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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Greetings! I am a mother of six.. yes.. you read that right six.. (OMG are you crazy? well yes.. yes i am.. you can't be sane and have teenagers.. its a choice.. sanity or teenagers.. NEVER both.. ok?) The cast of characters of this blog will be the following, its easier if I run down the list for you so that way you aren't confused, I am not confused and in the end it will be good for all of us right? right. Of course I am right.. i am typing to myself. and if i am wrong.. well thank God for the backspace key right?.. anyways.. back to the cast of characters:

Chuck- this is my husband... he is an SK in the Navy Reserves, a Navy contractor, and he works at a video store Part time.. (ok he is a workaholic) he is also a mad fan of Motley Crue, the Cincinati Bengals and Reds, and he is one of those freaks that can hear a song ONCE and know every word.. WTF is that and Why don't I have it? sucks

Stephanie-this is the 17 year old.. she's a pill. I kid. She's a good kid, she's just um a teenager... and goes from 0 to bitchy in 1.5 seconds. I actually think one day last summer she got it down to .5 seconds.. luckily her brothers see it right before it hits and scream THERE she blows to warn the rest of us

Danny-14 years old.. is there a 14 year old that doesn't run on videogames? if so can you show him to me? Danny would rather sit all day long and play a videogame then to breathe fresh air... periodically we throw a controller outside to see if he will fetch.. then lock him out.. again I kid..

AJ is 13 years old, and he eats drinks and breathes sports... ok. no thats not true.. he eat drinks and breathes baseball.. .(it doesn't matter whos playing or what movie it is.. if it has baseball in it.. he's there) he also loves sports in general (Washington Redskins.. yea I know.. I feel bad for him too lol and the New York Mets.. the one thing you can say is he will never cheat on a woman because if he can be faithful to those two teams.. a woman will be a piece of cake.

Mary is 10 years old.. she is seriously a tiny little thing.. but has as she told her teacher on the first day of school "I have anger issues" ok.. seriously.. ever seen looney tunes? you know the jeckyll and hyde episode where the tiny sweet birdie turns into the BIG monster? ok good.. now you know who Mary is. she does have wonderful moments.. but for the most part if the head starts spinning.. MOVE.. FAST. She loves the Jonas Brothers, and is NOT happy that her sister and I met them in August.. and may I say.. what sweet boys

David is 4 years old...he is a blonde hair blue eyed CLONE of his daddy.. no thats NOT a bad thing.. but.. he even has Daddy's tude.. which isn't always a good thing. He loves Buzz Lightyear and has daddys gift for reciting movies, TV shows.. pretty much anything.

Emily is 8 months old, she is the baby... the end.. chuck was neutered .. i can prove it. :o)~ She is a doll and currently enjoys snuggling, kisses, puffs, and whatever else we throw on her tray that she can munch with her two teeth. :o)~

So welcome to the blog.. sit back and stay.. I can't always promise wit.. but i can promise it won't be boring...


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