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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Toss up Tuesday........

Toss up Tuesday.. what a bizarre name for a blog.. or what an accurate way of stating the condition of my day....The Navy in its infinite wisdom (bwahahaha) has decided AGAIN not to pay Chuck.. did i even post yesterday they were going to pay him for their paperwork error? Oh no.. they aren't AGAIN.. some neanderthal male ahole got involved and fixed that. Some bs abbout the end of the fiscal year..w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r.. he has been reinstated since Sept 4. End of fiscal year is midnight... I hate them. I hate them for making him feel like he doesn't deserve to be paid for work he did for them, and it would be different if it was work he did half assed but if you know Chuck it doesnt work like that.. he doesn't do thinks half assed. For chuck is the whole ass or no ass (ha! I made a funny) Anyways..Toss up my hands in the air on that one.. stupid Navy. He has put in 15 years for these people. busted his tail... endured separations, and so many other things and in return they basically screw him.. the hell with them.

I had Marys IEP meeting today (individualized education plan) her new school is awesome beyond words. The people involved all listened to my concerns and it was a sense of relief to know my child is in good hands.. This time I tossed up my hands because THANK GOD someone finally is helping.. her special ed teacher is even helping me get her glasses fixed.. nobody has ever showed this much care for Mary.. I am so delighted you have no idea

Toss up number 3.. well that was from David lol.. no not because of David but from David.. when told he had homework to do he threw his hands in the air and told me "but Mommmmmmmm I can't do it rightnow. i am ass ox ted (that is how it came out)" so i told him to lay down on the couch two minutes later he was out.. apparently it really is toss up Tuesday.

Thanks to the 3 who replied to my tag. :o)~ more tomorrow.. hopefully in a better mood.

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