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Monday, September 22, 2008

monday monday.........

ok see case in point.. .Chuck's off this morning he goes to work at 1:00 PM, after a trip to the school to spy on Rocky Balboa later on. Rocky being David who on EVERY report from last week it pretty much says "punched..... (fill in person, child, table, wall).. I am waiting for the call from Vince McMahon asking him to join the WWE.. I am telling you its just a matter of time...We'll claim midget wrestling not child... duh.. .

Anyways back to Chuck.....I title the blog.. he starts singing the damn song.. AGAIN.. WTF.. sersiously... ok.. .anyways... I am not going to even tell you that I could type any other Monday song and it would be cue the music... don't do it Chuck... I can see manic monday in your head.. OMG as I was typing it he started singing.. F-R-E-A-K...

ok........ so I am back........this is so much easier to do without music. . but whatcha gonna do? (great cue the music to COPS). omg.. he just said "Yea I am Peter.. your Lois" then we both looked at Emily.. she's so not Stewie.. no Stewie is at school right now.... in the form of said Rocky Balboa... ok.. so the week has began.. the kids are at school.. two of them in clothes I would not pick dog poo out of the yard in.. .its tacky dress day.. stephanie looks like she is a color blind, fashion challenged.. um.. hooker.. thank God she had leggings on because that skirt would have made a better halter top.. ahem. the whole outfit is scary.. from head to toe: pigtails with different color ponytail holders, a turquoise shirt, a girl scout sash, a orange terry cloth after shower skirt, a pair of NEON pink leggings, White christmas socks that had snowmen on them and Green plaid shoes.... WoW.... scary... Danny wore a hawaiian print shirt (orange), neon green shirt under it...Grey shiny shorts and then over those he wore cookie monster potato pants, two yellow baseball socks, and one new balance sneaker and one nike.

Gotta love homecoming week.. its always something unique. trust me. Ok.. so last night.. we had what has to go down as the funniest moment EVER for me as a parent... I shouldn't post it here. .and i will leave out names to protect the innocent.. we will call the person in question, Stankley steamer. 1 brother was sent upstairs to get Stanley Steamer, and he opened the door to find him um.. well you know the scene from Scary movie where the mentally challenged brother is using the vaccum for um........personal time? Yep. .you got it.. .Stanley Steamer was making out with the vaccum... I am hoping if I get grandchildren some day he doesn't name them Eureka or Hoover.. or god forbid.. Dirt Devil. I am going to hell for telling this I am sure.. lol. Anyways.. he came back down stairs mortified.. as his brother and I were falling over ourselves laughing at the table.... as I am quietly texting a few people (I swear it wasn't my whole address book.. I swear). he grabs the house phone.. I stifled my laugh and said "their customer service line. .isn't what you think" he goes "MOOOOOMMMM" it was really rather funny.

ok. there I shared my giggle for the day.. I hope it makes you giggle too.

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