley Steamer, and he opened the door to find him um.. well you know the scene from Scary movie where the mentally challenged brother is using the vaccum for um........personal time? Yep. .you got it.. .Stanley Steamer was making out with the vaccum... I am hoping if I get grandchildren some day he doesn't name them Eureka or Hoover.. or god forbid.. Dirt Devil. I am going to hell for telling this I am sure.. lol. Anyways.. he came back down stairs mortified.. as his brother and I were falling over ourselves laughing at the table.... as I am quietly texting a few people (I swear it wasn't my whole address book.. I swear). he grabs the house phone.. I stifled my laugh and said "their customer service line. .isn't what you think" he goes "MOOOOOMMMM" it was really rather funny.

ok. there I shared my giggle for the day.. I hope it makes you giggle too.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

This blasted economy.

I don't care personally who anyone is voting for.. I don't care and I won't bore you with who I am voting for. .we all have our reasons and thats just fine.. however.. .are we really supposed to believe anyone can fix this economy? No, i don't want to be rich, but damn. .it would be nice to think of Outback steakhouse and not think... "ohh but its so expensive" or telling the kids "you can order off the Mcdonald's dollar menu but the happy meal price is just too high right now"

We got paid a modest paycheck for the hours my husband worked at his part time job on Friday.. .by last night, it was gone. like the wind. Between gas coming in at $3.72 a gallon (am I the ONLY one who remembers it being under a dollar?? I swear it was 2001. Chuck and I were dating and I remember stopping in Richmond for gas and paying .99 cents a gallon.. WTF happened?) Its all so easy.. let's place blame.. screw blame.. Let's be realistic.. we are all broke. We are all broke and what is supposed to be fixable is NOT fixable. There isn't a big enough band aid to cover this. I am so insanely tired of being in a situation like this. I envy women who get their nails done.. I haven't had my nails done in forever. my husband works three jobs.. and i can't afford 20 dollars every two weeks? that makes no sense. And Yes, I know.. But you have six kids.. and? I don't splurge. I pay my bills. I get the groceries. I buy gas. and then I give up. I concede defeat Washington.. do you hear me? You win. Now fix this so I can get my damn nails done and be a girl again. So my kids can have the happy meal.. so life won't be so complicated. Just please do something. Before the financial depression gets worse and the once mighty USA becomes a third world contry..

ok. off my soapbox. for now... maybe.. ::picks it up, and moves it back into the house.. we may need to turn it into firewood in a few months:::::

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Coffee, and the early bird gets the worm

ok... so its Saturday morning at 8:50 and I am wide awake. I realize that is not abnormal or horrible.. but I remember the long ago days of sleeping til 12 on the weekend.. Where are they?? oh wait I know.. they are with the teenagers who are still snug in bed. Let's go through my morning so far shall we? (yea go ahead say no.. I am still typing it.. you can close it if you want.. HA! your still here.. I have your attention.. WOOHOO go me!)

5:45 AM- Alarm goes off. .chuck snarls something and hits it
5:50 AM- Alarm goes off again.. chuck and I both snarl and hit them both (two cell phones alarm.. although his is MORE annoying shapoopie from Family guy. UGH.. however a big improvement up from Sts of Los Angeles.. over and over.
5:55 AM-Alarm goes off.. beat it just beat it.. pick up the cell phone and beat it! (sorry.. i am done.. i am not lyrical ok? there I said it)
6:00 AM- Alarm goes off.. chuck.. we gotta get up. he replies he knows.. yet still doesn't move.. gotta love a man with restraint.. chuck you have drill. GET up.
6:05 AM- he gets up. I get up. .face it. .we are up
6:10 AM he puts on his uniform we leave for the base.
6:11 AM I open full throttle coffee bevarage. I then begin to bless whoever invented this little kick in a butt in a can. O M G so good.
6:35 AM drop said spouse at base.. run to Wawa (gotta hava wawa.. ding. stuck in your head now? man am I evil) get gas. .curse at the prices while i listen to an old man tell me its the politicians fault we pay so much.. too early for that
6:50 AM get home.. to see Emily wide awake. damn. so much for sleep.. we eat breakfast..yogurt.. the new whips things are AWESOME. ok.. shameless plug over
7:00 AM-play on the internet..
8:00 AM tell mary i am going to take a shower and then we are leaving
8:15 AM- Same story to Mary.
8:30 AM- hey at least i am predictable.. same story to Mary
9:00 AM- publish this blog.. get a shower and hopefully we leave.

Today is another full day for me. .i am running to BJ's, then to see two friends, and then.. we are having friends over for dinner.. Pray for me.. its gonna be a long one. as I already hear WW3 breaking out between AJ and David..


Greetings! I am a mother of six.. yes.. you read that right six.. (OMG are you crazy? well yes.. yes i am.. you can't be sane and have teenagers.. its a choice.. sanity or teenagers.. NEVER both.. ok?) The cast of characters of this blog will be the following, its easier if I run down the list for you so that way you aren't confused, I am not confused and in the end it will be good for all of us right? right. Of course I am right.. i am typing to myself. and if i am wrong.. well thank God for the backspace key right?.. anyways.. back to the cast of characters:

Chuck- this is my husband... he is an SK in the Navy Reserves, a Navy contractor, and he works at a video store Part time.. (ok he is a workaholic) he is also a mad fan of Motley Crue, the Cincinati Bengals and Reds, and he is one of those freaks that can hear a song ONCE and know every word.. WTF is that and Why don't I have it? sucks

Stephanie-this is the 17 year old.. she's a pill. I kid. She's a good kid, she's just um a teenager... and goes from 0 to bitchy in 1.5 seconds. I actually think one day last summer she got it down to .5 seconds.. luckily her brothers see it right before it hits and scream THERE she blows to warn the rest of us

Danny-14 years old.. is there a 14 year old that doesn't run on videogames? if so can you show him to me? Danny would rather sit all day long and play a videogame then to breathe fresh air... periodically we throw a controller outside to see if he will fetch.. then lock him out.. again I kid..

AJ is 13 years old, and he eats drinks and breathes sports... ok. no thats not true.. he eat drinks and breathes baseball.. .(it doesn't matter whos playing or what movie it is.. if it has baseball in it.. he's there) he also loves sports in general (Washington Redskins.. yea I know.. I feel bad for him too lol and the New York Mets.. the one thing you can say is he will never cheat on a woman because if he can be faithful to those two teams.. a woman will be a piece of cake.

Mary is 10 years old.. she is seriously a tiny little thing.. but has as she told her teacher on the first day of school "I have anger issues" ok.. seriously.. ever seen looney tunes? you know the jeckyll and hyde episode where the tiny sweet birdie turns into the BIG monster? ok good.. now you know who Mary is. she does have wonderful moments.. but for the most part if the head starts spinning.. MOVE.. FAST. She loves the Jonas Brothers, and is NOT happy that her sister and I met them in August.. and may I say.. what sweet boys

David is 4 years old...he is a blonde hair blue eyed CLONE of his daddy.. no thats NOT a bad thing.. but.. he even has Daddy's tude.. which isn't always a good thing. He loves Buzz Lightyear and has daddys gift for reciting movies, TV shows.. pretty much anything.

Emily is 8 months old, she is the baby... the end.. chuck was neutered .. i can prove it. :o)~ She is a doll and currently enjoys snuggling, kisses, puffs, and whatever else we throw on her tray that she can munch with her two teeth. :o)~

So welcome to the blog.. sit back and stay.. I can't always promise wit.. but i can promise it won't be boring...