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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I <3 my husband

Ya know.. today I have had three phone calls, one text message and an IM conversation about friends spouses (before you all start wondering.. its NONE of my known followers lol) but proving my point in my last blog that I am a psychologist... here is what I have heard today:

1) my first phone call was from a friend of mine, who's husband is in a way making her choose between her husband and her child.. I am not 100% sure why, but she is choosing her husband. Excuse me? I have told Chuck numerous times. I love you but if it comes down to the kids or you, you're gonna lose. :::: you're gonna lose... you're gonna lose::::: annoying kid from A league of their own voice.. sorry.. MOMMY ADHD today... my mothers coming.. enough said.

2) my second phone call was from a friend who informed me that her husband has taken up a new hobby of playing a role playing game.. he rolled (haha no pun intended I swear) in at 3:30 AM last night.. and since she had made dinner didn't understand why she was mad.. .um... seriously.. thats like asking a dalmation why they have spots.. if we are mad and you don't know. .you got .5 seconds to figure out what you did.. the end.

3) my third phone call was amusingly enough from one of the kids teachers, who's husband called in three times while we were talking and she finally said "please hang on.. apparently he is missing that I am busy right now" while Chuck will leave me a voicemail and then text me.. if I don't answer.. he usually figures.. I am doing something.. (mother of six... really do stuff.. see last blog)

4) Ok this is a great one.. friend is 9 months pregnant.. .with baby number 2.. .her husband told her this morning, well I have plans to go fishing next saturday.. if you go into labor you will just have to hang on until I get home.. yes, because we can tell babies when to come.. I really do think that gets the idiot of the year award.

5) lastly, a friend of mine has a husband.. she IMed me this morning because he has decided that helping her with little things like food for their child is not important but he wants sex.. let me tell you what.. i would lock my legs, add the chastity belt and then bobbitt him before I let him have sex if he wasnt taking care of my kids....

So that is why this is labeled I love my husband.. somehow even the little things you do, are made so small by the other members of your gender. ;o)~ I guess I really did get the cream of the crop.

:::: DISCLAIMER::: should you choose to decide to act like any of the morons listed in this blog, I will remove body parts you are unaware you own:::::::

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